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  1. I feel for you @admo. I think the league is just generally tired of Kyrie and the drama that goes along with him. Nice spin by him and the Mavs though, had to be said. As for Dame, I'm still shocked that he didn't go to the Heat; at least he's out of the West, dude has been brutal to the Nuggets many times over the years.
  2. He's absolutely horrible. I've always thought that it's just generally bad when people know the name of an umpire, referee, official, etc. It's rarely for a good reason. In other news, the Dbacks are hanging on for the wild card. I think that's a pretty amazing accomplishment for that team, although I fully expect it to be a very short playoff run if they do make it.
  3. Can't blame him for wanting to take the trips, but Tucson? Gross!
  4. I always thought that was such a stupid penalty. What's the point of having a home field advantage if the team is penalized for the crowd being too loud? I do remember that Elway would do this a lot and get away with penalties being called against the other team. The other fans would be pissed, and just get louder, resulting in another penalty. Always made me chuckle.
  5. I played in 7th grade for the middle school and was a complete wuss. I was fast, so I was in at RB, WR, and kick/punt returner. But, I was terrified of contact. It got to the point that, after the season, my parents both took me aside and told me that football might not be for me and that I should probably not play it. Fast forward a year to 8th grade, and I tell my parents that I want to play again, and this year it will be different. I was still fast and a runt, but had a totally different attitude. I played nose tackle and left guard as one of the smallest kids on the team. I was a beast out there, having a great time with contact ever single play. But, after two concussions that season, we all decided that football was not in my best interest, and this is back in the day when concussions were just getting your bell rung. Needless to say, moved on to playing baseball year-round after that. I did miss playing football though.
  6. It's probably due to my extreme dislike of the Chiefs, but that song is horrible.
  7. Ten years for me, after I also escaped Huskerpedia. That place got wild.
  8. That Bears/Broncos game is going to be ugly. I can't believe that a team that just gave up 70 points is a road favorite in Chicago. That says a lot about where the Bears are right now, yikes.
  9. That's fair, I guess my bar is just so low for Russ that any "improvement" is good. Payton gave VJ his support today; why? Dude has to go.
  10. The crazy thing is, Russ isn't the problem. He's actually playing pretty well. But the defense is absolutely atrocious. VJ should not have been hired in the first place and needs to go, immediately.
  11. I'm with you. I just don't get the love of those films. I found them to be incredibly boring, and I've taken a lot of heat for that.
  12. Whenever the conversation comes up in our group of bands that people seem to really like but that you hate, my answer is always Def Leppard. Man, I can't stand that band or their music. Well, and Nickelback of course, but that's too easy.
  13. I have been critical of him, but this was well said by Deion. The fact that some jackholes posted his and his family's information online, and they have been receiving death threats is absolutely ridiculous. Hopefully this helps squash some of this.
  14. @Guy Chamberlin Okay, I just checked, and if you just enter Nick Chubb in the search box on X, it will come right up. I didn't want to put it in here because some folks may not like to see that kind of thing. It's not overly graphic, but legs are not meant to go that way.
  15. My son came home, we were discussing it, and he had it up on his phone within seconds. Social media is a powerful thing, but I wasn't about to look for it. I believe that he found it on Twitter/X.
  16. That's really cool! I mean, it's not Sandman or Jump Around, but I appreciate that they are trying to do something to get the crowd amped up.
  17. We are particularly sensitive to knee injuries in our house after my son's injury a few months ago, but that Nick Chubb injury last night was brutal. Knees aren't meant to do that, ugh.
  18. Well, two games in, and Paul Finebaum is already suggesting that he goes to Florida.
  19. I can't wait for Shadeur to talk about how this is personal, because the coach disrespected his dad.
  20. Suddenly all those people who called me an idiot for drafting Trey on my fantasy teams have seen how wise I truly am. Granted, I'm not starting him yet, but he's got potential to have a very nice season.
  21. Wow, this thread is exhausting. I do appreciate the commitment to making the same point, over and over and over again though. Gotta respect the dedication! Just for clarification though, is Nike better than Adidas?
  22. Okay, I'll bite since the ban hammer will probably be arriving soon... Ugh, never mind, not even worth the time.
  23. Last night was wonderful to see. I fully expect to see the Chefs in the upper tier of the league again this year, but an opening night loss at home (with a ton of Lions fans in attendance) was outstanding. Not so great? My decision to pick up and start Toney last night based on everything that I read saying he'd go off with Kelce out. Oof.
  24. First off, I need to publicly apologize to Orlando Franklin. I called him out for predicting a sCUm victory, and he was right. I for one can't wait for this game to be over (obviously hopefully with a Husker win, but I have my doubts). Local sports media has been insufferable this week, and if the Buffs win on Saturday, I'll need to wait at least another week before tuning back in. Got to hand it to them though, Denver has always been a Broncos town, but all of the talk is about Deion and his brilliance now. Speaking of the Broncos, it's rivalry week for them too with the Raiders coming to town, and what does Payton do? When asked about the rivalry, he pulls a Hackett and doesn't address it. He says that rivalries are for college football. Why in the hell can't the coach just say "Yes, it's a big week against one of our rivals, and we can't wait to play them." Doesn't seem that hard! /rant
  25. I honestly thought the left tackle was getting a bit of a head start throughout the game.
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