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  1. He is not the face of the NBA (Luka). People say and want ANT man. Luka answering every tough question going into game 2 after a tough loss and the Olympics. It's just 5 minutes you will appreciate Luka. She is also not the face of the NBA, total respect , but she also not good enough to play for the US Olympic team. It is so difficult to please a crowd of people when all you do is be the greatest you can be. And stay confident and humble.
  2. Ha! So true about next year !!! Until then, wait 6 more games this year.... Because the OILERS are going to be Stanley Cup Champions !!!!
  3. Feels like the Huskers have earned a fairly weaker schedule. As for the 7.5 line for number of wins, 8 should be manageable.
  4. Wouldn't mind seeing NYY vs LA Dodgers World Series. Kinda has that feeling. Although, the Phillies will have something to say about that. And even though they are 5 games below .500 right now, somehow someway the Houston Astros will be in it at then end of the season again, and pissing me off again.
  5. Welp, there is always next year
  6. admo

    2023 Season

    CBS Sports Huskers vs Iowa Longer version:
  7. admo

    2023 Season

    NBC Sports Huskers at Wisconsin
  8. admo

    2023 Season

    B1G Network Huskers at Michigan State
  9. admo

    2023 Season

    NBC Sports Huskers vs Maryland
  10. Will be adding some game highlights for the 2023 football season.
  11. @Guy Chamberlin The biggest change with Kyrie, after he embrace it's Luka's team & world, most noticeably, was when Kyrie went all-in with Ramadan (April to May). Kyrie never missed a game, while fasting for 15-17 hours each day (30 days) and only drank water and prayed. From the time he woke up until after he played a game, it was water only. And during this time he was extremely humble, and talked about getting mind body and soul right. Luka would say "He's amazing, I don't know how he does it. We check on him during games. He still scores 30. He's so positive. It's unbelievable"
  12. He genuinely changed. I never liked him. But since the beginning of the year, he totally became a great person, teammate and veteran leader. Never could have imagined that happening. None of us Mavs fans could. Maybe bc he married now with kid like Luka (and Luka has a big influence on Kyrie), and seeing the same thing with 25 year olds Daniel Gafford and PJ Washington (married, kids, humble, hard working and family men) .... Something clicked. Kyrie also grew up idolizing I Kidd. He has been given love and full support with this franchise, and Kyrie is giving it back. He won over all Mavs fans over the past 6 months and we love him now. He turned into a selfless human and became humble and grateful. Every one is amazed about this new progression.
  13. I don't know who this guy is. Never heard of him. So I don't care about his bet. But I have heard of the WNBA and been to games live in person and also see them when it's on TV The WNBA ball is smaller. The WNBA 3pt line is just a half foot longer than HS boys distance. And it's 2 feet shorter than Men's College 3pt line. Which is also shorter than the NBA. However, despite some differences, it is fun going to WNBA games and super cheap for a night out of entertainment ! These young ladies are skilled, talented and tough. But I will also include that more than half of these WNBA players are hot and sexy !!! Yo, I don't understand or appreciate a tool like this guy and he clearly doesn't like or respect the woman's professional game as it is..... Entertainment, skill and talent. He sound like a fool. These games and this league (WNBA) has come a long way. Who cares if a HS boy or college kid can beat a professional woman, like Serena Williams, in Tennis? Or win on the golf course? Or on the hardcourt? Just enjoy it like me (women's sports) or watch something else.
  14. I am proud of the Dallas Stars and their season, and making it to the WCFinals I am super happy the Edmonton Oilers are go to the Stanley Cup Finals Down in the Series 2-1 and then win 3 straight games ?!!?!!! Now playing in the Finals ?!!?!!? Last time we made the Finals 2006 Last time we won the Cup 1990 It's been forever
  15. The 6'4 225lb punter from Australia was drafted in the 4th round. Per GM Ryan Poles "Why would you not take him? He can flip the field and he can also pin it inside the 10 or 5... He's our guy and we are very glad to have him"
  16. admo

    NFL 2024

    Wish we had HBO Bear Down! Go Bears !
  17. For anyone just checking in and wondering.... Florida outslugs Nebraska 17-11 to advance to NCAA Regional finals The Huskers trailed by 11 runs going into the 8th inning but did score 5 extra runs in the 8th and 9th. Huskers beat Niagra in the tourney and loss both games to the Gators in a double elimination / 1st round tournament of the playoffs. Wish I hadn't been the one to mention the outcome.
  18. I haven't followed the NBA Eastern Conference playoffs much, but Boston is been a great team all year. NBA FINALS DAL Mavs VS Boston Celtics I never miss a Dallas game, because I'm a huge fan of course, but I have been extremely impressed with their playoff run. They said the higher seed LA CLippers would beat Dallas. Then they said #1 seed OKC would beat them (Dallas). Then they said the #3 seed Minnesota would beat Dallas. And I never doubted Dallas winning each series. The Finals could go 7 games. It should be fun to watch no matter who wins.
  19. NEWSFLASH The NHL season isn't over because the Colorado Avalanche aren't playin Oilers vs Stars Fla vs Rangers It's getting good...
  20. NSFW - Viewer Discretion Advised !!! We all love Jomboy. The way he breaks it down and how he reads lips with such charisma. "Get Out of My Face Bro" I absolutely love this Manager. Love the guy. And the catcher is also the runner on third base in previous play. Since we talking about Angel Hernandez and we seen some "infield fly rules for popups - but not for line drives".... I thought this would add some extra flavor to the game of baseball. I love this
  21. NSFW - Viewer Discretion Advised !!! We all love Jomboy. The way he breaks it down and how he reads lips with such charisma. "Shocked by Homer - And he is right" Jomboy tries to explain the same pitching speed, with the same degree the pitch breaks, and the same exit velocity off the bat. Short video but he has a good point (wind factor ??? who knows ???) and it's also just Jomboy being hilarious.....
  22. Hard to believe but the Oilers or Stars will be in the Stanley Cup Finals Championship game. I'm pretty geeked
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