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  1. Just waiting for the Liz Cheney led hearings.
  2. It was about her Departments response or actually lack thereof that contributed to the deaths.
  3. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has said that the agency is in a financially untenable position, but he maintains it can handle this year’s election mail. you have four links that never reference how mail in votes didn’t get counted, how DeJoy was undermining the post office, or that the post office couldn’t handle the load of ballots. But there is the above quote ^^
  4. It’s not necessary for that . Spread already commonly happens amongst the vaccinated and spread will continue to happen unless Covid just naturally burns out or our bodies naturally adjust. It’s endemic at the point.
  5. “The governor has never said the vaccine changes your RNA, and nobody who has seen his 50+ public appearances promoting vaccination throughout Florida this year would think that is the governor’s position,” Pushaw wrote in an email. “The speaker whose remarks included that comment was at the press conference in his capacity as a member of a lawsuit against the city government’s extreme overreach.” Check the data on the benefits of a healthy child. I haven’t gotten my two under 18 vaccinated either. Not much benefit at all to it.
  6. You have a super weird infatuation with being upset at investigating the deaths of service members and ambassadors.
  7. We already know the answer to that…..they branded Romney a racist and sexist and cult member based on his church affiliation.
  8. Biden can't force the hordes of brainwashed Trumpers to get vaccinated, despite making them free. I mean, the next crazy idiot leader of your party is currently not ordering vaccines for children. Unlike you, I don’t blame someone else for not getting a vaccine besides the person not getting the vaccine. Let me know when Trump discouraged any adults from getting the vaccine. I’ll wait…….
  9. Trump should have conceded once his court challenges were deemed fruitless. It’s the alternate elector scheme that has me intrigued as this was floated amongst the top think tanks in the Dem party in 2016. HRC still says the election was illegitimate and sows discord from time to time. Is there a Jan 6th commission if the dopey lawbreakers don’t enter the Capitol?
  10. You specifically said Cheetos handling of Covid Then referred to the linked graph. The data you are referring to constitutes Biden’s time in office. Don’t get mad at because of your self own. Prob best to know your data before posting it
  11. You are aware Cheeto wasn’t President in the timeframe you are referring to with the excess death graph.
  12. Guess what group of voters is leaving the intolerant left in droves….yep the Hispanic population. Since you all are in the habit of talking about Europe when it comes to gas oil and inflation….how many in the EU unnecessarily does from Covid? I’m sure you have that number handy to share.
  13. People in Your own party are saying no one gives a s#!t. Take it up with them.
  14. Great question. Maybe we would know if it was investigated by the FBI and a 2016 congressional election commission. Who knows what the Dems and Clinton’s fomented? Lots of public statements though! Oh and stands against certifying the EC by people like, yep you guessed it, Raskin. Dems: Investigstions for thee but not for me.
  15. Didn’t we go through this in 2016, but somehow the FBI didn’t get involved? BTw….the local Nevada news covered this current story back in day and even they counted it as a symbolic move with no threat to changing the outcome of the election. Anywhooo…
  16. Oops Apparently Jerome Powell didn’t get the memo about the Putin Price hike false talking points of the Biden Admin. https://nypost.com/2022/06/22/not-putins-price-hike-fed-chair-breaks-with-biden-on-inflation/
  17. https://www.mediaite.com/tv/politico-reporter-says-congressional-democrats-told-her-jan-6-is-not-a-top-tier-issue-nobody-gives-a-bleep/ regards, -Democrat politicians.
  18. You seem to be in the know about cars. I definitely am not. Have a question, my son bought a 2021 Challenger last year and is looking to put in the super charger and upgraded exhaust system. Would that void an engine warranty?
  19. Generally the platforms are relatively the same within party candidates and with minor tweaks to plans and what each candidate prioritizes first. You seriously can’t not know this. I assume your just being obtuse for the sake of it. But how he governs Florida gives one a pretty good idea of how he approach a Presidency. And that would be immensely better than Tour Dr Joe (or whoever actually pulls his strings in the background).
  20. If you are asking mine….go back and read the 8-10 posts I’ve shared about economic policy. If you are asking what Ron will do, go to his website or what FL has prioritized the last few years.
  21. Mostly agree By actually having good sane policy
  22. McCarthy's vengeance against Cheney is because she is refused to let go of J6 and is participating in the investigation into J6 No dispute here.
  23. Don’t worry too much. If Ron runs, he will win and get us all out of the clusterf$&@ Tour De Joe got us into.
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