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  1. Nebraska is better than Kentucky come on Kevin, i hope he stays commited because i dont wont to read everyone's posts that said we found a diamond in the ruff recruit change their mind and say he's a project player that we didnt really need or want
  2. he'll start too because he "knows the defense"
  3. that sounds so easy just recruit a bunch of guys that have the size and smarts to play out of highschool only sign 4 and five star guys that are starters there freshman year because there are so many of them that you can get a full 25 recruit class a year of just them
  4. i feel like this topic has been discussed before and the answer is always the same Papuchis is not really the defensive coordinator Bo Pelini is and the reason why the defense looked like sh#t this year is because we didnt have the players to run it and the coaches failed to adjust the scheme to fit the personnel why do people keep bringing it up just hope we will be better next year and move on
  5. Manti Te'o go how many more Heisman votes than Suh did?

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    2. Chaddyboxer


      ^^Maybe Suh should've used that card.

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      What's this "becoming" sheit?

    4. CornHOLIO


      Chaddy.. What's this "becoming" sheit?

  6. i'm pretty sure he was bumped up to a 3 star after he commited to nebraska, could be wrong but i think he was a two star on rivals before that I'm any case it proves that stars don't matter. Ameer beat out a rivals top 50 RB in green i wouldnt say that stars dont matter i dont think its a coincidence that there are a few teams in the top 10 in both the polls and recruiting classes, nebraska will probably never have a top 10 ranked recruiting class any time soon so finding guys like Ameer is very important
  7. i'm pretty sure he was bumped up to a 3 star after he commited to nebraska, could be wrong but i think he was a two star on rivals before that
  8. someday Nebraska needs to start landing these kind of recruits, i know Pelini has landed some top recruits like aaron green and tyler moore but both of those guys either had family on the team or were a legacy, stars want to play with stars and it would be nice to land a kid like Priest because he could attract other player like him, now dont get me wrong i now that stars arent the only thing that matter and that Ameer Abdullah was a 2 star recruit
  9. damn nebraska has won a lot of game since i've been alive to bad i was like 7 last time they won a national champion, but in all seriousness Nebraska is one of the more successful and consistent programs in the last 20 years and i'm proud of that, hopefully we will see another national title within the next few years GBR
  10. False. Winning 9+ games each season since 2008 is not an accomplishment, it's an arbitrary statistic. There are no trophies involved. That is very close to the most stupidest post I've read in a long time and their are quite a few of them. the most stupid post i've read is that the defense played well against UGA, i would say they played hard but just because they tried doesnt mean they played well
  11. how athletic is VV? i know he's huge but i hope people dont think he's gonna come in and put up crick or suh number i think most of what he does wont show up on a stat sheet
  12. I think Charles Jackson might see some time at saftey but i doubt its at strong saftey i cant see them bringing a 175 pound former corner into the box to stop the run
  13. cant hurt to have florida kids on the roster if we give a couple of under the radar kids a chance and build relationships with the highschool coaches it could lead to us someday landing some big time recruits down there
  14. anything less than getting to the rose bowl next year is a bust in my opinion i know the defense will be very young but so many of you guys say the young players are better than those that played this year has my hopes up, hopefully the upgrade in athleticism will make up for the inexperience. i hope the issue will be worked out by confrence play. fans should always expect their team to win and be able to reload talent and keep on winning even after someone talented leaves, whats the point in rooting for 9-3 seasons fans shoulld expect the best and get it not every year but a confrence title every 3-4 years would be realistic if Wisconsin can get to 3 straight rose bowls then we have no excuse for not being able to do something similar
  15. Brett got married this last year! Alex Henery got drafted. Chris Brown got drafted. Josh Brown got drafted. Actually about 10 kickers per year get drafted to the NFL so your statement is incorrect. However, many more get 'try outs' than get drafted so maybe you're thinking of that aspect? Compared to the amount of kickers that get a 'try out' it would appear that kickers 'rarely' get drafted. Is that what you're thinking? 10 kickers a year do not get drafted alex henery was the only kicker drafted that year as well
  16. morrow was hurt all year as well give the guy a fair chance he might just surprise us, but Janovich looked very good for a freshman walk on
  17. thats way to big of a jump they have to move to many guys back to do that that and i doubt there are 50 4 star defensive tackles
  18. how many under armour and US Army All Americans does Notre Dame need, leave some for the rest of the schools

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      How many does 7-6 crappy USC need?



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      USC could probably use a few they suck

    4. Duke Silver

      Duke Silver

      how many did Gtech have? Sorry bout it

  19. From my understanding they want to get a "body ready" DT and two high school DTs to start building the depth behind the class they brought in for the 2012 group. Still need to get Collins and don't give up on trying to flip that DT out of WA that is an athletically gifted player. The 2014 class needs to continue building depth and athleticism/speed. thanks
  20. I don't get those tweeters. How can they praise Franklin for chewing out a player, but when Bo does it, people get mad? i think when franklin does it they take it as more of a joke, heck he pretended to kiss one of his players after he made a INT, that and it looks different if you do it durning a win with a big lead when you are joking and chest bumping your players rather than in your freshman QB's face during a loss
  21. so are we taking one more high school DT and a juco?
  22. i think ben cotton might surprise a few people, not the best athlete but good hands and a great blocker if he could find a team that has a power running game he could make a roster
  23. So, are you one to claim mighty Callahan was a great recruiter. wasnt Callahan actually a good recruiter?
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