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  1. Not a big concern who has quoted me - just not the way for this world to go and its time to move on...
  2. So this effects NU equally - if three teams get covid and we go 4-1 leading the West we still miss the championship game I'm putting the over/under of teams that miss only one game but its against NU at 2.5
  3. It's called owning something and being held accountable for your actions - something our country forgets bit by bit everyday
  4. Possible he is testing negative but still in the first 14 days.
  5. I love how we decide when it's ok to argue and when it's time to be done - how dare you MAV to use a post to proof the correct information.
  6. yes if game is cxl - i'm asking do you prefer the game to be played and you will likely loss the bet or are you in favor of game being cancelled so you get the bet cancelled.
  7. Sorry that you took Wisc early.... will you prefer to loss the bet or have game cancelled and get your $$$ back?
  8. The way the Big10 set it up with a 21 day period missing one game with an outbreak means missing 2/3 games guaranteed - so they saw no reason to build in breaks. Also they had no interest in starting or finishing a season. Sounds like in some cases the average could get them back after a week....
  9. You may be right - either way WF needs 2 solid years in the weight room before he can be judge fairly.
  10. Both of those are coming - i'm sure he sees it.
  11. Very true - and if Manning's quote is legit then he already has gotten the message and is buying in.
  12. I think its more that they get moved down the depth chart and don't get the chance. In the short term that is a tough decision but if you truly believe that a WR block can change an outside run from 6 yards to 20 yards then the guys have to buy in. Scott is taking the long term approach of W's for the quicker approach to gain culture. He has a plan and will not bend.
  13. No take at all - i'm just stating a fact.
  14. I guess slow motion is now used anytime there is a chance that NU may need to be called for a flag in the NEW Big10 - this is going to be a fun year (no matter the calls or lack of them - having football is worth it !!!) . I don't expect an over turn of either of the targeting penalties - however if it doesn't happen before the wisc game i will assume this behavior will continue for the rest of the season.
  15. Thanks Mav for all the content that you bring to the board!!!
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