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  1. Without a doubt, this is the worst excuse and the dumbest reasoning I have ever heard in my lifetime. Coming from a head football coach in College Sports history. What a Prime Idiot. He speaks like a used car salesman on a car lot, and I don't believe a word he says. But he wants you to believe him, and his ego thinks you will listen to him and believe him. Well, Deion Sanders is a real fool.
  2. PATHETIC BREAKING NEWS 15 days ago I was reading up on Phila and saw that Joel Embiid was cleared by the physicians 100,% for full athletic movement. And he still not playing. His representatives says that Embiid will be ready right before playoffs. How much of a puss can you be ?? Paid professional quite handsomely. Team and coaches would love you on the court to help win games. Doctor clears you from a minor procedure. Is Embiid so concerned about his current stat lines since January that he won't go 20 minutes in a game ?? Won't play until the final week?? I mean, the doctor cleared you 2 weeks ago What a puss
  3. Yeah but it's 2024. San Antonio has played below average for years. They tanked last year for the Wemby sweepstakes. By NBA magic they got him. They have a worse record with Wemby than last year. Somehow Wemby will earn the Rookie of Year award despite it all..... And San Antonio will get another top 3 lotto pick this Summer. I'm sorry to say but I'm not sending Popovich flowers. He needs 2 of the best draft picks on a 5 man team to win. Back in the day I thought and said he was the greatest NBA coach ever. Turns out that he is like Belichik without Brady (best players). When San Antonio becomes great again, it won't be because of Pop It will happen because they sucked and tanked and got the best players in the draft out of it. And then add pieces. I'm seeing the light
  4. I love our Ladies Softball team, every year. I like our Ladies Bowling team too. And I have never watched the Ladies Vollebyball team play, not even once. I just love the Softball program and Bowling team more. You can't change me.
  5. This team might be... or become... the best we put on the diamond since we went to the Fayetteville Regional vs Arkansas in 2021. Maybe? Possibly? We shall see.... But I like what I see.
  6. Yeah true, but maybe he so clever that he knew he would never get fired from Nebraska and have to be the AD for the next 20 years.........working all the time......stressing.... but if he goes to A&M and get's fired in 3 years, he still gets PAID. And then he can retire and enjoy life during his 50's with his fam with millions. Who would really care at that time? That's what I would do. Think ousside of the box. Be a lifer at Nebraska, or go to A&M, get fired, and then Enjoy your wealth with your fam and friends living on the Coast for the next 20 years instead. I mean, who wouldn't want to do that instead ?
  7. That is a big part of the game when the play breaks down immediately and you have to improvise. But that isn't what happens every play though. I would rather have a QB put the pressure on the defense with quick accurate throws and keeping the secondary moving backwards with their first step, then to worry about accuracy on scramble throws. Because if you can't be accurate short and downfield, then yes - you better have something in your bag when it breaks down. Penix recognizes pressure and zips it to the backs before he gets touched - most of the time. He did that for 2+ years - avoiding sacks and pressure. And that is more important when moving the chains than ad-libbing and scrambling around and - wait for it - a holding call penalty. Now if he was only winning 8 out of 12 games, then there could be a case for nitpicking. But he just kept winning which means he was aware of situations and kept doing something right every game.
  8. In the league "NBA" (and the greats in college basketball), when the best coaches sense a momentum change is happening, they will kill the flow of the game immediately and call time outs. Because it disrupts the momentum and it slows the game down to a halt. They do it instantly, several times before it gets too late. Interupt a team's rhythm minute by minute and inbetween foul shots if need be. Greg Popovich, Pat Riley, Steve Kerr, Mike Krzyzewski, Bobby Knight, etc... Hoiberg saw the flood happening but did nothing about it. This is a coaching mistake by Fred and he should have put a stop to it right away. Even if it took a few TO's to shake it up. But instead he just watched like Jason Kidd and saw it unravel before it was too late. Bad HC job IMHO
  9. @Mavric regarding Penix, I felt like he should be #3QB or #2QB in the draft. So I don't get it either. He zips the ball with great accuracy and quick release. He has a great attitude, very positive, and teammates love him and follow him. He had ACL and non-throwing shoulder injuries, but he was injury free his final 2 seasons with Washington. I'm guessing that is what they worry about. So he is quick but doesn't run because of it (past injuries). He's 23/24. He's a lefty, 6'2 216, with almost the biggest hands at the combine. I watched most of his games because I just think he throws the best ball ever. If I didn't have the #1QB pick, I'd gladly grab him.
