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  1. Texas plays the NIL game better than anyone else. that's how they got Manning and others.
  2. not rated in the top 48 teams in preseason, reality check.
  3. start the clock ticking, the Trev/Frost experiment is about to begin in earnest. So far nothing earth shattering, but maybe expectations should remain guarded. things could easily look a lot different 5 years from now. bank on it.
  4. sad so many of these guys show up out of shape and still expect to play here. Frost system hasn't shown the toughness he talks about.
  5. maybe we need a character recruiter? can't seem to do very well without one.
  6. things could change, but i think Stepp lost his edge last year.
  7. not expecting ST to go from worst to first. just average would be a big help.
  8. it's his job to blow smoke. i would expect him to be better now, if he has learned how to take care of the ball.
  9. this is a cut and paste team, so it is what it is.
  10. he probably has the best hands of our receivers.
  11. 2nd time, same knee, caution!!
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