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  1. Abbreviated thoughts from the dual. Some interesting officiating there at times... 125--ASU wins the toss up match, all of these 125 matches are razor thin affairs. Figueroa is a tough dude. 133--Nice win by Van Dee 141--Hardy did what he needed to do to control and get the win. 149--Tough beat for Ridge. I didn't love the 1st stalling call on him but at the same time, I don't think Ridge took a single offensive shot the entire match. These are the types of matches he'll need to win if he wants to get to the top of the podium. Hat tip to Parco, he scored on a great shot there. 157--Stiles really handled himself well. He had Teemer in a lot of trouble there and I thought it was a little bit chicken stuff that they let Teemer bail out into a potentially dangerous situation when he was a 1 count away from being in neutral danger. Meh. 165--Really nice job by Taylor pouring it on at the end and getting the nice win. 174--Snooze fest, nice job Bubba winning 1-0 haha 184--Solid job by Lenny controlling the match, no real fault there at the end giving up the TD when Lenny was trying to get bonus points. 197--Allred hammered that dude. Nice job getting a TF over a clearly overmatched opponent. HWT--Nash gets the FF'd with Schultz out of town for Pan-Ams I think? It's looking more and more likely that Nash will be the guy at HWT for Nebraska in the post season. Next stop: The boys get a little time off to rest and recharge and then it's Big Tens on March 9th and 10th in Maryland. GBR!
  2. Also appears to be confirmed on GCU's baseball page: https://gculopes.com/news/2024/2/21/baseball-gcu-welcomes-nebraska-for-4-game-set.aspx
  3. I took this from Evan Bland's OWH article on the series: Nebraska at Grand Canyon Where: Brazell Field at GCU Ballpark, Phoenix, Arizona Radio: Huskers Radio Network Video stream: ESPN+ 7 p.m. Thursday: RHP Drew Christo (0-0, 9.00 ERA) vs. RHP Daniel Avitia (1-0, 1.50) 7 p.m. Friday: RHP Brett Sears (0-0, 1.69) vs. RHP Carter Young (1-0, 1.80) 7 p.m. Saturday: LHP Will Walsh (0-0, 4.76) vs. RHP Connor Mattison (3.00) 1 p.m. Sunday: LHP Caleb Clark (0-0, 3.38) vs. RHP Hunter Watkins (0-0, 6.00) https://omaha.com/sports/huskers/baseball/trip-to-undefeated-balanced-grand-canyon-next-challenge-up-for-nebraska-baseball/article_1d92d9db-b6b9-5c54-84eb-c8421c087b28.html
  4. Agreed, GCU will be a tough out. This would be a really fun series to attend because GCU's ballpark is really top notch. A split would be pretty good and if they can steal tonight's game with Cristo going GCU's ace that would be huge.
  5. Good early season test for Christo. Grand Canyon is off to a hot start.
  6. I'm about 2/3 of the way through Griselda on Netflix. Premise of the show is it's based on Griselda Blanco who was a ruthless cocaine trafficker in Miami back in the 1980s. In the show she's played by Sofia Vergara which is hysterical because Griselda was...not attractive. If you don't know anything about her it's pretty good. I had already seen a couple documentaries so I was pretty familiar but still wanted to give it a watch. It's only 6 episodes so not too bad. There is some graphic violence (headless corpses, etc) and a little big of nudity so buyer beware there.
  7. Yep agreed. Just seems like the home team is usually always favored when these 2 teams play. This is also just a way too early guess on my part based on historical guessing.
  8. Probably a dog at Iowa, otherwise agree.
  9. Feels like Nebraska got a bit cheated to not go at least 2-1 this weekend against some pretty stiff competition. Texas Tech is always a tough out and Oklahoma (at least early appears to be off to a good start. As @Loebarth mentioned, big 4 game set against Grand Canyon who are off to a strong start and could very well be 4-0 when Nebraska comes into town this Thursday.
