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  1. I wouldn't worry about it. Everybody understands the time and focus it requires to be Making Chimichangas
  2. I understand the sentiment toward the 5 O-linemen, but the blocking from the TE position needs major improvement as well.
  3. When a player is choosing a school and he has lots of options, why shouldn't the player have a say in the position HE wants to play?
  4. Great news. Get Kalu back and just maybe we have a secondary that is a strength.
  5. He must have held his own going against good competition at FN to get an executable offer.
  6. Numbers are less than impressive, not impressed with running style, Very impressed with blocking.
  7. He wasn't eligible last season.
  8. Adidas on the rise... https://sneakernews.com/2017/06/23/nike-jordan-adidas-may-2017-market-share/
  9. Some may make an impact earlier than others but here is my top six for their NU career. 1) Thomas 2) McQuitty 3) Blades 4) Lindsey 5) Jaimes 6) Roberts
  10. McQuitty is 6'2. How he's so forgotten is beyond me. You sure? 247 and this article that was posted in his profile say he's 5'11. https://www.landof10.com/nebraska/next-generation-nebraska-wr-commit-jaevon-mcquitty-wants-big-house-two-great-danes-horse Rivals and more importantly his Hudl and MaxPreps profiles list him at 6-2. I usually go off their Hudl profile to get height and weight because it seems to be the most current. When I created his profile he was only listed at 5-11 but now listed at 6-2. Pretty sure he's grown and other sites just haven't updated it. Hudl and Maxp
  11. Meh, not to worried about Michigan St. Mississippi State. Not too worried either though. Think this is Oregon or Nebraska. I'm not worried about Missouri State either My bad.... (Missouri State is right up the road from me, I wouldn't be worried about them neither). Ditto
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