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  1. I would buckle up. You can still hit something. How about air bags or belts.
  2. Thanks I needed that laugh. Now you sound like MTG and her conspiracy theories. My neighbor is a cop in Denver and showed me footage of the protests there. He said the riot part was made up of three groups. A local gang, some white supremist group and Antifa. Shall I post the Video of the Portland mayor calling out Antifa by name when he tells them to stop?
  3. Tonga gets its first case. A vaccinated passenger from New Zealand that tested negative before getting on the fight brought it with them. Tonga has 86% of its population with one dose and 62% with two doses. I always wondered how the countries that completely isolated in rounds one and two would fare. I hope they do well. https://www.cnn.com/2021/10/30/asia/tonga-first-covid-case-intl-hnk/index.html
  4. That’s what some said about Portland, Minneapolis and Chicago last year.
  5. Quotes from Bill Maher on his show Friday. "Also, vaccine, mask, pick one! You've got to pick. You can't make me mask if I've had the vaccine," "I travel in every state now, back on the road, and the red states are a joy and the blue states are a pain in the a--. For no reason," "Except the world recognizes natural immunity. We don’t because everything in this country has to go through the pharmaceutical companies. Natural immunity is the best kind of immunity. We shouldn't fire people who have natural immunity because they don't get the vaccine. We should hire them. Yes?" Caitlin Flanagan of the Atlantic: "And if someone's willing to be a fireman, if someone's willing to be a policeman, if someone's willing to go into a burning building and says, 'I'm just not that afraid of COVID and I don't want to take the vaccine,' that should be enough. You shouldn't be losing a job, you shouldn't be furloughed without pay, the guy that saves lives because he doesn't want to take the vaccine. It's ridiculous."
  6. Ok. Does she have a family? They are probably next. Maybe the Dems should dial back the progressive polices. They had an infrastructure bill ready to pass. The Repubs didn’t have this much trouble with the T-party, although the T-party ended up getting Obama Care passed by messing up a special election in NY. The progressives are acting like they have a mandate when the reality is people got sick of Trump. It smells like a desperate last hurray to me.
  7. I don't see an angry left topic. First they follow her into a bathroom and now break up a wedding. Sinema was officiating the wedding for her personal friend, according to Tucson.com, when protesters arrived outside the venue, chanting and carrying signs that read phrases including, "Sinema Betrays Democrats" and, "We voted for you — shouldn't you vote for us?" as seen in a video of the event posted to YouTube on Oct. 24
  8. He is definitely off his rocker.
  9. I think you give FOX way to much credit. And Neil Cavuto was just praised on CNN for urging people to take the vaccine. I think he is stiIl a FOX guy. I have seen politicians speak out against the mandate for sure, but encourage the vaccine. Maybe that was tongue in cheek, not enough or a bad confusing message. Looks like the administration gave the middle finger to the judge, BTW.
  10. It's not just white folks that protest it. I have seen comments at school board meetings from Asians, Blacks and Latinos. I saw some of Condoleezza Rice on The View and reaction to it. Of course she is now deemed a white supremist. This is playing out in the Virginia Governor race in a few days and in school board elections across the country. I guess we will see how the voters decide. It will be interesting to see if both gubernatorial candidates in Virginia keep their pledge not to contest the election since that has become a thing in the last decade.
  11. Addressing a few comments here. I don't care whether CNN addresses FOX news, but I would rather read about other stories. my point is that CNN is preaching to the choir. I think most people who read about FOX on CNN have already chosen not to watch FOX.
  12. Didn't he come from CNN not long ago? Maybe it was MSNBC. I do not remember how long he has been on FOX. As far as FOX viewers go, many left for Newmax. I have never watched Newsmax, but they seem like a conspiracy theory news org...way to right of FOX.
  13. First I heard of a lawsuit. About 20% of our people are ready to quit over this federal mandate. It's reaching all contractors and subcontractors even if they are 100% remote. It has me a bit worried about keeping work going on Federal projects. That could disastrous in some cases not mention another economic hit. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-admin-vaccine-employees-judge-injunction
  14. Bannon always seemed creepy. It sounds like he watches too much Mandalorion.
  15. Docents are now racist, along with sheet music, yoga and accelerated math classes. https://chicago.suntimes.com/columnists/2021/10/21/22738380/art-institute-chicago-volunteer-docents-fired-museum-guides-racism
  16. Rutgers University Professor Brittney Cooper on opposition to CRT. https://www.theroot.com/the-root-institute-2021-unpacking-the-attacks-on-criti-1847711634
  17. I don’t watch Tucker, but from what info I do see, he seems to have gone off the deep end. He also seems to be the favorite target of CNN. I think they write about him almost as much as Trump. I am not sure if that is free advertising or just to fire people up. I wouldn’t expect CNN readers to watch his show. https://www.cnn.com/videos/business/2021/10/28/tucker-carlson-fox-nation-series-insurrection-orig.cnn-business
  18. A lot of people responded to this tweet by pointing out CNNs mistakes over the years, but the one that gave me a belly laugh was from Nicholas Sandmann, who simply said “Howdy”. I guess when you win a 250M settlement from a defamation lawsuit against CNN you own them.
  19. We might be close to agreeing. Let the market decide and if you don’t like it shut it off. The slight difference is that in the example you brought up they were pushing beyond the norm. For comedians now, it is restricting what they can say and joke about.
  20. I have only read a little bit about this person. Sounds as if he was an advocate for indigenous peoples rights when the Spanish occupied California. Maybe his statue was torn down because he tried to convert people to Catholicism. It sounds like parks are being renamed too. I also wonder if the protesters were Native Americans. https://www.dailynews.com/?returnUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailynews.com%2F2020%2F06%2F20%2Fprotesters-in-l-a-topple-statue-of-junipero-serra-who-helped-colonize-california%2F%3FclearUserState%3Dtrue I also heard a statue of Thomas Jefferson was recently removed from a NY courthouse. I am not sure who decides what historical figures to go after, but if they were given free reign, what all would come down and be renamed? As Bill Maher said, The Land of Lincoln cancels Lincoln is like an Onion headline.
  21. No. Why would they be? They were not ignored, unless I missed something. People should also be able to disagree with that criticism. The Netflix CEO backed the show at first, then issued an apology for backing it. We will see if it survives or if he caves in. It should be based on how the show does and whether that is how he wants to do business. Netflix puts out lots of controversial shows, that both sides have protested.
  22. My guess is you think these threats come from domestic terrorists. The ask was way overboard and the DOJ should have told them so. The FBI could respond to a specific case referred from local law enforcement. I suspect the apology only came out because they realized what a political screw up it was.
  23. Good point, but we also can't have people just coming over the border, especially during a pandemic.
  24. Not a definition but an example. Dave Chappelle and his "Closer" show on Netflix are under fire. Employees of Netflix (and others) were offended by his routine and wanted his show taken off the air. I read this show earned 95% approval from the audience on Rotten Tomatoes, but if a few are offended they want it cancelled. How about they don't watch it and criticize it, but why cancel it? Below is a video from Bill Maher's show discussing this topic. https://youtu.be/WAUUgxQPwM0
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