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  1. Crazyhole

    A Stupid Question

    I doubt it. Defensively we would have essentially the same players and Diaco calling the shots. That doesnt bode well. Offensively we would be completely different system-wise, but last year wasn't as productive as this year has been. Turnovers and penalties might be marginally better, but I doubt by enough to make a difference.
  2. Crazyhole

    Big Day For Ozigbo

    Thus far, Bell just looks like a slightly better version of Wilbon. Too early to really pass judgement on him and I'm sure he has a lot of potential, but if I (and the coaches apparently) had to choose between the 2 its an easy decision.
  3. Crazyhole

    Big Day For Ozigbo

    He's a lot like Imani Cross, but better.
  4. Crazyhole

    Big Day For Ozigbo

    Right there with you. I predicted he would be our #1 back after the spring game just based on the fact that he is a great changeup style player to compliment Spielman, Morgan, etc.
  5. Crazyhole

    Riley’s Creampuff Recruiting

    His tackle stats are a product of being an LB in this system. The issue with him is how often he is out of position.
  6. Crazyhole

    Riley’s Creampuff Recruiting

    Young as well.
  7. Crazyhole

    Riley’s Creampuff Recruiting

    Spielman is anything but weak and he was a Riley recruit.
  8. Crazyhole

    Riley’s Creampuff Recruiting

    Just for clarification, both Davis twins and Morgan were Pelini recruits and Ozigbo was pursued by both the Pelini and Riley staffs.
  9. Crazyhole

    Big Day For Ozigbo

    This. I dont want to sound like I'm bagging on Bell, but I have no clue why he was considered the first choice in a 1st string tie. Ozigbo does everything that Bell does but better. Washington is a different style of back so he probably should be a solid #2 but I honestly cant see why we would ever go with Bell over Zig.
  10. Crazyhole

    What happened to Washington?

    He got really frustrated on one of his carries and kicked a tackler after the play. Could have been a personal foul but it went unnoticed by the refs. Probably sat out the rest of the game because he was too emotional.
  11. Crazyhole

    Offensive Line

    Probably going to be necessary to turn Jurgens into a lineman with how little depth we have. Also need to look at moving the Utah transfer back to o-line, as the d-line has enough depth for next year.
  12. Kiffin tweets about other teams way more than he tweets about his own.
  13. Crazyhole

    We have a serious quarterback depth problem

    It started way before 2009. Carl Crawford (granted he went to MLB), Curt Dukes, Harrison Beck to name a few. If you really want to get depressed just go back and count the number of HS quarterbacks we recruited since 1999 that didnt last 4 years here.
  14. Crazyhole

    Other Teams with Coaching Changes

    MSU has a better coach now than they had with Mullen so Im not surprised