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  1. This guy looks like a beast! I bet Duval is really excited to get ahold of him. This might be the sleeper in this class.
  2. This guy is putting up insane numbers! Would make a great addition.
  3. I'm on the wagon... Never getting off!
  4. I would love to sit with him and Daniels at a buffet!!! I'm 310 btw!
  5. I learned Tony fair just moved to the top of our recruiting board. We need monster defensive lineman to combat some of these offensive lines we face.
  6. No hold??? I think it was 46 for wiskey on bootle. I'm a Lions fan too, so I'm used to this.
  7. This dude will never be heard from again.
  8. Worse than that, we lose to Youngstown state!
  9. Every aspect of this team is garbage besides Mo Barry!
  10. Boe Wilson at right guard. Blocking hard.
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