  10. I appreciate everyone's take on Yellowstone so that I don't feel crazy. But I think you are dead right that it tried to be Dallas.....but in Montana??!?. And nearly every character in the series is awful, they look to leathery, and dusty in what they think cowboys and country girls dress like..... Just rich and spoiled and backstabbing and bulls#!t....... Montana seems like a peaceful place so I feel bad about that. I gave it 5 more episodes, just in case. Nope, it didn't change my mind other than wasting hours that I could have enjoyed playing my guitar lol.
  11. It's shocking. My gut reaction is that if it's true about Trev reaching out for the B1G commissioner job, he already had one foot out of the door. Couldn't wait to get out of Lincoln. And that's a hard pill to swallow. So you know it had to be brutal for him to leave. The other thing is that without Carter, Green and now Trev gone, Nebraska Univ needs to get their s#!t together. There is no leadership in place with a pecking order and full support to run the op. I just hope the Nebraska media and University BOR don't get lame and try to ask the head football coach to come stand at the podium and answer tough questions. That would be insane, but also a very Nebraska thing to do. Rhule is just the Head Football Coach and can't speak on behalf of Trev or others. If people want answers, reach out to Trev and talk to the VPs or Execs or Interims. This has nothing to do with football or the athletic department staff.
  12. YOLO ... It's cool, it's cool... I do like to talk some Bears football and I don't quant to fill up the NFL 24 I'm good here. If you ever visit ChiCity Sports, better bring some super thick skin, be okay with cussing and battling, laughing, and Cutler. Or Trubisky....no filters... Sandwiches/Hoagies/Grinders.... Cubs, Blackhawks, Bulls and White Sox It's hard core
  13. Depending on Minn.... let's say Penix is there at #12, what say you? Or JJ? I don't think HCSP can handle skipping another year with no one to mold, whilst dealing with another vet again. He needs "a guy" this year.
  14. What a great freakin win. That was outstanding
  15. That's some truth serum I have been drinking my entire life +1 However, we are in the 2020's of the NFL and things can change. For example, Cincinnati was an 8-8 team forever with no one thinking they could make it to a super bowl ever. Until Joe Cool Joe Burrows went there and beat the Chiefs and got them to the Super Bowl. So things can change. Josh Allen took some time but he has completely changed the narrative about the Buffalo Bills franchise. They were another average team since Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Ried and Bruce Smith. I'm not saying the Bills are super bowl bound, but they are in the hunt. So then, why can't the Bears become an NFC force if they draft Caleb Williams? And build an offense around him? It is logical. And the GM Ryan Poles came over from the Chiefs and hasn't been the bad guy during all of those awful years under management's lack of vision and player personnel. I am skeptical as a Bears fan because, I have lived through it all. So I agree with your assumption that is normal for anyone to think like that off the top of their head. But all it takes is one. One great QB. One great GM. One great OC. One great HC (to be determined but the players really like him). As for defense, F that. This league is all about offense and scoring touchdowns. And the Bears and Steelers have always been about defense. I mean, the Bears spent so much money on defense while their offense stunk - Julius Peppers, draft picks, Kahlil Mack, more draft picks, and now Montez Sweat. Do it right. Draft Caleb Willaims. Draft Odunze (WR). Draft the best Center - even if you have to trade futures to move up. And call it a day. In the NFL it starts with offense, a great QB, a few great WRs and a Center that they are in need of. That's what the Bears need if they are serious about changing the identity of the past and becoming serious about today's game. You have to score touchdowns and you have to come from behind with 5 minutes left in the game (or under). That's the league today. F defense. That's what free agency and 3rd rounders are for. If you have an offense that you believe in, the defense will rise up and play better. Don't build around your defense. Add pieces to it. Just like an offense would with a great quarterback.
