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  1. It just feels like Frost “broke” somewhere back in the last few years… Like he forgot how to do the basics or he is so obsessed with the 1990s he can’t get out of his own way… like while at UCF he had fun and could be loose and do whatever… here he is would up tighter than Pelini..
  2. BTW - JoJo is a Riley recruit like I think Suh was a Callahan recruit for Pelini… Crazy to think Jojo was Mike’s..if Gebbia, TJ others are allowed to blossom at N where are we now ? Gebbia beat Oregon… I know N admin was obsessed with getting Frost.. hindsight is a …..
  3. Yeah… he does panic and we lose today and I think many of the other losses are tied to his complete mental lapses at the worst possible times ( play calling and no swaps of QB and RB ) we know Smothers and Yant likely beats Purdue in the second half. The offensive line is leakier and more mistake prone than Sadams Intel org.. this cost is games. We lost games by close scores but it shows how far away we are too… Frost needs a play caller that is not brain fogged with Nebraska history… Frost can’t see the field for the N history or plays he ran… I will say this - His guys don’t quit !!
  4. Frost’s best year was 5 wins, with Riley’s recruits against a soft schedule- and 2AM with Vedral as a backup- someone explain how the math gets better ?
  5. Those Gundy ( OSU , OU ) , Brothers.. , Leach , Holgerson , Fedora .. bloodline sure scores a lot of points…
  6. No - we are not. Frost would have in the Purdue game - play Smothers and Yant - big portions of Yant. They keep saying they have all kinds of confidence in Smothers, yet Adrian is beat to hell and basically a shot up plane trying to survive the mission something doesn’t add up. They also took 4 QBs to Minnesota and only played 1? and .. Yant ? he is a beast.. SF is the play caller… if this thing was going to turn around, it would have been at that game. A bright sunny day at home with what coach said it was a near 100% Adrian? Remember he said Adrian was close to 100%. Then after the game he talked about how beat up he was. Something is awry…
  7. Didn't Trev say earlier in the Season SF was not coaching for his job this season? That he had told Scott this?? That Covid season was a mulligan and this season was a reset.... That being said, what about-> Gary Patterson.. ? and we snag as DC Alex Grinch from Oklahoma.... or Keep Chins as continuity.. or D has stepped up BIG lately.
  8. So.. Mel Tucker has beat N as a Colorado coach and a MSU coach and Michigan 2 times … wow.. and we can’t beat Purdue.. with a Sr QB and 4th year coach and the whole state behind him? ok.. got it
  9. I agree it’s something mental about him and Nebraska… he coached loose and fun as a coordinated/ Assistant at Oregon.I saw it live here. He was loose and fun at UCF.. he is anything but that here..
  10. It’s on the offensive coaches 100%… including Verdu. Yant was working !! why go away from what is working ?!? it’s so frustrating to see that!! Trev has to see that if everyone including pop warner kids do too!! Adrian is getting sent the wrong plays and he is not prepared.. Go back and look at his very first series as a husker. I was at the game against Colorado he literally was running for his life and was fumbling the ball. Go back and watch it. He was not ready. We even let our good back ups transfer. Noah left, he beat Illinois yesterday. We couldn’t beat Illinois. Gebbia left.. are serviceable back ups are gone. So our best option is to let Adrian play hurt? In year 4 this is our “best” People may ask what coach will come here now, I say lots of coaches will come here now because they see the talent on the field it’s not talent it’s coaching. Just Like those who are on the Defense in Norman, the defense is the only thing keeping us in games here. They need to shut up. By the way Jojo was recruited by Riley and is still here. Thank goodness he’s here. Maybe we need to find a defensive minded coach, heck… let’s promote Chins.Frost best season was 5-7? With Riley’s players ..
  11. BTW… JoJo is a Mike Riley recruit.. it seems like Scotts best year was a 5 win season? against weakest schedule possible.. and still no bowl game ( insert mediocrity here ).. Vedral is a Husker legacy.. and xfered ( optics are bad ) he beat Illinois today..
