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  1. Might of been just saw it on twitter and was impressed
  2. Saw a clip of him banging his head off the backboard tonight blocking a shot. Freak athlete
  3. I believe the game is in Shenandoah frost is taking pictures with fans. Shaking hands, kissing babies. He's the real deal folks
  4. Just got a picture of the coaches at a BB game watching him tonight. Seal the deal
  5. Frost beckton Rudd seeing him tonight
  6. That was an interview with a Texas writer I believe. Alot of time here.
  7. Wandale is the obvious choice. Gates needs to get alot bigger I think it may take a year for him. I think benhart and Nelson have a shot at playing early.
  8. Wandale Benhart Hannah D Chase Heinrich G Nelson (effort machine, could be a monster) Sleeper- farmer
  9. There's no link to his ESPN page #69 on there
  10. Lsu providence Syracuse (to bc rpi boost for nu as well) Georgia temple all lost. Very good bubble night for Nebraska Florida st also on the ropes currently
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