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  1. MacNCheeze

    2019 Spring Game - April 13 @ 1:00 CDT on BTN

    HULU my friend. BTN and most of the college games were on last year. I didnt miss a game.
  2. I wish i was there, love memorial stadium.

  3. MacNCheeze

    The Flood of 2019

    What can others do to help.
  4. MacNCheeze

    Gunner Nomination Thread

    I nominate myself since ive never been elected.
  5. MacNCheeze

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    What the hell has happened. Ive been shoveling snow for a month and this is what i come back to find.
  6. MacNCheeze

    Sam Keller to Get Paid

    What do you mean was. I still kill in dynasty mode
  7. Glad we got Bo paid off, but i dont see the ill will for him. He might of had some nasty parting words when he left, but i cant fault him for being upset if it was justified or not. I honestly think MIke Riley and Bill Callahan did alot more to hurt this program than Bo ever did. Both of those two coaches did alot more to alter the way we did things around here than Bo did. Probably not the most popular opinion but its how i see it.
  8. MacNCheeze

    Duval's S&C - Year 2

    I really need to get into shape. Think the huskers will take walkon fat guys and make them healthy again.
  9. MacNCheeze

    Realistic Playoff Spot

    No i just dont post much
  10. MacNCheeze

    Realistic Playoff Spot

    Its more of just a time killer convorsation really. I know the likely would be very very low. But we can always hope for this problem.
  11. MacNCheeze

    Realistic Playoff Spot

    I guess if it came down to strength of schedule, and there were 5 other teams undefeated who had better schedules i think we would get left out in the cold.
  12. MacNCheeze

    Realistic Playoff Spot

    On a cold and wintery day here in central iowa i find myself thinking about if Nebraska would have a shot at getting in the Playoffs if they ran the table this year. Take out that we will probably lose games but im saying given our strength of schedule would it be enough to get us up the rankings. If we won out and were the Big10 champs would that be enough. This is partly on my mind because we are some how preseason top25 with a 4-8 record.
  13. If you ask me theres no real reason to expand to 16. Most of the other teams get shut out of the limelight during the season. Hell the only reason nebraska got any press this year was because of frost. Other than that we were another bottom dweller. 2 more teams would water it down even more. Most of the iowa fans around here said the same thing about us when we joined. Maryland and Rutgers watered it down even further.
  14. MacNCheeze

    *** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***

    Woooohooooo i can stay fat and lazy
  15. MacNCheeze

    *** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***

    Holy s#!t, the OSU love with the announcers.