  12. Mike Stoops, Mike Leach, Dana Holgerson… Cale Gundy, Alex Grinch
  13. At Oregon Kids loved him.. I live here in Oregon... guys would run through walls for him.. year after year... same at UCF.. did he bump his head on a plane on the way to Lincoln? Or is someone else really running the show and he is just a cog in the machine? I heard Adam Carriker say.. Scott told him at UCF he had complete control and could do what he wanted... but not in Lincoln.. WTH? Remember the BIg10 Coach a few weeks back that said N had talent.. plenty of it BUT had something wrong internally? I think we all have to agree... look at all the Qb's, Rb, Wr that have come and gone in the last 3 years.... Noah Vedral is the really ugly example of a home grown kid to leave the state not 1x but twice? Scott got him back here.. eligible and he goes to Rutgers? WTH??? Wandale, Mills, Gebbia, Luke , TL, Avery Roberts, Mo Washington.. on and on and on.. Scott loses good talent.. look at the production from Mills, Wandale and Luke.. ? bye.. gone.. If this was a Company and top talent was leaving all the time, HR would shut the company down for a week to do a morale assessment and fix turnover.. but here ? no one wants to address it cuz its Scott Frost... OR its someone else sabotaging the program.. I don't know if its Scott's blind commitment to 2AM or someone making him play 2AM.... folks said the same about Bo and T-Magic.. so?
  14. Taylor and Adrian are the same.. not just in last name.. Horrid passers... amazing runners.. no one to hand off to.. and we have no fullback.. Tommy Armstrong could throw and we had Devine Ozigbo... and Jano .... that was the last REAL zone read... we are doomed... without a real power runner.. Mills last year was AWESOME in the Rutgers game... showed us what we COULD have... for just 1 game then it was gone again... we have to have a power back.. what happened to Yant?
  15. This is all TRUE !!! He held on way too long .... he is afraid to run.. kid has wheels and is afraid of contact OR is being coached not to run cuz we have no backups.. hmmm transfers???? Brett B knows this and covered the recievers like blankets.. the long run for a TD was a fluke.. just like Taylor Martinez long runs.. both are horrid passers.. when we have no run threat we are easy to beat !! Ozigbo and Jano .. Mills gave us a legit ground game.. Abdullah too.. now? we have a legit threat.. but where where those plays Saturday? we ran a weird playbook... Frost was calling plays... he blamed the D look.. but then Matt said they had a plan B.. ? something is bad wrong..
  16. we have 1 play.. its the QB run... its the only play we have had for years.. I know it.. Brett B knows it.. hell even my wife knows it !!! It was Taylor Martinez ONLY play.. unless somehow a defender falls down.. or we run a pick.. and the refs don't see it.. we have no other play !!! since we eliminated the power run !! think about it !!! no fullback.. there is NO THREAT of a full back five.. folks.. go back and watch the Rutgers game from last year... I think we all had "some" hope.. right? where the F.. did that offense go? was it a 1 game anomaly? or was it because we had a power back..? What happened to number 0 ? he was a beast in spring... Edit--> It was windy for BOTH Qb's and Adrian is the Senior... not the backup who was beaten by Noah, and really beat out Noah and Adrian in reality.... everyone keeps talking about the "Windy day" or "first game jitters" .... folks.. it goes both ways and it was first game .. first game for under a new coach for ILL... we gotta quit looking for excuses...pretty soon some of you will start blaming Trump when blaming Riley doesn't work based on math lol.
  17. Sadly--> This is Adrian in 2021... and was Taylor from years ago... same last name.. same issue- holds on and just has to take off running at some point, its still our best play years later... against Kansas State, against Washington... now against some others.. unless they key in on stopping him from running and we hit a lucky home run ball... our best play is still a busted play for a long run.. with a guy named Martinez.. we have no Fullback threat.. no real WR threat... no TE threat. its a deep ball hail mary... that is so wide open Artie Lange could catch it for a TD or its a mile over their head into row 58 in the stands... we have no real offensive identity despite having hired Scott Frost.. which should scare everyone.
  18. Offensive Coord and Backup Qbs are the First Half Offense--> PERIOD. Frost for some reason was calling plays last week.. again?? and it was a MESS>> again.. took forever to get plays to 2AM and sometimes they were flat out WRONG.... 3/1--> PASS??? 1st and Goal.. sneak because they thought it was 4th down? I would bet $ the play he fumbled on.. it was the wrong play for down / distance and 2AM was in a panic.. Let 2AM call his own plays.. or let Matt call the plays as was the plan... We have seen Gebbia, Luke, Noah + all the WR's , WB, RBs leave the program.. something is bad broken in that part of the house....
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