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  1. i blame this year on Trev, stupid decisions everywhere. Clean house!! Michigan by 30 points.
  2. recruits won't suddenly jump ship without good reason, to follow an impulsive coach.
  3. we shall see, MJ was not on anyones HC list, maybe he needs more seasoning?
  4. most interim HC's don't stick. he was an easy pick to ( already at NU) to stop the bleeding. that's all that is expected.
  5. proud of the kid, showed his skills when he had an OL to work behind. he talked about the player/coach culture at K state, we didn't have that at NU. our OL is crap, CT is stuck with them too, sad. need to fire our OL coach and get some real recruiters and coaches. we got egg all over our faces. congrats AM!
  6. so true, most of the proven coaches are set, back to a crap shoot on a new HC, no one wants a dumpster fire.
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