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  1. Thrilled and overjoyed ??? The team has been playing like a 7-5 team for years. They just sucked at some punting, screwed up a few special team plays, rotated quarterbacks from injury, missed some tackles, had some bonehead penalties, and turned the ball over at times. Toss in some questionable coaching decisions too. The difference between the bottom line of getting 4 or 5 wins and 7.......The opponents took advantage of some of those opportunities and squeezed out victories. It is not like the Huskers have been overmatched week to week. Win 7 games, and that tells me they cut down some of the bulls#!t. That itself will be nice, but not give me goosebumps and or feel absolutely thrilled. It's ridiculous to think so.
  2. I believe the 3 days between games soured the Nuggets momentum going into game 2. A competitive athlete wants to play again right away. You won the first game of the Series and can't wait to play again. But you have to, per NBA scheduling standards and TV agreement. Seriously, Thurs & Saturday would have been more beneficial for the home team. And the visiting team would have been ready to go to. Playing Thursday and then waiting around until (yawn) Sunday takes away some of the fire IMO. Seriously, Saturday game night is fire and Sunday game night is a bit dopey. The NBA does this every year. And even though Miami rightfully won the game, it is a stupid concept to play game 2 on a Sunday evening after 3 days off. It's part of the problem I have with the League's format. Would the home base be more excited to cheer on a Saturday night instead of a Sunday evening before Monday's morning workday? You bet your a$$ 10000% ! that Saturday night is more fun to look forward to. I would appreciate it if the NBA stops scheduling it like this - and I don't care why or who or how or whatever reason they & the Networks use this format. This is the Championship Series to declare an NBA champion. This is what they play for since the season starts. Good grief, please stop getting in the way of that. And making these off days drag on until game 3. This is not a "product of entertainment"......... This is the Championship.
  3. Kinda Sorta Maybe...... but I don't really think 82 is too many. The playoffs get dragged out forever, so it does feel that way. I do agree that it should be around 65 if....... if The League and The TV Networks continue to use 7 game series and drag the playoffs for 60 extra days or so. 65 game schedule. Conf Finals and Championships should be 7 game series. First round best of 3. Second round best of 5. Just cut to the chase instead of hanging on for Sports Talk (Media and Radio) to rabble on and on each day with the long playoffs, reactions, and possible outcomes. Put some MLB baseball on instead As for Popovich and the Spurs, they been fined a lot for sitting down stars. Why? Because NBA tickets are dirt cheap, fans want to go see a game and see their guys playing. Nobody wants to go see Journey playing live for $85 dollars per ticket and Steve Perry isn't singing....... instead, Jackie Chan is. It's not bad, but it's not the same for the value of your bucks.
  4. Nice! I would encourage you to please watch some...... grab a bucket of KFC Fried Chicken (or whatever grub you like) and watch Matt Barnes/Stephen Jackson podcast..... And also Draymond Green's. Why? Because they are good listeners towards their guest host, they don't bring everything back to "in their day... when we played...." BS. And I've only seen 4 of Dray's podcast and he really speak from his heart. These are my fav 2 podcast shows, slight lean towards Barnes & Jackson. Crazy to believe, but give it an honest chance.
