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  1. I was just going to ask about Raiola. Are our linemen really that bad? I mean, I see the garbage they put on the field every week, but is it that they're lacking talent, or our player development is three years behind schedule?
  2. Most teams, maybe. Every team against Nebraska with a good o-line and first round draft pick at RB can.
  3. Whoever thinks Wisconsin is a potential win is potentially delusional. What about our defense suggests we can stop a ground based attack? I'll make a bet with anyone on this board that Wisconsin won't throw the ball more than five times in the whole game.
  4. I could see that if they hire an established HC from a team that's in contention for a conference championship, but Lincoln Riley left six days before the conference championship last year. If they hire some kind of coordinator, those guys can pack up and leave at any point. Personally, I thought the leash they gave Scott to straddle between NU and UCF in 2017 was a bit much but he could demand that given how attractive of a hire he was that year.
  5. No. Everything is disappointing and nothing makes sense.
  6. Isn't that what Colorado did when they hung 62 points on us back in 2001? I seem to remember UCLA doing this against Pelini over and over again. Northwestern was doing the same thing. Other teams motion their backs out and their defenses don't get torched. Why do we seem to have such an issue playing against this scheme?
  7. These threads spiral so quickly that anyone who’s at work and away from their computer has to read through 9 pages of posts. I, like others, think the roomers about infidelity, not calling recruits, being late to practice, the stuff about his wife, etc, are overstated. That said, I have personally seen Scott wasted at lcc. The only defense is that I was also wasted and that’s what people do at country clubs. I wished it worked, but it didn’t so we move on.
  8. Well yeah, but those are like, facts, man. IDK, I'm just grousing. I hate losing to Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota every year. We could go 3-9 every year with us winning against those three teams and I'd be a happy fan.
  9. I saw Teddy get beat across his face several times. It makes me wonder if the knee he injured just doesn't quite have the strength to push back to take the outside rusher inside. That's the cardinal rule of tackles - never get beat across your face. It happened to him several times on Saturday. I don't quite remember because I had 38 coors lites on the golf course that morning, but didn't they end up moving him to right tackle later in the game?
  10. The Nebraska v. Iowa rivalry is the Nebraska v. Missouri rivalry from the old Big 12 days. The key difference is that in this case, Nebraska is Missouri. It hurts me at my core to say that.
  11. Braylon Edwards is going to hang 400 yards on us.
  12. I thought Casey did a really good job of stepping up in the pocket, keeping his eyes down field, and making a decent throw. Not sure what changed in the second half with his accuracy, but from my vantage point, he looked like a QB who knew how to run a passing offense. The receivers had plenty of liability in the turnover margin. One went right through Martin's hands, and the tipped ball by 49 were 100% on the receivers. There were also a handful of drops. I remember hearing that Palmer had drop issues at LSU which is why he started to lose playing time.
  13. I played golf a few weeks ago with a major booster and he said that him and his pals are ready and waiting for the fundraising call if Frost doesn't make it through the season.
  14. Lol not quite but this kid seems to really be getting into his own hype. More so than other high school kids who are having heaps of praise thrown at them.
  15. Is it me, or does the attention seem to be going to this kids head? This picture is just plain weird.
  16. Sheesh. Get over yourself guy. This guy might have a deal with football but I think he just really wanted to cram a bunch of oft known words into one sentence: "For putting their bodies on the line, incurring concussions that will haunt them for decades and physical injuries destined to disfigure their dotage, all but the biggest stars will trouser around $4,000 for the season"
  17. Hopefully the job would go to Travis Fischer.
  18. I don't have anything to say about the silence or how Frost answered questions. The quote from Garrett Nelson about wanting to see Frost happy again is telling to me. Coming out on stage with his top button unbuttoned under a poorly tied tie is weird. He looked, as usual, hungover and sloppy. I don't know what to make of it other than to say he looked like our teams have played over the past few years.
  19. Three men are in a bar. One man asks another, did you go to Princeton? The man says why yes I did, how did you guess? The man responds, I saw the emblem on your lapel pin. The princeton man says to the other man, did you go to Yale? The man says why yes I did, how did you guess? The man responds, I saw the Yale logo on your briefcase. They both turn to the third man and ask did you go to Oklahoma? The man says why yes I did, how did you guess? They respond, we saw your class ring when you were picking your nose earlier.
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