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  1. I get the head scratching going on because of this kids age but I think this is authentically Matt Rhule. Hes mentioned several times he loves being around young people and seeing them develop. I think this also applies to young coaches. The key difference between Frosts coordinators and their lack of P5 experience and Rhule is that Rhule has a plan to move forward. Frost just took his one season of success and proclaimed (arrogantly) that the B1G will have to adjust to them and we all know how that turned out.
  2. How does this fund distribute the resources? These NIL funds seem like Super PAC's to me in that there is unlimited funding with very little oversight where the only rule is that the fund cannot participate with the college. The ON3 site shows potential NIL value for each recruit and someone like Trey Palmer had a NIL valuation of like $400k. Does anyone know how much these kids are actually getting paid?
  3. People on the internet need to start using qualifiers for what they consider breaking news. Breaking A, B, C, D and would be a better qualification for what we should be looking into.
  4. I agree with this statement. I've read some of the comments recruits have made recently. Words they use are trust, authentic, real, etc. I don't remember any recruit from the Frost era that spoke glowingly about Frost. It was usually some comment about knowing where they fit in the offense/defense, liking their position coach, immediate playing time.
  5. I have yet to see an offer tweet our of Colorado that features the player. They're going really hard in the paint on Prime as their exclusive brand as if the players are secondary to Prime.
  6. Is this defense similar to Bo Pelini's 'peso' defense that he was running toward the end of his time in the Big 12?
  7. I think it was scheme and play calling. the 2021 year, we rarely had a problem running the ball. This year, aside from a few games against teams with poor run defenses, we couldn't run the ball. We had some games with huge passing stats but it's likely that those games were where Palmer put up huge yards. To me, it comes down to the Whipple offense and wanting to be a dominant passing team and utilizing the run game to keep defenders in the box.
  8. Agreed. I don't understand how the 4* guys we have on the line haven't gotten any better since high school. I might not be 100%, but if I remember right, several of the starting 5 rotation were 4* stars coming out of high school. From their performance last year, I wouldn't think any of them would automatically start at a group of 5 school if they transferred. Raiola was never going to fix this problem in one year. What I'm concerned about with Raiola is with his recruiting. He's listed as the lead recruiter for Sam Sledge and Brock Knutson, but I don't hear him tied to any other o-line prospects.
  9. Make that 16 total players to transfer... https://www.goodbullhunting.com/2022/12/5/23494880/texas-a-m-aggies-transfer-portal-tracker
  10. There are a ton of uncle Rico's out there.
  11. Are we all in agreement that this shirt is in fact a smock? Seems more like a tunic to me.
  12. That's a good point. I amend my statement to say that I hope our OC has experience coaching the o-line for the same reasons mentioned above.
  13. I read in another thread that Satterfield has experience with tight ends and o-line. Based off Rhules repeated comments about the trenches, having an OC that is also the O-line coach gives that thought a lot of credibility. If Satterfield does coach the line, I can't think of any better way for the OC to know the struggles that we have on the line and building a game plan around the unique strengths and weaknesses of that position group.
  14. Seems like this is the report Shanle needs to fill out...
  15. No kidding. This message board has gotten boring. How am I supposed to put off all my end of year work if this board is so lame.
  16. Greg McElroys take on this is the equivalent of MTV asking Ja Rule for his thoughts on 9-11. Someone horribly qualified commenting on a tragedy.
  17. Maybe, maybe not. I’ve thought for years Wisconsin was a good qb and a couple receivers from being an absolutely powerhouse. I don’t know anything about Fickell, but if he had a good offensive coordinator and could get a good qb, watch out.
  18. So…he’s just a guy from Kansas. Makes sense.
  19. I've always wondered why the 4 star athletes don't perform at Nebraska. Several kids on our o-line were 4 star recruits but when I see them get whooped by the interior lines in the B1G, I just shake my head. I can't understand how someone gets a 4 star ranking out of high school and then when they get to Nebraska they have flat feet. Is there really that much improvement they need in college? How much of their star ranking is based on potential for future development? It's almost like this new staff needs to find the kids that have the best footwork and pure skill and then worry about adding to their frame.
  20. Pretty much the same with this search. It makes me nervous we're going to get some "hip, hip, hooray" oddball.
  21. I would rather have fragmenting than a "who the hell is Mike Riley" moment.
  22. “From classy to ashy. Get me the coco butter” is a new all time great announcer quote.
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