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  1. we honestly didn't have a decent qb that could throw to him. i fear more of the same this year, our qb's are not consistent at all.
  2. special teams play is a nightmare. a dedicated coach could fix this, Frost could fix this if he wanted to.
  3. the Jurgens experiment and Frost pipe dream should be over. move him, now, during spring ball. all plays start with the snap of the ball!!!!
  4. In year 3, Mike Riley lost his last 3 games by approximately 100 points. happy to beat that stat? wow, how far we have fallen.
  5. Warner was named a captain and hardly saw the field, go figure?
  6. Verduzso and Held need to show they can coach and develop players. One more year is enough.
  7. AM needs development. we need a real QB coach and a dedicated, proven special teams coach, That's for starters.
  8. Martinez can't throw the long ball and Frost is his fair haired boy.
  9. Frost needs to establish a team identity, who the f**k do we want to be??
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