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  1. