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  1. Around $750-850K. As much as $1M or more.
  2. He's got talent and good speed. Was looking forward to seeing what he could've done last season. I think there was some team rule issues going on. Seemed that he'd lost his passion for the game or unwilling to make the necessary commitments. Wishing Zavier the best and that he accomplishes good things wherever he goes.
  3. The guy has to prove himself just like everyone else does. It’ll be a cool story if Garrett does well and it’s a success.
  4. Also how one relates with team members accounts for a lot. Establishing and maintaining relationships and, how one contributes to the organization's culture. We need to establish really solid relationships here and develop a truly remarkable culture that complements everything we do.
  5. If one makes enough mistakes like I have, hopefully he learns something!
  6. What I like is that he isn't following his dad around. That's a good way to spoil a person's potential in my opinion. Seen it lots of times. He's being given responsibilities and is much more likely to be held accountable for it.
  7. I'm not laughing at you or you're comment. It just happens to coincided with an exchange I had earlier. Lol If you like fried eggs, tone down the heat and absolutely don't salt until they're done to you're liking.
  8. I like the fact that he isn't following his daddy around. Garrett has to prove himself just like every other coach does. At least he isn't riding his dad's coattails and is more likely to be held accountable.
  9. I will say this..."Experience" is sometimes over-rated. I've seen quite a few incompetent experienced people over the years. He's young and has something to prove. Must bring things to the table that Rhule is considerably impressed with. Also, I like that he isn't following his daddy around to cut his teeth. No doubt he's got things to learn yet. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Go to work and get after it Garrett!
  10. https://footballscoop.com/news/update-at-nebraska-matt-rhule-moving-to-fill-two-more-staff-positions
  11. Lots of raw talent there. Great vision. Develop the physical attributes!
  12. That was a helluva game! Lots of good games this bowl season. Teams have to get into a zone where they just keep on competing regardless what stage of the game it is and how many minutes or seconds remain. That's key.
  13. It's somewhat minuscule. Around five percent. The ones I've encountered wanted Meyer, Sanders, Fickell or Joseph. Or, options other than Rhule. I've had a couple that wanted Frost retained. "We've gotta quit firing coaches and give them time". Several said coach Rhule wasn't their top pick and that they'll support him. Most of those wanted coach Fickell.
  14. I'd heard Ice Man Wim Hoff was being considered to join the staff as a consultant!
  15. I'm like how they're asserting themselves as well. They've really been getting after it.
  16. It is difficult for me to comprehend how there are people adamantly opposed to this hire. I don't know what others experiences are. I've had people throw fits, sulk and be reluctant to communicating. It is just terrible...This "guy" doesn't know what he's doing. One convinced himself that Mickey Joseph was set up as part of a conspiracy. Matt Rhule is a good coach! And one that I think is a very good fit for us. Everyone has to prove himself of coarse. I don't know what it is, if it's that he lived on the east coast, they're not impressed with what he's accomplished or something else. It's a small minority. Maybe it's because they've made a financial contribution and deem themselves entitled to call the shots. He simply wasn't their guy. I think that if it were so upsetting of a coach being hired and I were that against him coaching here, I'd quietly excuse myself and move on elsewhere to what would bring me satisfaction. The vast majority of the fan base is at least encouraged by the hiring of coach Rhule. The doom and gloom and temper tantrums are silly. Laugh if it makes you feel better.
  17. Every single opponent. We have to instill a never satisfied mindset.
  18. M.A.

    Jeff Sims

    At present I'm seeing 3-5 wins. Five is a stretch. That's the reality of it.
  19. While it might not take as long as some think, next season could be pretty rough for us.
  20. It's bowl season. The struggle is real! We can relate.
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