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  1. you see his plan to fix the punt return game, let the punt go untouched and let the other team down the ball. we are paying $5 mil for this s#!t coaching? fire him now.
  2. what's up with Payne? is he hurt or just buried on the depth chart, dude looked good against Illinois.
  3. if the dog wouldn't have stop to take a s#!t, he would have caught the rabbit! seriously, Frost was in a league with some poor HC's, so he just happened to shine. he had the most speed in his conference and it carried him through. In the 10 you need speed and size.
  4. a track meet with OU is senseless. the line needs to play big and RB's need to improve. a few passes, RPO is our best bet. we need to score in the 3rd quarter, a must to win.
  5. yup, especially horrible. cant even field a punt. brilliant coaching, let it go over your head! Dawson sucks.
  6. Dawson didn't fix s#!t! Culp should be benched for the season Cam Taylor Brit is more interested in making picks and the highlight reel. He needs to focus on coverage and good solid play, he sucked today.
  7. if Buffalo breaks on top by 10 or more, we are done. Adrian will start forcing the ball.
  8. Iowa will be really tough.
  9. yup, but it won't work against Buffalo. maybe pull up and pass into the middle.
  10. i want to hear how he is going to fix this team. if there are never any consequences for bad play, how do things improve? some asses need to ride the pine!
  11. Dawson might as well be taking orders for ice cream, worthless.
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