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  1. I think a lot of Farniok's issues were caused by Haskell Garrett who looks like he's made the leap that OSU was hoping for.
  2. I weirdly enjoy watching the Tunnel Walk so having it streamed live versus having to catch a phone video is great news for me!
  3. Ugh, feel awful for Mbow (and the other commits who got their offers pulled). Gosh that would just be a punch in the gut to get that phone call.
  4. I keep meaning to swing by that new liquor warehouse but it's just far enough out of my usual way home that I haven't been out there yet. I really need to get out there and check out their bourbon selection. I live really close to Spirit World and while their selection is usually pretty good, I can't help but feel that I get absolutely gouged there price-wise. A place where I can get some Michter's for a fair price will be a welcome sight for me.
  5. The spread opened at -21...way to go out on a limb there chief.
  6. Baylor actually started to put together a pretty good defense under Matt Ruhle before he left for Carolina and it'll be interesting to see if Aaranda can keep things going. It was definitely a vast improvement over the Briles days where it seemed like whoever had the ball last won.
  7. This has all pivoted to individual player's social media accounts (and probably rightfully so, who better to tell someone's story than the player themself right?). You can still find their major on the Huskers.com website. As for the testing information, I just don't see that coming back. Colleges have gotten pretty protective over stuff like that as it's the 'secret sauce' if you will. Plus, let's be honest, when Nebraska was publishing those numbers NU was an elite team and at the bleeding edge of S&C so if nothing else, you could argue it was an intimidation tactic to the
  8. Has anyone here had any experiences with Japanese whisky? One of my buddies absolutely swears by it and keeps telling me to pick up a bottle of Yamazaki 12. I'll have to hit one of the local whisky bars and try a dram or 2.
  9. Well shoot, there you go! Much obliged @BlitzFirst.
  10. Given the WR situation, I'd be really surprised to see Robinson returning kicks but PR is a possibility because you want someone seasoned there. I have no insight on this, but I think the freshman are going to get first crack at KR. Maybe a mix of Alante Brown/Fleming/Houston/Nance. Lotta speed there. I feel like NU hasn't had a punt return over 10 yards since Pierson El was back there.
  11. Honestly, I could see all 3 staying at TE. TE really thins out after Stoll (Sr) and Allen/Rafdal/Vokolek (Jr) in the next couple years so there should be plenty of opportunities plus I don't think NU took a TE in this most recent class.
  12. Hall is an absolute animal. Vintage throwback RB.
  13. I think I'm ready to dive into Season 2 of The Boys although I think a rewatch of Season 1 is in order for a refresher. Vurry excited!
  14. Odd choice then going to TCU under Gary Patterson who seems like a pretty big hard a$$.
  15. That is an absolutely yoked human being. Definitely comes from a naturally strong family.
  16. Ol Barret ain't got nothing on this guy! #idiotkicker
  17. I've got my sober thoughts...drunk thoughts and baked thoughts. Each will come up with a distinctly unique (and most likely terrible) idea. Really interesting thought exercise that I'll mull around. I'll pick the low hanging fruit and say '95 Huskers.
  18. I'd probably give a slight nod to Cole Payton but hard not to like what Bretz potentially brings to the table as well.
  19. This dude will go down as the answer to a good trivia question in 10 years. Also will definitely be in those 5 star bust articles that you see each off season.
  20. I specifically ran for student government at UNO and was on the traffic appeals department largely to overturn parking tickets for myself, friends and the occasional cute girl I was trying to impress. There were limits to my power though..for example I couldn't help my buddy who found out the chancellor was on vacation and parked in his spot every day for 2 weeks. I wasn't quite sure how he avoided getting a boot on his car but that was several years ago so who knows haha.
  21. Much obliged for posting @GSG, trailer looks very interesting. I'll definitely check this out.
  22. Completely agree with your take. Expecting a conference TV network to criticize said conference seems like not such a great idea. That being said, I was really impressed with Dave Revsine's interview with Kevin Warren, I was expecting a total fluff interview but Revsine asked him some tough questions.
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