  5. Ok more tinfoil hat stuff The NBA lockout was 2011 (ended Dec 2011). The NBA (along with NBA owner's approval) started to add as many games possible to recoup some $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ The league had some occaissional back-to-back games up to that point. However, in the 70's and 80's, back to back games happened often, including back-to-back-to-back nights. But to this point, it is kinda possible that the players got softer. But really, they actually got paid a lot more as an investment..... with the Playoffs being the big picture. Spurs coach Popovich started sitting his best players. There was flack and shots fired at him. But nothing happened as he sat his best guys out, preserving them for the playoffs. And so, the rest of the league slowly joined in. What does that mean? Well, it is an 82 game schedule. Let's have a look. Top 25-30 NBA players - most "PPG" in order 82 game season schedule Embiid - 66 games played Doncic - 66 games played Lillard - 58 games played G-Alexander - 68 games played Antetokounmpo - 63 games played Tatum - 74 games played Curry - 56 games played Kevin Durrant - 47 games played Lebron James - 55 games played Mitchell - 68 Booker - 53 Kyrie Irving - 60 Brown (Bos) - 67 Trae Young - 73 Ja Morant - 61 Zion Williamson - 29 Anthony Davis (LAL) - 56 Markkanen - 66 Randle (NYK) - 77 !!! Fox (SAC) - 73 Levine (Chi) - 77 !!! Ingram (NO) - 45 Edwards (MInn) - 79 !!! Derozan - 74 Jokic - 69 Siakim (TOR) - 71 Brunson (NYK) - 68 Kawhi Leonard - 52 Paul George - 56 LaMelo Ball - 36 Beal (WSH) - 50 Porzingas (65) Jimmy Butler (64) .... you get the point....
  6. Stuff I researched because I am super silly but also because I don't like 3 days between the beginning of the NBA Championship Series and game 2. And this year game #3 will be Wednesday. Meaning - 6 days and 2 games played. I did some digging. The NBA has done this format regularly since 2005. With the exception of 2021 (first game was July 6th! - they must have had to sped it up) and 2012 (first game June 12th). Most NBA championship Series start the first few days of June or end of May. But 3 days between game 1 and game 2 ??????!?!!?!! Seriously??!!! I have my ideas when I put my tinfoil hat on ( ) but the point is ..... I forgot game 2 was tonight. I would have been a bit more excited if the second game wasn't on a Sunday evening, and instead played on a Saturday night (also NBA format for most of the championship series).
  7. I know I might get s#!t for this, but I always liked Draymond Green. Love his game and his personality. He goes overboard on the court sometimes, and we all see that and hate it. But, he's a good guy and plays an enforcer role. Occasionally dirty, but he aint being a POS like Laimbeer or Kendrick Perkins on the court - because they actually had issues with who they guarded. Perkins still hates Dirk (for dropping 44 and 48 on him in playoff games against OKC) and that fact that Perkins calls him Nowinnski. Draymond Green isn't like that. He respects and loves guys that ball - including Luka. Draymond plays a tough game and has great skills to enforce, rebound, pass, set screens, and shoot. Kendrick Perkins and Laimbeer were a$$h@!es as people and played liked a$$h@!es. They still are today.
  8. Mario Buford... That sounds familiar. Is he related to Luigi Buford ?
  9. Bummer to hear about the Iowa game moving back up. I thought it was originally a later game time (230pm/3pm) and that was exciting.
  10. Eh, that is a misread on your part. The convo was about coaching and bad coaches. Then the dude injected a snarky remark. So I responded, and he doubled down on taking more shots. It really is that simple to see. I don't do the snark business, and I am not that kind of person. But I do know who does that on this board, and it's not the first time I respond to them.
  11. Maybe pay more attention? And "successful coaches" ? Ha, that is a subjective response if I ever heard one. Because your opinion of successful coaches is based off feelings, influence and perception. Which is strange. I mean, when a coach has a talented team that wins regularly in the regular season and finishes the year overmatched in the playoffs..... when the playoffs and championships matter the most to competitive players, the fans and the organization........ then the coach fails and loses all credibility for his "successfulness". I think it would be helpful to understand the big picture, the window of opportunity for the players on a team, the contracts, the trades, the regular season positioning and ultimately how you finish in the post season. Tyronn Lue failed. Budenholzer failed. Doc Rivers failed. Monty Williams failed. And to a degree, Darvin Hamm will have a year or feal the hot seat too. Popovich tanked and tanked and tanked for the #1 pick. Jason Kidd is not an X and O's guy either, and he too is on the hot seat. Boston's Mazulla is another one who just watches the game and despite a nice regular season record, added nothing for his team on the biggest stage. Winning the regular season means nothing. It kind of helps with home court, but as we seen over the years, it's not automatic anymore. Playoff coaching matters a lot when it comes to success for the organization, the team, and the fans. Not regular season wins against bad teams.
