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  1. Would be interested to see you expand on this because I see the opposite mostly because I believe Day is ahead of Urbs in terms of where the college game is going. My first blush was to agree with you whole heartedly but then I noticed that for all of Urb's success, he 'only' won a single national title. I realize Day hasn't delivered (yet) but he's gotten them to one CFP title game and it took some squirrely calls against Clemson to deny him a 2nd shot. Now, I fully get the point that Day took over and inherited Meyer's players so there's something to be said there. That being said, the way that Ohio State now attacks down the field with deep shots is something Meyer never really did. Anywho, it's a fun discussion and your point was thought provoking. No malice on my end at all.
  2. Man, this is a really bad loss. Is having Bragg throw 60+ pitches really the best idea there? I can't believe they rolled him out there again in the 12th. We might be looking at a penthouse to outhouse situation here gang.
  3. Auburn is in total disarray as the boosters essentially staged a coup to try and get the HC fired, would be a hard pass for me. I was a bit surprised to not see him go to USC but I suppose if all things were equal, might as well play for your old DL coach, especially if you liked him. I wouldn't be stunned if Oregon ended up with a better record than USC.
  4. I'd be surprised to see Sip head over to On3. I thought On3 was supposed to have more of a recruiting focus and I can't really see Sip wanting to grind in that way. I hope he's able to get one of those cushy corporate communications jobs that seem to get snatched up by former media members. Either that, or he could always go sell used cars. My impression of Sip (completely my opinion) is he was a buffet at a strip club kinda guy. Good guy to have a few pops with. So....pretty much Champ from Anchorman lol.
  5. Man Creighton is gonna be freaking loaded next year with this kid (if he sticks).
  6. Well, when you consider 3 of those losses are to Penn State/Iowa and Michigan who finished 1-2-3 at NCAAs the record makes a bit more sense although to be honest, dual records are pretty meaningless. It pretty much all boils down to how you do at the Big Ten conference tourney although certainly, a good record during the year can help out for an at-large bid.
  8. Plenty of good seats available on the wrestling team bandwagon! Finished 5th at the NCAAs last season. Join us!
  9. Uh, Anderson and Matthews are sophomores right? Didn't realize they were supposed to be the senior leaders on the team. Anderson hit .260ish in his first 10 games so not sure what you're getting at and why there is so much vitriol in your post.
  10. The baseball must be the size of a beach ball right now for Mad Max, he is freaking destroying everything. He's stepping up to the plate right telling pitchers...
  11. For just today, I gotta go with the alum. Let's go Mavs! State Champs!
  12. Are there any other nature-themed types of bolts? Lighting bolts didn't work, thunderin bolts also hasn't done much.
  13. Don't blame Wildeman for hanging it up. He's got his degree and has been hurt all 4 years. At some point you tell yourself that the juice just ain't worth the squeeze anymore. I wish him well in his future endeavors.
  14. That would make perfect sense as to why he's looking around. He only has a little bit of time left to play CFB, might as well go somewhere you feel you're wanted (and hey, maybe win some games too). I'd be taking my pale behind over to USC. Excellent business school too if he wants to pursue a MBA.
  15. Really talented kid. Will be interesting to see how much bigger he gets.
  16. Xmas32

