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  1. scott frost comeing back to nebraska as coach best play ever
  2. one day it will be frost vrs alabama than it will pay out make no mistake ne will be back on top. and when they are its no kept secret we will roll the tide.
  4. i have inside info now that thinks other wise
  5. scott frost team wins he goes to disney world first to celebrate with his team.he tells them there he is leaving no hard feeling he tell them and by next week. he takes the ne job.
  6. i say this his team wins saturday he goes to disney world first and by next week. take the ne job.
  7. lol espn this guy once said urban myer was going to take the fl job. were did he go ohio state dont belive this moron.
  8. sorry here in the articale it says t’s also no big secret that NU is, barring a dramatic shift in course, waiting on UCF’s American Athletic Conference title game to conclude before making it official that Knights coach Scott Frost will take over here
  9. http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/football/frost-has-deep-ties-to-ucf-assistants-budding-recruiting-reputation/article_7572eb53-345a-5c1f-a1fe-cbf7bad82794.html
  10. https://www.landof10.com/nebraska/scott-frost-nebraska-coach-hire-saturday
  11. this thread should be removed admin.
  12. http://www.ketv.com/article/espns-chris-fowler-nebraska-to-land-scott-frost-deal-done-for-awhile/13929541 is this true
  13. riley gets one more year to many coaches we would have to pay we still have to many buy outs. and we would still have to buy out his assiants to if there fired. so he gets one more year with him being told by moos if you loose 4 games going in next year your fired.
  14. whattt hes had 3 years to turn this thing around he never ever yanked tanner once out of the game if your a coach. who is in charge of pulling the qb if he throws alot of int i blame riley here.
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