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  1. Interesting he also has a 5 star brother in the 2023 class he's going to work hard to bring here too. Similar to mcgowens type deal it seems
  2. Don't blame him for having officials to places far away. He's right next door to unl. Makes sense
  3. I'll answer my own question. . He's announcing Friday at 7. Could be a great addition.
  4. Any news on nadab Joseph? Some ppl on twitter saying he's ours just waiting on grades
  5. Hope he's not just wanting follows on twitter
  6. Wadleys comments on the heals of alot of other former players bashing Iowa has to have current commits ready to bail and look at other options
  7. With all the bad Iowa publicity going on right now I wonder if the door can open back up for us here
  8. Saw a clip of him banging his head off the backboard tonight blocking a shot. Freak athlete
  9. I believe the game is in Shenandoah frost is taking pictures with fans. Shaking hands, kissing babies. He's the real deal folks
  10. Just got a picture of the coaches at a BB game watching him tonight. Seal the deal
  11. Frost beckton Rudd seeing him tonight
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