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  1. I don't know if there are any guys we were on too, but it's at least nice to see another program having a rough time.
  2. Flipping quickly between this thread and the Oregon State thread is a great example of glass half full/empty
  3. I'm sure some of these guys were sold on bringing a big program back. Easy transfer
  4. The thread was created way before he committed and when he did commit no one was sure if he was a scholarship player or not. But I agree, this conversation should be in a different thread. Talking about Matthias, it's an upside athletic kid that can hopefully at least give good looks in practice, and maybe carve a niche role on the team. If not, hopefully he has a great career in track and he doesn't hit the scholarship number
  5. Their d line coach is the interim coach and was also the interim coach in 2017
  6. I'm interested to hear more about this one. Kid can obviously run, but how often does a player come out of camps without getting rated?
  7. The NFL loves big corners like Lamar. The only way he doesn't get drafted is if he pulls a Dennard
  8. Maybe someone talked him out of his commitment like Wan'dale last year. Kids trying to make decisions will always be interesting
  9. Yeah, and even then he didn't know anything except how to block and run verticals coming out lol
  10. Kids commit to Georgia Tech every year thinking they'll be different
  11. I really like Luke. He can play in two more games and still redshirt, and I'd much rather have him for possibly 4 more years than put him out against Wisconsin and Iowa. I think AM starts if he gets healthy over Vedral
  12. This is the biggest bait I've seen in a minute lmao
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