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  1. It's because... What's Davison going to do? Actually go out and get a job?
  2. Xmas32

    MLB 2022

    Appreciate the kind words @Mavric. It's been a really long time coming. Glglgl to both the Ms and the Mets this postseason. I hope both clubs go deep!
  3. Mickey starts talking around the 11 minute mark.
  4. Martinez is killing TTU on the ground. That 1-2 punch with he and Deuce is lethal.
  5. Get one last giant bag of money after duping the Auburn boosters into thinking he seriously wants to coach again and getting fired inside of 3 years. FIFY! I do think Urban to Auburn is at least plausible. Those boosters have unholy amounts of money to spend and if someone rolls up to Urb's house and says, "Hey, here's a blank check, just fill in the zeros" I would believe you. What if they pay Urbs like...$10mm/year?
  6. Probably for the best. Memorial Stadium needs to reduce seating anyway...
  7. It's actually 6 years of solid work as a DC but hey, feel free to twist the stats to suit your narrative. You mean except for winning the Big XII and the Sugar Bowl last year right? I mean do you actually think before you type this stuff?
  8. I'm surprised you have such a blind spot towards Aranda. He was the DC at Wisconsin from 2013-2015 when they were pretty good (minus getting boatraced by Ohio State that won the National Title) and then he DC'd at LSU in 2019 when they were arguably the best CFB team of all time. No kidding his numbers weren't great in 2019, they were hanging 60 on everyone and the starters were only playing half the games. They completely smothered Georgia/OU/Clemson in the last 3 games of the year.
  9. https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2022/new-webb-image-captures-clearest-view-of-neptune-s-rings-in-decades
  10. He's got some serious juice and looked great in limited action. I, too, hope he sticks around.
  11. I understand Taylor's points on a lot of things except this one. Granted, this is a bad look for Frost but with the new coach I don't think I'm out of bounds when I say that....I don't really care about the input of players from 30+ years ago and I hope the new coach isn't forced to talk with them outside of an offseason golf thing (if that). Look, I get the argument that it's important to have the old guys tell about how things used to be to set the standard but guess what, that horse has left the barn, the barn has burned down and on the land where the barn stood, it's now a Whole Foods.
  12. I saw this posted earlier either in this thread or another..I also might've read it elsewhere that Frost's dad passing away really did a number on him which is 100% understandable. From all accounts SF was really, really tight with his dad.
  14. I'm more excited today. I was hoping that Frost would do well but harbored some hesitations because of the inexperience plus G5 coaches are like lotto tickets. I also have some friends that are boosters at Oregon by way of Nebraska and they didn't have a ton of love for SF. Plus, the way he failed *so* spectacularly means that all the folks who were adamant that there needed to be a 'Nebraska way' to do things now have to take a long look in the mirror/go lick their wounds. NU now has a steady hand in the AD chair and while I probably won't agree with the HC choice, I can trust that the search will be methodically conducted, no stone will be left unturned nor any expense spared.
  15. Oh, I by no means was insinuating that you were Knapp and my apologies if you inferred that.
  16. I love having Severe out there not under the umbrella of 1620. He's still plugged in on everything but doesn't have to pull any punches. He's been my favorite radio (now ex) guy for a longggggg time. He also doesn't really care about Nebraska so he doesn't need to worry about ruffling feathers.
  17. Good test for him this week with Sparty rolling into Seattle. UW is my other team so selfishly, I'd like to see him stay put after how badly the Jimmy Lake experience went.
  18. I'm not sure what Drinkwitz or Satterfield being on the hot seat has to do with Clark as let's be honest it's all a slot machine pull when it comes to G5 coaches. My point when I mentioned those other guys was they they have experience in a system that was built up by Jerry Moore who is a FCS legend so they've at least learned how to do things the right way. I do think it's a moot point as pulling Clark away from App State where he was an AA lineman will be extremely tough. I could see him maybe leaving for a school like WVU if it popped open.
  19. I'm not going to dig through the thread but has anyone talked about Shawn Clark the HC at App State? I know he's at his alma mater but App State is one of the gold standards in terms of how to build a program at the G5 level. They've churned out a couple of solid P5 coaches in the Louisville coach and the Mizzou guy. App State is always extremely well coached and because App State can't recruit at a super high level, they are dynamite in terms of developing and identifying talent. He's been the HC since 2019 and has gone 9-3, 10-4 and is currently 1-1 this year after knocking off A&M.
  21. Yep, that's pretty par for the course for Luhrman. If it's the first time you see it it's a bit of a curveball for sure. I remember seeing The Great Gatsby and all of a sudden they were playing H to the Izzo by Jay-Z and I was like, "WTF"
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