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  1. i feel we are marked for future abuse.
  2. i would think the Ireland gig would be a non starter. this stuff ain't going away no matter who gets elected.
  3. "Realistically this could've been a lot closer". i hope this isn't our program for this season.
  4. would be the upset of the year, these guys are loaded with Sunday talent.
  5. 3-5 would not be unlikely, Frost knows Ohio State and Penn State have better talent, for sure. he will hope for the best to keep it respectable.
  6. i just hope Luke gets to play and he doesn't transfer, he's is a McCaffrey, their talent runs deep. and also hope Frost isn't afraid to make a switch if needed. experience with AM, i get it.
  7. i just hope someone doesn't walk over this, i am a bit nervous.
  8. sounds like Frost has made up his mind, not surprising, hope Luke gets to play some too.
  9. both these guys are gonna play this season, tough league, very physical.
  10. ok, now that all the expert theories have been suggested (lol) i guess sit back and see how productive he will be, then guess again what his issues may or may not be. i think the kid was fragile and lacked the toughness Frost was looking for. my 2 cents.
  11. lol. show me a lawyer who doesn't love a landmark case!
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