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  1. When I woke up on Tuesday morning and checked my phone there was a large bold headline on CNN that said "Trump Pleads Guilty to Jan 6th Charges." I was shocked and planned on reading it after getting ready. When I got back to it, there was no such headline. Wondering if I dreamed it. Maybe i missed the word NOT
  2. ...and they are getting 32M until 2031, and the Big10 is getting 70 or 80 starting next year increasing to 100 by 2031.
  3. I figured with the growth of the Big10 and SEC and Big12 the CFP discussion would open back up. New decisions might affect NDs access in the future. Sankey pointed out that recent changes in conference alignment have impacted the landscape and the criteria for selection into the expanded CFP structure should be re-examined. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/sec-commissioner-greg-sankey-wants-to-re-examine-cfp-format-amid-realignment-circumstances-have-changed/
  4. Sorry I was too terse. My point was that bad folks come from all races, creeds, sexes, income levels, occupations. I am not sure what turned Andrew Tate. Maybe he was abused, maybe he got into the dark side of the web, maybe just fame and money, but it's not just because he is male. Certainly an entire party doesn't think males are toxic, but I see posts on social media, even from family members, talking about that topic and its always left leaning folks bringing it up. Makes me wonder what the boys think about it. Boys are starting to shy away from college, and they seem to be withdrawing from other areas of society too. Makes me wonder why. The college thing might be that they simply see money coming earlier in the trades and they do not want debt. I am not sure how politically active HS boys are and if they see the GOP messaging or the Democrat messaging, but they certainly see stuff on YouTube and social media. Maybe that is enough.
  5. Walk it back. No. They recognize a-holes. Whether those a-holes are LGBTQ or other dudes. Generalizations to males don't apply or endear anyone to those that use them.
  6. Maybe he is betting on the Republicans to win in 2024.
  7. Students in STEM programs at Oregon St. made jokes on an LGBTQ survey, including identifying as attack Helicopters, and somehow that is connected to fascism and white supremacy. What if some were Asian kids... https://bulletin.appliedtransstudies.org/article/2/1-2/4/ "it was disturbingly clear to our research team that the malicious responses could not be dismissed and indicated that discussions of gender and sexuality in STEM education are flashpoints for fascist ideologues living “inside the house” of engineering and computer science." How about, STEM kids are mostly logical types and decided to be jerks about something they don't get. I met lots of a-holes in college. I am sure I was one of them. People can be jerks without being fascists.
  8. My boys hate Andrew Tate. The guy is a pedophile and trafficker. Worst of the worst. He came up because he was just released. He needs to be put in cell 142...for those that have watched Sound of Freedom. Just saw it today with my boys actually.
  9. They are considering moving the weekend The Game is played to avoid back to back games. I don't care what the system it is as long as we play every team in two years. How about 1 protected rival every year, 8 others (alternate 8 each year), and 3 OOC games. If two OOCs are home, guaranteed 7 home games. Then instead of a championship game we have a championship weekend where the team with the best record plays the next best team they haven't played yet and so on down the line for 9 games. Best record wins the conference. No replays. What a hell of a weekend of games that will be, while the other conferences play just one game.
  10. Saw this posted...not sure if accurate. Oregon and Washington fire sale if you ask me. The Big Ten is projected to eventually distribute $80 million to $100 million per year to each of its 16 members. According to USA Today, the league distributed $54.3 million to most of its members during the most recent fiscal year (2019-20) not impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. LINK 2023-24: 14 schools receive ~$60M each, USC, UCLA, UW, and UO get $25M (??) from the Pac12 2024-25: 16 schools receive ~$63M each, UW and UO get $30M 2025-26: 16 schools receive ~$70M each, UW and UO get $31M 2026-27: 16 schools receive ~$75M each, UW and UO get $32M 2027-28: 16 schools receive ~$80M each, UW and UO get $33M 2028-29: 16 schools receive ~$85M each, UW and UO get $34M 2029-30: 16 schools receive ~$90M each, UW and UO get $35M '30-31 and beyond: ??? new contract
  11. Joel Klatt's interesting take on what killed the PAC12. Equal distribution, followed by getting beat by the BiG12 for the last real piece of leftover pie. https://www.foxsports.com/watch/play-68e518839000102
  12. So much for contiguous states....unless we pick up Colorado and Arizona.
  13. I have to believe the Big 10 goes to 20 now.....does ND head over if the ACC starts to break up?
  14. Annual would be great. Get out any given year. Not much of a commitment though.
  15. It is very cloudy to me. I have heard reports that the old Big10 commish didn’t complete the agreement or took some liberties with game times and such without consulting the universities. I heard there is a clause to increase the payout for ND. No idea what is true. Maybe the big10 doesn’t get full share increases for Oregon and Washington like they do for ND.
  16. No. I think Maryland did to pay down debt, but then lost full shares later on, and would build back up again.
  17. I don’t think the Big10 can renegotiate, so all 16 teams giving up 5 mil a year would give Oregon and Washington a 40 mil per year payout until the current contract is up. The 20 mil more than Apple +. I think USC and UCLA got full shares.
  18. Thought this was interesting. My boys just graduated from HS. I certainly see this among their friends, but I live in a conservative county, so I didn’t think much about it. I guess maybe when one side tells you you are toxic for long enough they might not seem too friendly. https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/4125661-high-school-boys-are-trending-conservative/
  19. I have heard opinions on both sides. It probably depends on which side of aisle they are on. A rating agency downgraded U.S. credit for the second time in the nation's history on Tuesday, sounding an alarm with implications for the economy and everyday people's finances if U.S. debt continues to grow, analysts told ABC News. I need to see what happened in the short term the first time.
  20. I don’t give country music stars that much credit. #2. 999% jump. Should’ve just let it be. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/controversy-streams-jason-aldean-try-172833513.html
  21. Now back to 4 PAC12 schools... https://www.mlive.com/sports/2023/08/big-ten-reportedly-in-exploratory-discussions-to-add-up-to-four-pac-12-schools.html
  22. https://www.cnn.com/2023/08/02/economy/what-fitch-downgrade-means-us/index.html US credit rating downgraded.
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