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  2. Mike Boeve from Omaha has put his name in the transfer portal. He's most likely a top 5 round draft pick so there is almost zero chance he stays in college but Will Bolt has to kick the tires here to see what's what.
  3. I somehow missed "Palm Springs" that dropped on Hulu back in 2020 during Covid. It's a really fun watch, stars Andy Samberg and Cristin Miloti (sp?)--the mother from How I Met Your Mother and Leo's first wife from Wolf Of Wall Street. It's Groundhog Day mixed with some Sci-Fi concepts and a sprinkle of Rom/Com. It had some laugh out loud moments, was surprisingly deep and sweet as well. Couldn't recommend it more.
  4. Will absolutely laugh my a$$ off if Kaelin scores higher at the Elite 11 than Riaola.
  5. Man, what a boneheaded move by the catcher. You could see the 2B frantically looking for the ball, except the catcher put it in his back pocket! Also, who the heck thought it was a good idea to let both teams wear red jerseys!
  6. Wow, looks like Maryland is throwing Savacool in game 1. Jackson Brockett going for the SKERS https://stats.statbroadcast.com/statmonitr/?id=465382&_gl=1*fx656a*_ga*NzY4NDM4MzM1LjE2ODI4MDYwNDM.*_ga_2ZWVK1X7BJ*MTY4NTIwNTE0My4xNC4xLjE2ODUyMDgwMDguMC4wLjA.
  7. Man what a freaking gem by Walsh last night. Incredible, incredible effort. I have no idea what Nebraska does in the first game today but it probably involves scrapping out 4 innings between Perry/Cristo/Bunz and getting the ball to Shay for an extended inning effort. As for UMD, I think they'll play it strategically and will throw a midweek guy in the first game and will save Savacool for a potential game 2. The pitching has been on point for Nebraska the last 2 games and it was nice to see the offense get rolling a bit. Need to carry over that momentum because I don't think Nebraska is holding Maryland to 2 runs again.
  8. I'm not one to tell folks how to live their lives or anything and I know Hood is out for the season but did Hood really need to announce he's in the portal today when the team if fighting for their season? Seems like a distraction for the sake of a distraction. Can't he just wait a couple of days? Regardless, best of luck to Hood in his next stop. He did a nice job as a high leverage reliever last year.
  9. Man, what a kick in the you know what. Gritty, gutty pitching performance out of the boys...who woulda thunk it! Jace did a nice job wiggling out a big jam in the B5 when UMD had the bases loaded w/ 1 out. Honestly though, neither team had a ton of golden opportunities to score. Nebraska was a tad unlucky in the T9 after Carey singled, he had a great jump when NU tried a hit and run w/ Evans and might've stolen 2nd. If he's on 2nd with 1 out when Brice comes up, who knows what would've happened. From here on out, the offense is going to need to really step up. I'm assuming that Walsh gets the ball today and it would be great if he could go 6 innings. No idea who Michigan State will throw...maybe Harrison Cook or Dzierwa?
  10. Know your foe! https://umterps.com/news/2023/5/24/baseball-no-23-terps-face-nebraska-in-second-round-of-the-big-ten-tournament.aspx Would be very surprised if Nick Dean did not pitch for Maryland: https://umterps.com/sports/baseball/roster/nick-dean/10498 5/5/2023 Nebraska W 4.0 3 2 2 3 4 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 76 8-4 0 0 0 4.50 4.69 He's been pretty hittable this year. Jace most likely throwing for the SKERS https://huskers.com/news/2023/5/25/baseball-huskers-battle-top-seeded-terrapins-on-thursday-night.aspx https://huskers.com/sports/baseball/roster/jace-kaminska/44344 Jace got knocked around pretty good last time versus Maryland but that was at Maryland's bandbox of a ballpark. Still, Maryland can rake. Shay did a nice job last time out versus Maryland and with him throwing 25 pitches yesterday, you'd think he might be good to go for a few innings today if Nebraska needs an extended effort. A win today would be pretty massive, it buys Nebraska an extra rest day and would force Maryland/Rutgers/MSU to burn up extra pitching..specifically Savacool for UMD.
  11. Really cool stuff! Good for Sam!
  12. I couldn't find official attendance numbers from yesterday's game but assuming the weather holds, with the holiday weekend on tap, I would not be surprised to see over 10k people at the game tonight. Just from eyeballing things, it looked like there was probably 6-8k people there yesterday.
  13. Oh mama what a great turn. Wow so, so close honestly could've gone either way. CALL STANDS. DOUBLE PLAY
  14. Rutgers bullpen....struggling to do basic tasks required of a bullpen 9-6 SKERS LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO. Pitching change
  15. Sacks packed for Brice Jack! Let's go!
  16. If I were really drunk you could probably convince me it's because he confuses Shay with Spencer Schwelly.
  18. Ok, little something cooking. HBP and Mad Max with the double. 2nd and 3rd no outs
  19. Hawkins comes in and gets a pop up. Heading to the B5.
  20. Rutgers knocking Olson around in the 5th. Rutgers gets a 2 run double on a 2-2 count w/ 2 outs. Going to the bullpen, 3-3 T5, runner on 2nd with 2 outs. Buckle down boys!
  21. LET'S GO BOYS 3 run ding dong B1. 3-0 SKERS
  22. Loebarth has his tickets all purchased and he's ready to go. I look forward to seeing this face behind home plate cheering on the Big Red!
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