    MLB 2022

    Tony Watson announced his retirement yesterday after 11 MLB seasons. Currently the MLB career leader in holds and was also a 1x all star. Heckuva career! GBR!
  17. Nice little story about Christian Lance and his AA journey. Was really happy to see him get over the hump and earn AA status in his final year. https://huskers.com/news/2022/3/29/wrestling-my-all-american-journey.aspx
  18. I forgot to give the answers Boiler Room Snatch The Raid The Social Network
  19. I'll take the Phillies. They gonna be a beer league softball team this year.
  20. This is true, my point was more while we all thought the Nebraska team should've been much better last year, now that the NFL mock drafts are coming out, and NU has multiple guys that could be 2nd round picks it drives home the, "Hey this team was pretty good and what the heck happened."
  21. Dane Brugler's enormous NFL draft preview he does every year just dropped on The Athletic. It's a great read each year...seriously it's huge...300k+ words. I obviously can't copy/paste all the NU stuff but here's the summary for our NU chaps. Mods, if you feel I've shared too much paid content, please delete. https://theathletic.com/3233612/2022/04/07/2022-nfl-draft-guide-the-beast-dane-brugler/ Austin Allen: SUMMARY: A three-year starter at Nebraska, Allen lined up inline and detached in head coach Scott Frost’s multiple offense. He enjoyed a career year as a senior (named the Big Ten’s top tight end) and set several program records at the tight end position, including single-season catches (38) and receiving yards (602). With his height, catch radius and strong hands, Allen was a consistent chain-mover on tape and his athletic profile suggests upside as a route-runner. He uses sound angles to get into position as a blocker, although his taller stature and narrow base hinder his sustain and finish skills. Overall, Allen doesn’t have dynamic route skills to easily uncover, but he is a contested catch monster with the traits that suggest there is more meat on that bone. He has intriguing development potential on Day 3. GRADE: 6th-7th Round Cam Jurgens: SUMMARY: A three-year starter at Nebraska, Jurgens was the starting center in head coach Scott Frost’s multiple-based offense. A 245-pound high school tight end, Jurgens transitioned to center when he arrived in Lincoln (never had taken a snap at the position) and grew into a 31-game starter who showed key improvements each season. Jurgens has above-average movements skills with explosiveness in his upper half and rare range to reach and cut off pursuit angles. Though he shows core strength when engaged, his overaggressive and undisciplined tendencies lead to negative reps. Overall, Jurgens lacks the brute power to easily control defenders, but he is a twitched-up athlete with play quickness and competitive toughness that will translate to the NFL. He is the round two version of Iowa’s Tyler Linderbaum and will grow into a starter for a zone-based offense. GRADE: 2nd Round (No. 49 overall) JoJo Domann: SUMMARY: A three-year starter at Nebraska, Domann played a hybrid nickel linebacker role in defensive coordinator Erik Chinander’s 4-2-5 base scheme. A former safety, he was asked to cover a lot of space in the slot and gave up his share of receptions, but he allowed only 5.4 yards per catch and zero touchdowns as an AllAmerican in 2021. Domann has terrific field speed and his play range is expanded by his awareness, hip movements, and closing skills. He will have a tougher time holding up vs. slot receivers in the NFL compared to college, but he is an instinctive zone-dropper with the reactive quickness to challenge plays. Overall, Domann lacks length and needs to play with better control as a finisher, but his athleticism and anticipation fuel his versatility in space, which should earn him a subpackage and special teams role in the NFL, stylistically similar to LB Jabril Cox. GRADE: 3rd-4th Round Cam Taylor-Britt: SUMMARY: A three-year starter at Nebraska, Taylor-Britt lined up at left cornerback in defensive coordinator Erik Chinander’s 4-2-5 base scheme. An All-State quarterback in high school, he transitioned to the secondary full-time in Lincoln and was productive on (24 passes defended and six interceptions during the last three seasons) and off (energetic and locker room leader) the field. Along with his plus size and length, Taylor-Britt has the springy athleticism and body control to disrupt passes and the toughness to be a force in run support, which will translate to cornerback or safety. He played a lot of bail and side-saddle technique in college and his patchy transition skills often left him out of position in coverage and contributed to missed tackles. Overall, Taylor-Britt must improve his route recognition at all levels, but his physical traits (size, length, athleticism), competitive nature, and ball skills give him NFL starting potential in press-man or zone-heavy schemes. GRADE: 2nd-3rd Round (No. 57 overall) Samori Toure: SUMMARY: Samori (suh-MORE-ee) Toure (TOO-ray) grew up in Beaverton and Portland and became the all-time leading receiver at Westview High. A two-star recruit, he committed to FCS-level Montana, where he rewrote the school’s record books with his All-American 2019 season. After the 2020 season was postponed, he transferred to Nebraska in January 2021 for his final season and led the Huskers in receiving, including two 70-plus-yard catches (only Alabama’s Jameson Williams had more). Toure is a salesman in his routes with the pacing and controlled feet to create pockets of separation at the stem. He caught the ball well on his Nebraska tape, with the focus to track without slowing his momentum. However, he needs to improve his balance through contact and in the open field to shake tacklers. Overall, Toure struggles with physical press coverage and crowded catch points, but he has the explosive route speed to earn a spot on an NFL depth chart. GRADE: Priority Free Agent Nebraska has 2 guys in the Top 100. I think we're gonna look back at this team in a few years and wonder how the hell they only won 3 games.
  22. Xmas32

    MLB 2022

    https://theathletic.com/3233869/2022/04/07/mlb-hope-meter-ranking-braves-dodgers/ This was a really funny read. Snippets for some of the HB squad: Cubs: Pessimist Adam: I feel like a kid that just ordered a Coke but am getting RC Cola, but I keep getting promised the Coke machine is about to be fixed. Pessimist Joe: The owners can’t afford to field a playoff team, but can afford to try and play Christian Pulisic out of position? Pessimist Jeffrey: If the stars align and everything works out as best as it reasonably could, we can become the Bulls of the early 2010s: too good to miss the playoffs, too bad to be a real contender. Optimist Tyler: A true Cubs fan is a forever optimist. That said, I think making the playoffs would be a good bar to set. And who knows, maybe they are in it, add a couple pieces at the deadline, and make a run in October. See? Forever optimist. Ms: Pessimist Paige: We’re still the Mariners. Whatever deal we made with whatever cut-rate devil we made it with in 2001 wasn’t enough to get us sole possession of the regular-season wins record or the pennant. But we’ve been doomed ever since. Optimist Evan: Julio Rodriguez will play for 1,000 years and hit baseballs very hard for all 1,000 of them. Optimist Joe: Longest drought in pro sports. I’ve been burned more times than I care to recall, but ignoring the past and looking at the roster — THIS is the year we break the streak. Optimist Greg: I’m as optimistic as a fan of a team with more ruptured testicles (5) than playoff appearances (4) can be! Mets: Optimist Pete: The Mets needed to buy an airplane. They bought the airline. Optimist Kevin: Steve Cohen actually went all in. Granted, these are the Mets, so Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer’s arms could literally fall off, Pete Alonso could be eaten by an actual polar bear, and Francisco Lindor and Jeff McNeil could have an actual giant rat incident and I wouldn’t be shocked. Optimist Matt: I was 8 years old in 1986, and my uncle said to me, “Don’t get used to this, it doesn’t happen to the Mets very often.” Well, I have been waiting for 36 years now, but adding Max Scherzer, Starling Marte, Mark Canha, Chris Bassitt and Eduardo Escobar to a pretty good core of returning players gives us the best chance of repeating the 1986 magic than I have seen for a long time. Optimist Matt: If this was OOTP baseball with injuries turned off, I’d say the Mets should be World Series favorites. Unfortunately, our twin aces either missed half the season with vague strains or had a “dead arm” just a few months ago, and our whole lineup either fell off or were injured last year. Also, we are very old.
  23. I have nothing but gut instinct on this but I think Palmer ends up being the WR #1 by the time everything shakes out. He was a 5-star coming out of HS and frankly, Nebraska is due for one of these highly recruited SEC transfers to work out. Note, I am completely talking out of my hindquarters on this one.
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