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  1. I assume he is chiseled compared to #90 in another thread. Maybe?
  2. Let HC Frost do what he does and let's not worry about it.
  3. Sorry, didn't get it. I'll go back to my ice cream with sprinkles. Carry on as you were and ignore me.
  4. Not sure what that twitter link leads to but it wasn't about HCSF that I saw. Seemed political.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. I should've know since...well you know. Maybe this portion of the discussion should be reserved for a "What did you have for lunch" thread? Could make for a saucy conversation.
  6. Sorry this is all I got... http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Muisc+that+goes+daaaaaa+da+da+da+da+da+da+da%2C+da+da+da+da+da+da+da+daaaaaaaa
  7. Moose has decide to hire MR as HCSF DC Lurker for the last year and a half but first time poster and couldn't resist.
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