  16. To my Denver Broncos friends.... I am curious about who you want at QB from this draft? @AZRaiderH8r @Mavric etc.... Now, You do not have the #1 pick. But there are other guys with skill, exceptional talent and potential. Would you trade up for your future Quarterback or ....? My thinking is like this... with Sean Payton, a stout defense, cold weather by mid November and a good running game, this new rookie QB could become something special in time. Thinking accuracy. Game Manager. Good deep ball. A winner. So who do you like? And who do think would be the best fit the mold ? Bo Nix JJ McCarthy MIchael Penix Winners. Accuracy. Experience. I really like all three and can see any of them being solid QBs for a few seasons before becoming really really good and leading the way and being a stud. Because it's the NFL and for most QBs, it takes a year or two or perhaps three. Personally I am glad Russell Wilson is gone and off to the Steelers (Big Ben version 2.0 but older). That run-around ball-style doesn't fit, especially when you refuse to throw the slants and over the middle on time. Even though that backyard style football made him great in Seattle (until fans and coaches grew tired of it). I just watched the drive. The video is Copyrighted. So click on link and enjoy. Yall need to look at the draft and get your guy. Who's it going to be??
  17. Swapping picks and trading down for more guys has been done for 30 years and it still isn't fool proof. On a side note, I love Daniels and Pennix. I also think Bo Nix is a great fit for Denver with Sean Peyton. Pennix at Seahawks would be exciting Nix at Broncos too. And I really like JJ Mac as long as he isn't forced to save a s#!tty NFL franchise. He could be very solid on the right team. I've never thought Maye was an NFL first rounder, and he needs a good place and sit
  18. Yes. But I've also been on a hardcore Bears site for 15 years. And maybe Mav chose to add team info to a specific topic. Because that way, I can vomit Bears thoughts and hate here instead of messing up the NFL 2024 thread And that's pretty clever IMO
  19. The top 10 of the NFL draft..... this year it is so good to have 2 picks (Chicago Bears). So don't mess it up. But when you look at this year's draft, it's really a top 15-20 TBH. The Bears have #1 and #9. Cool However, 6 or perhaps 7 of the top picks will be................ Quarterbacks and Receivers. Isn't that amazing? QB - Williams, Daniels, Maye.... WR - MHarrison III (OSU), Odunze (Wash) Nabors (LSU) TE - Brock Bowers (Georgia) You would have to be an idiot to take a defensive player. You would have to be a super idiot if you don't take Caleb Williams and Odunze/Nabors (Chicago Bears - talking to you). You take the very best in football, and forget about trading down for more players who may not become a starter for a few years. That would be a waste of a decision/pick. I mean, if you say you are really serious about scoring more than 17-18 points a game. Without assistance from FG kickers and punt returners making your biggest plays to score almost 20 points. So, take my advice. You don't need to trade down for 2 second rounders or a 1st rounder next year. Don't make things complicated. You have two first round picks in the top 9. Take the best players from college football this year. Game changers. And then you can add more pieces to your team next year. Chicago Bears..... if you just do that you will be so happy. Don't overthink it. We need offense and we need game changers. It's right there in front of you.
