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  1. I forgot about this! Took me a second to jog the ol’ memory
  2. Haven't posted in years but thought this may interest you all. Best friend sat down with a former player(don't know if there are rules against naming him) last night at the bar. He said Frost is a done deal. End of story. I suppose it's the best real life source on anything Nebraska I've ever had. Make of it what you will.
  3. while i would normally agree with statement, Beck and Ameer have carved up their D everytime we have played them. Granted, last year we had 5 turnovers in that game but still carved up their D when we weren't handing them the ball. For whatever reason, Beck can scheme for sparty
  4. with all this unionization talk, it seems like they want to be treated like professionals. So why not oversign? Cut the roster down and show them what a professional environment is like. individuals are let go all the time because they underperformed at work.
  5. ^did you miss mohuskers post? I usually don't agree with him but he nailed it.
  6. lo country - those cute motions didn't help DONU beat Georgia?
  7. would you please clarify as to why you are done discussing this topic?
  8. I couldn't hear over all of the morbidly obese people huffing and puffing, while walking the stadium stairs
  9. It's unfair to expect a bcs bowl birth through six years of a head caoch's tenure?
  10. so being competitive in a bcs bowl is too much to ask for after 7 seasons?
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