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  1. Bell and Stepp recruited as extras, barely.
  2. well, one thing for sure, Frost better be happy with what he has, last year for excuses, was last year.
  3. agree! linemen hard to find though, we are proof of that!
  4. having a good two deep will allow for more consistency playing next to the same guy game after game.
  5. i lost faith when Frost insisted on bringing his whole staff to Lincoln. that rarely works for any new HC.
  6. that QB room is likely to thin out before fall, very crowded in there right now. probably get down to 3 guys who can play, i would think.
  7. darn, Wisconsin sure seems good at doing this? always a great OL. recruiting i guess?
  8. good Lord Scott, how hard is this to correct? coming off/getting off the ball hard to coach??
  9. what, no charger for his Tesla?
  10. Stepp was a portal medical hand me down from USC, guys like that rarely excel, but not impossible, he didn't make much noise least season on limited carries.
  11. maybe having a real QB coach will help.
  12. so Casey walks in the door and is given the keys to the car? surprised we haven't lost a couple QB's already, like smothers and others? another know it all coach who didn't even look at his whole room. kinda like Frost. disappointed.
  13. we need solid coaching in all the rooms.
  14. Benhart was brought in for his size, he has a ton to learn and a rookie coach to help?
  15. oh yeah, they know they need help, warm bodies would be good.
  16. as they say, we are the best 3-9 team in football.
  17. rebuild on the line, both sides, is going to be tough to get done. OL really scary.
  18. need to move some over to the OL, we are way short there! new coach and rookie linemen, bad combination.
  19. easier schedule in the 12, turnovers and ball security should be better, but we shall see.
  20. worse, we continue to hire really inexperienced coaches and recruit big bodies, not skilled players, for the OL. we recruit too damn many "project" kids and waste a couple years just trying to teach them football! waste of time.
  21. the merry go round sucks. Masker, Smothers for sure, maybe even Torres, although he sits where ever he goes. Thompson is too cocky for my money, if his thumb doesn't heal, who knows?
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