  20. There is a big batch of Bears fans that are out of there minds. And half of their local media reporters and podcasters. Chicago has the #1 pick, the #9 pick, and then it's crickets until the 3rd Round (11th pick). And then some 4th rounders. My whole life I hear how badly the Bears suck at QB, and it is true. But these dumbass podcasters and local media reps for Chicago keep saying "Trade down! We need more picks! We need more players! Do this trade and that trade! Stock pile picks! Caleb will be a bust!!!" Crazy. For me and the sane fans of the sport, this is all you need to know... In the NFL you need a great quarterback and if you are fortunate, you get the greatest one possible. Do that and you are set. That's the bottom line. You see results and start winning because of great play by the QB, and you see your regular players on the team start playing better with more confidence and energy. Then you can add other pieces to your team as you go. If it was up to me, I'd draft Caleb Williams with the first pick, and then one of the top 3 receivers on the board. Because the Bears need offense, they need to score touchdowns if they want to compete with the Lions, Packers, and Vikings. Not to mention the regular playoff contenders (49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, Rams, Bucs, etc...) Get the 2 best players in round 1, be super happy and call it a day. Have a slice of of pizza, or a sub sandwich and a frosty cold beer. Smile and be grateful. You just won and got everything possible. A #1 pick QB and a #9 pick WR (it's all about the offense baby!) Don't trade down and be a dumbass for players that are rated below them. Bears need the best QB, a top shelf WR, and a Center. Forget about defense. The NFL is about scoring and you can always find defensive players next year or in rounds 3 and 4. I get so tired about Bears fans & media types who make things so complicated, by talking about trading down draft picks every year, and then b!^@h about not having a QB and no offense. It really is the MO for some Chicago fans.
  21. I believe the groupthink in general can recognize the SA Spurs are old hat, but there is something brewing in SanAntonio with Popovich again, and I don't think any of us want to see them rebound and rebuild a new dynasty because of The Spur System. The Spurs won the lottery and got the #1 pick last season, getting Wemby, and still stink this year, and this summer will get a top 3 pick again. That's 2 prolific top 3 picks in back-to-back years. And unlike MLB or the NFL, you play basketball with 5 guys. I am not sure NBA fans want to see that happen or see the SA Spurs become one of the best teams again. They had their fun and their time for 2+ decades. Right now it's better with them out of the picture while new blood and different teams are balling in the NBA, and it's a breath of fresh air. The only consistent team having a great run that I enjoy seeing is the Golden State Warriors. Sorry Spurs fans, it is what it is. I love seeing Minnesota T-Wolves and Okla City at the top of the West. I love Denver and felt like last year's championship was the 2nd greatest feeling ever watching the finals since the Mavericks won in 2010-2011. And I enjoy seeing these teams like Sacramento and the Pelicans battling for a top 5 seed or top 7 by mere margins. And you add in Denver, the LA Clippers, Golden State, Dallas, Phoenix with the T-Wolves and OKC, and you realize that the NBA doesn't have room for San Antonio. I mean, even the LA Lakers get so much pub hanging around. Good thing Portland and Utah are having off years..... sheesh And speaking of LA Lakers - did you hear how Anthony Davis had a "historical night" because he got 25 rebounds? Of course. But you don't ever hear about Sacramento's Domantas Sabonis. In his last 5 games his rebounding stat line is ...15, 21, 20, 17, 15. And you def didn't hear about his 26 rebounds in one game 6 weeks ago. Sabonis leads the NBA in double-doubles with 60..... only one other player has 50 and that's Jokic. Plus Sabonis is averaging 8.4 assist per game (with nearly 14 rebounds a game). Spurs, Lakers, Clippers and Phoenix (because of Durant and Booker) can kiss my a$$. This new NBA is fun with Denver, OKC, the T-Wolves, some Luka Magic, and the OG golden state warriors. With the Pels, the Kings playing fast and fun with them. While Utah and Houston are down right now, unfortunately. I love the NBA West. I am done with LA Lakers, the Spurs, Phoenix and the Clippers. And once upon a time I used to like the Suns. But not in the past 5-10 years for sure. I liked Nash with the Suns. But I also hated Mike D'antonio, his mustache and horse teeth. I just Can't stand their team.
  22. I get nothing at Wendy's. Once a year the Dave's Double-Double. Sometimes it's good but usually hit or miss. The rest of the menu is awful and gross. However, they be killing it with their commercials, yo! Bag Boys...Watchu gonna do... CODE NAMES: Biscuit -n- Tay Tays... Dubba-Dubba Java "2 hot coffees"...
  23. This team, this year.... Fuego... Hace Calor
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