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  1. #76 on the oline is getting whipped all game so far
  2. just throwing it out there, I'm a php developer by trade. i don't see any crazy ads, but if the site needs help, i gladly offer my services for free
  3. last week i rewatched some of the earlier games this season, while Martinez has not been at his best, to me a lot of his woes are having zero time to process what's going on before he's running for his life. and a lot of the time it's on a four man rush. can't be but so mad at his mistakes when he has to pirouette out of a sack because his linemen are getting bench pressed in his lap
  4. i wish i could upvote this x1000
  5. problem is the right side of the o line is probably the worst in big ten. both guard and tackle are weak and slow. week in week out. but they never get benched
  6. Martinez has played terrible, but make no mistake the big problem with the offense is the o line. it has been all season and they are looking bad as usual tonight. i would live to see #71 hit the bench. he's been pushed around all season
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