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  1. Smart of Harbaugh to take him. Minter and McDonald flipped that program. Moore should go beg brother John for another Ravens future DC.
  2. Now if they can keep Minter (DC) and Herbert (SC), all is well.
  3. The NY mayor was talking about a state of emergency because of being overwhelmed. Maybe that is strictly a money play, but it's a bad look politically especially when kids get to go back to the disaster called remote learning in order to use schools to house immigrants. Democrats better hope this settles down or we will get 'build a wall' Trump 2.0. And yes the Republicans no longer have any motivation to help fix this for the next 9 months because it's the Democrats that own it in the eyes of the public. Maybe a few executive orders could help.
  4. And yet the Democrat mayors of NY, Chicago, Denver and others are all crying for the Biden admin to do something.
  5. Yeah whatever. My impression is the admin doesn't care about what is going on for who knows what reason. I find it ironic that Trump got elected on building a wall and the administration is helping make it a 2024 issue with perceived indifference.
  6. Nope. Now we will have the feds and locals fighting each other. Just out of curiosity why can't the states put up barriers that are not at points of entry? I didn't read any rulings. I can total see why the states cannot block legal points of entry.
  7. I think the NCAA and Big10 Conf are with you. only they are happy to see him go. NCAA looking to suspend Jim Harbaugh in 2024.
  8. I always thought TAMU should have joined the Big10 in the first place. AAU too.
  9. Ha. I am not a Michigan alum. They have plenty of millionaires to chip in.
  10. The NCAA disagrees. I think Moore was a big part of improving Michigan's OL. He needs a DC though, and now an OC. Not sure if he will be successful. It should help recruiting to not have Harbaugh flirting with the NFL every year. Michigan is also not keeping up with OSU and Oregon's NIL money.
  11. Got it. And agree. He wants another shot at a super bowl for sure. I posted that to Maveric. I think only 4 coaches have won an NCAA championship and a Super Bowl.
  12. What is the Chargers contract? I heard 18M a year. I mean, would you turn down another shot at Lombardi? When is a better time to launch back in? Although he has to go to the cesspool that is LA. Would have been nicer if they were still in SD.
  13. Good for Harbaugh and congrats! Go win a Super Bowl in try #2. Could be one 1 of only 4? coaches to do that. Maybe the 5th. The bummer part is he will probably take Ravens DC #2 Jesse Minter with him. I think one of the main reasons M turned it around is getting great DCs from his brother. M moves on to Sherone Moore who is already 4-0 as a head coach with wins over OSU and PSU while coaching the OL and being OC. It would be nice if John Harbaugh has another future NFL DC to loan out.
  14. Looks like it's the basement for Joe again. 2024 is going to wonderful. https://www.google.com/amp/s/gazette.com/news/wex/biden-should-stay-hidden-to-win-election-van-jones-says-he-doesn-t-inspire-confidence/article_3c8b8eee-b741-5615-9a12-e192fbcb5b46.amp.html "If I were Biden ... I would stay hidden," Jones said. "And I'll tell you why — he doesn't inspire confidence. And he's not a great messenger for himself.
  15. My wife tries lots of pillows. Tried this one and it lasted a few days. Lumpy and didn't seem to fluff up even after the dryer.
  16. Here in Colorado, Republican votes no longer matter. Biden will win this state. If Trump remains off the primary ballot, then Haley and Biden win. Assuming both are still running at the time. My vote is in the noise unless there is a Republican race in the primary.
  17. Haley said she "know" she's "getting to" Trump at this point in the race, pointing to his attacks slamming her as a "losing candidate who puts America last." "I know him very well, and the second he feels insecure or the second he feels threatened, he starts lashing out," she said. https://www.foxnews.com/media/nikki-haley-says-trump-feels-threatened-lashing-believes-shell-pick-desantis-voters
  18. Yup crow it is...if I could catch one. I could shoot one I guess, but there is no way I post a video on a message board. I am not even on social media. DeSantis sure did screw up somewhere along the way.
  19. We will find out, soon. The VP offering has been floated by many. Seems like odd timing 2 days out. Desantis would be better pick than Tucker.
  20. Nothing yet. NCAA is slower than a 7 year itch. Cheesburgergate is stuff that happened during COVID in 2020. As far as moral superiority, the Michigan boards make the same comments (among others) about OSU fans. I guess it makes the world go around. *yawn* I am on record as saying that the Michgan board is full of arrogant @$$3$. I wish I had a dime for everytime someone over there complains about a post....especially the grammar police. All that said, why not try and limit or define 'fire for cause' in a new contract. Can't hurt. If you don't get it, leave for the NFL while they want you. This is probably his best shot at getting back in. If Michigan is willing to give a contract despite two NCAA investigations that's on them.
  21. Makes sense. If he is going to turn down NFL jobs to stay, make sure the school can't turn around and fire you in a few months on two known issues (cheeseburgergate and signal gate) that he already has served time for. I think the NCAA gave a level 1 for cheeseburgergate and that might be a severe enough penalty to have the fire with cause option kick in under the current contract.
  22. I guess we know who they fear….a little bit anyway.
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