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  1. Caleb is the best tackler I’ve seen at the high school level. People who don’t care for Damon just need to get over themselves. Good God.
  2. Let’s cheer for Scott to get right, whatever he may need to get right for himself. I really think he is going to make a helluva good offensive coordinator some day for some team. I think his style would fit the SEC more so than the B1G.
  3. Maybe we steal him with a good hire? We sure weren’t going to with Margaritaville Frost.
  4. Baggage? What are you talking about?
  5. Yep. Sorry, no more questions. We're out of time.
  6. Basically Trev is going to pick a coach who’s already had success somewhere else. It’s how he revitalized UNO hockey and it will keep Trev employed if said coach doesn’t work out. Taking a risk on an unproven and having it not work out would be bad for everyone including Trev. That being said, if MJ leads us to 6-7 more wins, then how do you not retain him? Just my 2 cents.
  7. Good points. The improvement will have to be eye opening. Not impossible, but Trev knows we are not in any position to take a big risk here.
  8. In Frost’s first season here, I’m almost positive there were no hired officials attending either in spring ball or fall camp. And our penalties reflected that.
  9. If we make a bowl game and improvement is evident, stick with Mickey.
  10. I think most of us would be good with Campbell if he’s the guy. I think whoever it ends up being, it won’t match the enthusiasm of 2018. Maybe that’s it.
  11. Does MJ hire a 10th coach? Might as well, right?
  12. And here I was thinking opposing defenses were about to get way easier starting with Oklahoma.
  13. Nobody who hired those past coaches are even around anymore. Potential candidates aren't going to hold Callahan and Riley against us. Fans will be fans--that's true anywhere. What "unrealistic" goals has Trev Alberts laid out for the next hire? Trev essentially said "we aren't living in the past anymore and worrying about what we did in the 90s".
  14. How can you claim to know what these coaches think? As far as recruiting and public demands, this job is no worse than really any other Blue Blood program. If a coach is good, all those things you mentioned get easier. I'm sorry, but Nebraska is still a good job. The chances of Mickey turning this around enough to end up getting the job are pretty slim. I would love to see him retained by the next guy, though.
  15. I guess I get your stance, but has Trev announced what values are to be aligned with? There’s plenty to suggest Frost also had some off the field indiscretions. Plus the NCAA infraction. And Trev still gave him another chance. I hadn’t heard of Urban kicking a player. Did that get confirmed? I’m not advocating UM either way, but we aren’t in search of a Sunday school teacher. I wouldn’t discount anyone at this point.
  16. What value(s) of Urban’s conflict with NU’s?
  17. If he doesn't come because of this, then we never had a chance anyway. Hopefully he waits to see who we get, but I'm not losing any sleep either way.
  18. I don't know, but the dude in the mask there at the end of the clip looks guilty as hell.
  19. I could see him doing this. I really hope there’s no animosity.
  20. Don’t blame Trev exclusively. Word is, he had pressure to give Scott one last chance.
  21. Trev will look for an established or proven current or former HC before selecting an up and comer. It’s what he did for UNO hockey and it worked. Why wouldn’t he use the same “blueprint “ in this case?
  22. We can and will get back to 6-9 games. I trust Trev with this next hire.
  23. Winning championships? No, Probably not, but Iowa and Wisconsin have been consistently putting up winning seasons. If they can do that, no reason why we can’t.
  24. Way too late. Chins and most everyone else should have been fired after 2019. It’s painfully obvious that there’s essentially nothing Scott can do to save his job now. Other than winning out, which we all know isn’t happening. Scott exits 10/2. Whipple or MJ get the interim tag and the season plays out and hopefully we beat Iowa.
  25. Look at it this way. When was the last time Nebraska had a good, competent AD? TO was a stop gap, so he doesn’t count. Plus, he’s a coach, not a true AD and his hires generally didn’t pan out either. Here’s to hoping that getting Trev here will end 20 years of piss-poor leadership in the AD position.
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