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  1. I sure think so, he hasn't wrestled since November it looks like. I wouldn't be stunned to see Antrell Taylor grab 165 next year. 125 should be interesting next year as they've got Van Dee who was a pretty talented kid out of PA and I imagine Lauridsen from Bennington will come in at 125 as well. I think Burwick can be serviceable at 133 but it's hard to see his ceiling being more than a NCAA qualifier. Brown Ton at 174 looks like he's having a pretty good season so far so cautious optimism there. With the transfer portal the way it is and Nebraska in theory having some strong talent, they might make for an attractive transfer destination.
  2. Did you by chance see "In Bruges" with Farrell and Gleeson? Also the same director. Couldn't recommend that movie highly enough as well.
  3. Ha, in fairness, Lee is pinning almost everyone inside of 2 minutes! Agreed on the upgrades on the other weight classes for sure.
  4. Cronin is really wrestling with his hair on fire right now. He looks great out there. I wonder if he's going to be the guy that finally gets NU over the hump for an AA finish. I couldn't believe it but the last time NU had an AA at 125 was Paul Donahoe back in 2007 and 2008. Hell, even 133 has scuffled. Eric Montoya AA'd in 2016 and 2017 and that's really been it.
  5. I gotcha, your original post asked if there was something better. I think RadarScope is better but you have to pay for it. You didn't make any mention of paid versus free so I figured I'd include it.
  6. Big dual tonight at Carver against Iowa. 8pm on BTN, good one beforehand at 6pm with Penn State/Michigan. Good night for college wrestling!
  7. It definitely seems like a bit of an odd choice although Gyllenhaal can do the brooding thing pretty well. The thing with Road House is it's campy and over the top and I don't know if Gyllenhaal can pull that off. Now, to his credit he's a maniac in Ambulance and honestly pretty funny so maybe?
  8. I'm not sure if anyone else watches SEC Shorts but it is consistently hilarious. They did their year end wrap up report card which is always great.
  9. Really strong effort last night out of the team! Great wrestling by the vast majority of the team with special tips of the cap to 125, 141, 149 (YO!). Pinto is going to want to have that match back at 184 for sure, not great mat awareness from him last night in a lot of spots. NW got Carver Hawkeye'd and absolutely trucked by Iowa last night.
  10. Ha! I did not, it's important to stay humble. Under promise and under deliver is my mantra!
  11. Just about wrapped up with Tulsa King on Paramount+, I came in with pretty low expectations but have been pleasantly surprised. Stallone plays an aging mobster that gets shipped out to Tulsa. Stallone tries (and fails miserably) to be funny but the show is a mix of campy and serious. I've been pleasantly entertained watching it and appreciate that it's a show I can just pop on and blow through a few episodes at a time.
  12. Oh shoot that's on HBO Max already? Excellent! I've been meaning to watch it and didn't get a chance to hit the theaters.
  13. Job sounds like 'marketing coordinator/administrative assistant'. FWIW I speak fluent job title BS and this is probably what the role entails.
  14. Ruhle to me is the ideal candidate that I was hoping Nebraska would hire so it gets an 'A+' from me and will continue to be an 'A+' until at least the end of the 2nd year. I think next year will be painful but we've sat through some objectively horrible seasons the past few years so what is one more?
  15. I think also we're going to see a pretty big shift to younger coaches because to be honest, the grind for college coaches is tremendous. With this stupid extra signing period, there really isn't a window where the coaches can get away and reset for a bit. I think coaches are going to burn out far faster and 55 is going to become the new 70 for coaches. I wouldn't be shocked if Saban is the last P5 coach to ever coach past 70. The salaries and expectations are so so high now that all you need is one contract to secure life changing money. To be clear, these guys know what they are signing up for. I've been pretty vocal that almost all these coaches are stupidly overpaid and the vast majority of them would be gym teachers or Enterprise car rental managers if it wasn't for football. At the same time, I've grinded out 60 hour weeks for for months at a time and it flipping sucks. I can't imagine adding 20 more hours on top of that and having it be pretty continuous for the majority of the year.
  16. That's the way I understand it as well. It does suck because Lovett would be a strong candidate for a high AA finish. Nebraska is now basically trading Lovett's points for Labriola's points as I think he's done this year at 174 unless he can get a goofy 7th year.
  17. Yep that's what it looks like. He had a nice breakout year in 2021 when UVA was really humming on offense and Anae was their OC with Armstrong slinging it. It was unbelievable how much they fell off a cliff once they changed coaches. He'd be a nice get at the WR spot and you'd think he'd be able to contribute.
  18. https://gostanford.com/sports/football/roster/walter-rouse/19038
  19. Larry Johnson, tOSU's D-Line coach makes a shade above $1.3mm it looks like. Hartline, their WR coach makes a shade less than $1mm. https://www.springfieldnewssun.com/sports/ohio-state-buckeyes-new-coach-contract-information-released/SV5NFOHMPFCUBJNYIZ3YN4TTGM/
  20. The most hardcore one that I'm aware of is RadarScope which I think you have to pay a few bucks for. It has every bell and whistle you can imagine if you love getting into the weeds on weather.
  21. Huh that's interesting for sure. I honestly don't quite remember what led him to stepping away the first time. Was it grades? Loss of passion? A combo of the two? Something else? Regardless, he's a talented kid so if he wants to take another whack at the CFB piƱata, I hope it works out for him. Except if it happens at Iowa or Colorado.
  22. I feel like that is pretty par for the course right? I'll have to do some more digging but I thought the expectation was you hope you hit on half your class and if you get more than that, you're cooking with gas. Granted, you hope the guys that don't pan out are able to contribute on ST, be good locker rooms guys, etc.
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