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  1. Screw Alabama.  So sick of seeing them win every year.  It makes CFB so much more lame since no one can pretty much even come close.

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    2. RedSavage


      I agree with all that.  I jokingly said last night "you can only recruit 10 5-stars per year" but realistically that's not gonna happen.  I don't see anyway the playoff gets to 16.  I think 8 has to happen at some point.  I'm not sure what the exact solution is but this is old.

    3. teachercd


      All division winners get in


      6 wild cards



    4. Enhance


      There's probably something to that, @teachercd. More equitable opportunities to have a legitimate shot at a national title and a meaningful postseason would probably drive more interest away from the Alabamas and Clemsons of the world.


      That said, I don't think it's enough. College sports have very much turned into professional league feeders, and with the way recruiting is structured, I'm concerned about the ability for those lower tier programs (i.e. the Nebraskas of the world, if I'm honest) to ever be able to compete again at the highest level. It seems more of a daunting task now than it did in the early 60's.

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