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  1. NIU isn't particularly good. Especially offensively. Haarberg demonstrated what he could do though it wasn't a strong test. We won pretty soundly which was a welcome change. There were throws that will result in a much different against stronger competition. Still, it was a good showing. Perhaps it will be a catalyst for Sims improving. We likely haven't seen the best of either quarterback. I'd like to see what Chubba Purdy can do as well. Coach White has been doing a mighty fine job installing his defense and developing his unit.
  2. Kleptomania would be one as an example.
  3. Very much so. Attitude accounts for a lot. It parlays into more confidence the more successes there are. A real sense of not being intimidated, minimally affected by the opponent. Hopefully more of that carries over into the offense as well. More playing to win, less playing to not lose. Playing with authority!
  4. That'll eventually cost him. Possibly a game even. But not unlike their sacred bovinae, player choices can't be disrespected.
  5. Did a nice job! Especially for his first start.
  6. HH did a good job managing the game. A variety of nice throws. Avoided mental errors, didn't force things.
  7. Nebraska: 27 Northern Illinois: 6 Rushing: 254 Passing 169
  8. Sad if true...Seems that it is. Hopefully Arik addresses this soon and gets the help that he needs! Get your life turned around son.
  9. It’d be an interesting concept though eh!
  10. Except that after the scapegoats are sent away into the wild many of the shameful performances remain or escalate! "Curses" are the result of emotionally-driven decisions. Solich himself was a scapegoat. Since then it's been one unfavorable decision after another. Once could argue quite irrational in nature. Each replacement was to be the cure for the previous when it's better to focus on a fit. Every incompetent leader needs their scapegoats. Same is true for organizations. It has much to do with the selections, who's making them and what the options are involving mutual interest. It's not the intent to pick on you. Rightfully deserved responsibility for failing isn't scapegoating. That's just a failure to perform one's duties. I understand what you're getting at though. Mark Banker was scapegoated (To and extent). His being cast away into the wilderness resulted in even worse performances by his successor. You know what they say about karma... Callahan cure to Solich Pelini cure to Callahan Riley cure to Pelini Frost cure to Riley I really believe that Trev Alberts was aiming for the right fit and not an antidote. Neither Rhule, Satterfield or any other person will remedy the mistakes of the past and I think this sort of thinking has been (part) of our problem. The future is NOW and we can't get caught up in what's happened however heartbreaking the experiences have been. Sometimes competent people error, too. Whether that's Rhule in Satterfield or the choosing of a quarterback. There are miscues and missteps, oversights. Then there are patterns of poor decision making. Intent and integrity matter. The employee that corrects themselves isn't a liability but an asset. It's wise that we exercise patience before arriving at premature conclusions. Time will tell if Matt Rhule is a "goat" or not. Coaching gigs aren't as simple as we might like to think.
  11. Preseason and postseason press conferences only. Head coach and a team captain. Just statements. No questions answered. No injury updates or depth charts. No staff or player engagement. No hype videos. Nothing! Wins, loses. Doesn't matter. Just play the game and go about the business of improvement and delivering your best. Be completely indifferent to praise. Likewise, oblivious to any criticisms.
  12. It seems the heat has gotten to you… The scheme isn’t all that bad if we wouldn’t keep on giving the ball away!
  13. Smart Alec. Kirby Smart. I'm seeing the connection you're intending to make here! Isn't it true that you nearly caused an evacuation of your family home trying to make grits with stinky Raclette? What a goof...It seems that you have the powers of reasoning of a wooden post!!! Back on topic. What if instead of a ball, the QB views them as options to throw to and defenders get lost in his field of vision?
  14. Those having inflated egos are known to interpret things as an attack, disrespect, etc. It involves a lot of emotional immaturity. These types really believe things are intended to be an insult. I'm not a religious person but I say whoever wants to pray, let them. Anywhere on the field. I'll take the guy who's faith is personal for him and doesn't use it to manipulate and exploit. JMO
  15. All we're expected to do is praise excessively. It's not the first time and it won't be the last teams set foot on a logo. It didn't take much to get into their heads. So what if a visiting team does it. Instead of flipping your lid and taking your helmet off, focus on the game. Taking things personally like that gets you nowhere. I'd be saying the same thing if one of our players pulled a stunt like that and whined. A little different situation, that kind of thing could potentially cost your team a game. Coach Sanders won't say much if anything at all about fans chanting obscenities at their guests though. The vandalizing of their property, bottle throwing, balloons with urine in them and all the rest fans have come accustomed. "That's not what we're all about"? Probably not.
  16. And how many quick turnarounds were followed by a downturn? It’s not that one way is superior to another. People go about things differently. What works for one program might not work as effectively at another.
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