  10. Thoughts from the dual: 125--Man Caleb Smith is wrestling at a high, high level. I think Davis from Penn State is starting to get figured out a bit. We also can't discount that Smith is a grad transfer going against a true frosh. Smith was able to use some horsepower there to get the reversal and NF. 125 is wide open so Smith has just as good of a shot as anyone for potential AA honors. 133--Would've liked to see Van Dee go neutral in the 2nd as he kind of got the starch taken out of him by the PSU backup with that ball and chain ride after dominating the 1st period. Was nice to see a ride out but I'd be lying if I wasn't thinking bonus points there for Van Dee. 141--Brutal call there against Hardy when he should've been given a TD with about 30 seconds left. Who knows if Hardy would've been able to hang on and erase the riding time point but I would've liked to see him have gotten the opportunity. 149--Didn't love what I saw from Ridge. Seemed a little tentative against Kasak but ultimately he did what the elite guys do whey they don't have their A game which is gut out wins. 157--Haines is on another level now and I don't think this version of Robb is going to be able to beat him sans Haines making a couple mistakes. I thought Robb honestly wrestled pretty well and defended like heck but when a dude is shooting bullets at you non stop for 7 minutes eventually you're going to get hit a couple times. 165--Incredible defense out of Taylor, need him to get his offense going. Messenbrink just brings it man, what a gas tank. I'll be excited to see how he does next year at 157 once Robb graduates. Taylor at 157 is going to be a huge PITA for a lot of dudes with how tough he is to score on. Hard to not be excited for the future with him. 174--Welp, what are you gonna do haha. Good Starroci showed up and that's what happens. 184--Man, I can't imagine coaching Pinto. He's got brute strength and is mega explosive and almost impossible to stop. I worry about his gas tank tho. He definitely seems to fade late in matches but shoot, he's tough to score on. Truax had him in a bad way when he hit that double into a bear hug on Pinto and Pinto just noped out of it. 197--Brooks is awesome and Allred has regressed a little bit. No notes. Just tip your cap to Brooks and move on. He and Hidlay from NC State are on a collision course and it should be a great finals match with those two. HWT--It didn't matter who NU sent out here. Both guys were giving up bonus points. I understand why they had Nash go out there because he's just so much bigger and was less likely to give up a pin. Kerkvilet is going to be a really tough out for anyone and he appears to be on a mission this year. All in all, Nebraska is firing on all cylinders right now, they've looked great for the better part of a month. I just hope they aren't peaking too soon. They close out with Arizona State next week who have a few top end guys before rolling into the Big Ten conference tourney which is always a total meat grinder.
  11. Big time test this weekend in Happy Valley. Penn State is freaking loaded.
  12. I'm really rooting for Christo as well. Stuff is electric no doubt. Needs the command.
  13. Per Evan Bland of the OWH, Nebraska starting rotation is: Fri vs Baylor: Brett Sears Sat vs TTU: Will Walsh Sun vs OU: Caleb Clark What do you think @Loebarth?
  14. If folks are interested in such things, I saw a line last night of Baylor -130/Nebraska +100 for Friday.
  15. That's fair, I agree, getting the W over Baylor would be ideal. TTU will be tough and OU? Who knows. They're picked to finish in roughly the middle of the conference.
  16. I watched a ton of Baylor last year and they were pretty stinky. I know Mason Marriott was their Friday night guy last year and he really struggled. Obviously new year new me and all that jazz but I'd be fine seeing him on the bump on Friday if it comes to it. Texas Tech should be a wagon, tons of talented bats. I'm guessing Nebraska will see either Zane Petty or Kyle Robinson. OU still has Spikerman who has been in school for seemingly 10 years. Pitching wise, they were pretty hot and cold.
  17. That was a great dual to watch. Easily the best Nebraska has looked collectively all season long. Yuge test this week going to Happy Valley. My .02 on Hutmacher, I think this is pretty much what we all expected right? Davison is legit, 4x NQ, 2x AA. To expect Hutmacher to even be competitive against a guy like that I think is wishful thinking. My stretch expectations for him (assuming he actually gets the nod which to me is still a reach) is NCAA qualifier is his ceiling and that would be a tremendous accomplishment. It doesn't matter who goes on Sunday unfortunately because Kerk, the PSU HWT is dismantling dudes. Whoever gets rolled out there is giving up bonus points. As for Sunday versus Penn State, I just want to see the guys be competitive. Unfortunately, I think we might see a little ducking on both sides.
  18. Big one tomorrow night for the boys. Hosting Michigan at 6pm on BTN. Should be a dynamite atmosphere in what should be a really close dual. Assuming both teams roll out their 'A' lineups we should get Ridge/Gomez at 149 which should be an awesome matchup. Wrestlestat has it as a 16-16 draw but I think both squads with have a couple of changes. If nothing else, for the love of all things I hope Robb beats Lewan at 157. I hate the way Lewan wrestles.
  19. Seems reasonable, keep taking care of business at home and as others have mentioned, steal a road win or two.
  20. Iowa/Indiana are probably the 2 big favorites to win the Big Ten going in and Nebraska catches both squads at home which is great.
  21. Skers are hosting Illinois today at 2pm. Streaming available on BTN+ https://huskers.com/news/2024/02/2/huskers-welcome-illinois-on-sunday Nebraska should win pretty comfortably. Assuming both teams roll out their usual lineups, the best match will be at 149 with Lovett wrestling Kannon Webster who is currently #8.
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