  12. That is right, and everyone shoujld get the memo by now
  13. I could be wrong but it seems like Bolt uses certain pitchers for those type of games to gain experience for down the road. But I am like you and think the Husker level of talent should have way better pitchers who dominate most of the innings..... And hitters good enough to put a lot of runs across the plate. These should be 11-3 or 9-2 victories instead of losses and close games.
  14. The Celtics coach sure seems to not have those answers. To basic, easy questions like what you suggested. I would not retain him for next year.
  15. Good deal ! I like Alante and wish him the best ! Sparty like him too
  16. Gotta love baseball... Rules be rules and he never tagged the batter after the dropped pitch, and didn't throw it to first base to complete the "out". Pretty stupid by the catcher. But pretty intelligent by the hitter to keep running and circle the bases. Ump got it right. Awesome!
  17. Um, what about starting pitching, relief pitching, managing and defense. Just hitting questionable in your opinion? Might as well bring it all to the table. I think they had a real good bounce back season. They can learn from it, re-adjust the lineup and some pitching, and move forward. IMO the previous season was a stinker, and they could have folded. But instead, they got better. Next season will show what kind of team this is under the manager.
  18. Miami looked and played like an 8th seed hoping to keep it close. Boston looked and played like they had this game as a better overall team. I know the media wants Butler and Bam to be "superstars"..... but man they just showed again that it's NBA wishful thinking. At one point late in the 3rd quarter, they were a combined 4-27 (something like that) and both looked timid and awfully average. Boston is the better team and played like it, again. Game 7 at home now. Although, I did see a lot of body contact from Boston against Miami that would normally be called a touch foul in NBA home games, but didn't. That usually helps a team out. I am somewhat glad the officials mysteriously swallowed their whistles. If this was the Spurs or Lakers playing at home - no way that happens. And my quirky vent is this....... Hey Miami, 2023 is calling.... will you please stop making the fans wear a white T-shirt at the game for a white-out atmosphere ??!?!!!!! This isn't 2005 and the trend stopped long ago. For as much as a ticket cost to a playoff game, and if you and your girl get dressed up for those close seats, let them wear whatever they wear and not have them pull on a white t-shirt over it. Just stop - full stop. Let the fans spend the super money on tickets, cheer, and wear whatever they want to the game and look and feel fabulous. Stupid white out white t-shirt is dumb. And the blue-outs and yellow-outs too.
  19. Not the best showing.... a lot swings under the pitch. Tip my cap to Maryland. Max Anderson came close to a walk-off. The way the game went that would have been the only way to win the game. Momentum might have carried over to game 2. Huskers had a good season and we'd like to see them take the next step further next year.
  20. So who gone win game 6 ?? Vegas has Boston as 3 point favorite on teh road at Miami. Celtics best team in East during season. But this is playoffs. Eastern Conf Finals. Trailed Miami 3-0 in the series. Won the last 2. If the game goes to 7 game series, the final game will be in Boston. Meanwhile NBA execs and ESPN/Disney execs know very well the NBA championship isn't until next THursday.......... Big break/dead period between "all eyes on the NBA game on TV or not" and that advertisement/commercial revenue money. Should be fun to see how it unfolds ! Personally, I think Miami is still better during this playoff run, and that they win tonight. But my experience of the league and TV network ratings tell me that the game will be a Celtic victory. And therefore, another NBA game before the Championship series! And home teams usually win game 7 - but that's not the point of the series. Just get another game in is.
  21. You spoke your mind. No problem with that. Other PPL said they don't like Breen. No problem with that either.
  22. Maybe it's that you love him. Maybe others are tired of him. Maybe people have opinions, spoke their voices, feel solid with their reasoning, and expressed it.... and you choose not to understand. Then you ask why again. No one is asking why you like him or love him. So be respectful and do the same.
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