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  1. I think the youth on the offensive line is the most problematic part of the large percentage of young players on the team. I think they can all progress, but three of the five are redshirt freshmen or sophomores. The more experience they get in the trenches, the better the team will be in the future.
  2. Northwestern and Iowa are not mediocre teams. They always play the game they want to play and most times it works out because they know their identity and don't beat themselves. No one is saying it's delusional to expect to beat mediocre teams, but our team is below average and one cannot expect a team with no identity and a problem with aiming at their feet to come in and win any game, despite how mediocre that team might appear. It's a sad state of affairs and trust me, I level with your frustration. These games are so predictable and boring that it's hard to justify the time
  3. If he doesn't play in more than four games, does he have a redshirt to use?
  4. If there is a signature to this team that is without doubt it's that they are always lame coming out of half. Regardless of having the lead or not, they always come out flat in the 3rd quarter. I think teams know this and that's why they're able to turn up the pressure. That said, with the exception of the long run for a TD and the long pass that set up a TD, the defense played really well and I'm doubtful that the game would have been much closer without those two mistakes.
  5. Does anyone have any concerns about arm strength and the quality of the balls when they're in the air? There was one play down in the red zone where he was throwing to an open TE and barely got the ball to the goal line. Granted, he was rolling out, but it was to his right and I don't recall there being any pressure. Also, the one that Warner dropped in the end zone was a poorly thrown ball. He should have caught it, but it was really wobbly, as was the pass to Allen on the 2nd or 3rd play of the game. Not complaining about the win, or how the team played, just curious as to wh
  6. That's largely because Nebraska fans can't digest the fact that Nebraska is at best a mediocre team. It's disappointing, but that's the state of husker football right now. I'm sick of losing to Northwestern, too, but that is our reality as fans for the next 1 to 3 years. I hope I'm wrong, but until we're consistently getting top 10 recruiting classes, or developing underrated guys like Wisconsin, our future is a mediocre team that will gladly take an 8 win season.
  7. The players in the locker room know where this thing is going. Dedrick Mills said it best himself: "“Luke was a good spark because Luke is more, to me, when it comes to tempo, he can move the ball more productive and faster,” Mills said. “He looks to the sideline, gets back, everybody is set up and he snaps the ball quick, so it’s just all about getting the defense on their toes and making them tired, and that’s what Luke brought to the game.”" I thought this offense was supposed to be lightening quick. I've not seen anything over the last two years that would indicate this
  8. I love how Minnesota is feeling the same way that the Huskers felt last year when the reality did not measure up to the hype. I play golf with a Minnesota fan and his customized ProV1's say "34-7." He's been pretty quite as of late and I love it.
  9. I worry about the way the leagues reaction to Covid-19 will impact recruiting for everyone in the conference excluding OSU. When there's even an inkling that there might not be football, what reason does a kid from Florida have to stay in Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, or Michigan? Even though we started the season, the fact that the league has this much power over the universities, instead of the other way around, in my eyes, is problematic. Football is the only reason those 4* corners were in Nebraska and if we weren't going to have a season, why stick around? Honestly,
  10. I bet they have an off kilter smell about them, too. Not like they're stinky, but like there's just an off putting aroma. One that's hard to pin down, but that is definitely there. Everyone knows what I'm talking about.
  11. Are we just posting videos of pump up songs? If so, then this...
  12. It's an equally bad look for our fan base to be making comments without knowing what's going on in the background. It's unreasonable to expect kids to not respond to shade on social media, and it's equally unreasonable to expect fans to not throw shade. Kids are going to be kids, and fans are going to be fans. Not much anyone can do about that.
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