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  1. In all seriousness and I think I saw his name once or twice, is Dave Clawson who is currently undefeated at Wake Forest. The dude has won everywhere. Fordham, Bowling Green, Richmond and now WF. I think the thing with Clawson is he got such a bad rap when he was fired at Tennessee back in the late 2000s after 1 or 2 years that it was almost like he got black balled. I think he was there when they pushed out Fullmer and he got tainted by association.
  2. Those guys all won national titles. I don't think I'm going out on a limb by saying Frost will never and I mean NEVER win a National Championship as a HC. I think Frost is much more likely to end up like Clay Helton. Had one good year which hoodwinked everyone into thinking he's a good HC turns out, he's not.
  3. Purdue getting 3 from Wisconsin is an utterly bizarro line. Makes absolutely zero sense. I'm liking a little 2 team teaser-oni with Purdue +9 and Cal -3
  4. It would be Bieniemy swallowing his pride to come here. Not the other way around.
  5. We're in agreement here, just disagreeing on the minutiae. If Gabriel doesn't get hurt against Louisville, I'm guessing they beat Navy pretty handily is all.
  6. Your points are well taken although I do need to point out that UCF was rolling out their backup QB (who is not very good) after their stud starter got hurt at the tail end of the previous game. It was a perfect storm for Navy in that game.
  7. Will be an interesting chess match on how Purdue schemes Bell and Smythe their TEs open. I'd hope that Nebraska fans realize that Bell is probably the best WR in the Big Ten so barring an injury or apocalyptic weather he isn't getting slowed down. I mean Purdue is ranked now so that pretty much means an auto-loss for Nebraska.
  8. I really appreciate your optimism chamrock. I don't see a scenario where Cristobal's agent even returns Trev's phone call. Maybe if Nebraska offered Saban-level money, even then I'd doubt it.
  9. There is absolutely zero chance that Joe Brady becomes a P5 HC in the next 10+ years. Dude is gonna be a NFL lifer. From everything I read on him while he was at LSU was that he despised the recruiting part of the job
  10. Thanks for posting, that makes a ton of sense.
  11. 3-0 this week even with me getting a crappy Baylor line. 4-2 for the year. Haters get back!
  12. I've never seen it confirmed anywhere but I've heard rumors for a lot of years that Venables did something absolutely terrible when he was at KSU that killed his HC chances for a lot of years. Now, he's making $2.5mm as a DC and gets to be around his son. I don't think he's going anywhere until his kid leaves school or he gets let go. It's hard to not be impressed when you watch Coastal Carolina and they play App State either tomorrow or Wednesday which will be a great test for them at Boone. Maybe I'm just jaded because of how bad Nebraska is on offense after watching Frost's offenses zip up and down the field at UCF but I'm just a bit skeptical that Caldwell's offense can work in the Big Ten because it relies such much on taking advantage of defensive mistakes and scheming dudes open. I mean, the reason the Big Ten is so tough is because they have a lot of really good players and really good coaches. I will grant you, his offense would be a complete PITA to prepare for as a DC and it's hard not to think that a Caldwell offense combined with a Chins defense would produce some pretty darn good teams. At this stage of the game and because it isn't my money, I'd be pretty happy if they hired Caldwell. While people would be upset about firing 'one of our own' they'll hear the words 'option' and 'fullback' and will....
  14. I appreciate the quick back of the napkin math you put together about other teams. You are correct, in that I (and alot of other people) have been miffed about the S/T play. You know what though? The only thing I'm really annoyed about is the total lack of a punt return game and the punting. I don't think you can really do much about the kicking because kicking is such a weird mental thing that when it goes bad, it goes way bad and sometimes you're on the wrong side of variance. Nebraska ran soooo pure for like 15 years with kickers that we were probably due for some regression there. I'm not even really miffed about the lack of kickoff returns either with the fact you get the ball at the 25 now as I would imagine by and large, you should just call for a fair catch the vast majority of the time.
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if Chins gets bumped up over $1mm when his contract renews, at that price point, he can be a bit more choosy should he decide to jump.
  16. Yup, you very well could be correct on this one. I don't have the time to dig through it but I'd be curious to know the percentage of P5 teams that have a dedicated QB coach versus a dedicated ST one. Granted Nebraska may be unique in that they carry 2 LB coaches (I would actually guess that is true.) In my opinion something has to give because the way it's set up right now is you're just praying your S/T play the other side to a draw.
  17. Yup, totally get that point, it's a valid one and I understand where Martinez is coming from. I would imagine it helps tremendously to have a dedicated person to speak with on the field. Frost has painted himself into a bit of a corner because there are no easy solutions. If you keep Verdu I think you're essentially hoping your S/T doesn't lose you the game and the past few weeks are about the best we can expect out of Nebraska (I think what NU is asking out of Dawson is really freaking hard).
  18. I think the QB job is tailor made for a high priced analyst. I mean how much QB coaching really goes on during the game anyway? You look at the print outs, talk with the booth, etc. I just think the gap between a full time QB coach and an analyst is much smaller than the gap of what they are doing now and hiring a full time ST coach is.
  19. The Bill C 27-27 tie is literally the perfect result for this game.
  20. Crazy thing is I heard yesterday on a podcast that if Schiano had been able to take the Tennessee job, Burrow would've gone to Tennessee with him (I'm assuming because of their relationship at Ohio State). Man talk about an all-time what if.
  21. Totally disagree. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't start fielding lower level G5 HC job offers after this year.
  22. 1-2 on the year...pretty standard the 2 games I really liked did not even come close! Army +14...whoever made Whisky's schedule is not doing them any favors Oklahoma -13.5, I think Riley has seen the light and Williams will get the nod. TCU potentially banged up. Ooh just a report that saw Williams was taking the first team reps. Load em up boys! Baylor -6.5 Lean: Rutgers -2. Fun!
  23. Really fun story on The Athletic talking about the 2004 HC search.  For those that don't have a subscription, the NFL coach that Stevie P always hinted at was supposedly Mike Sherman.  

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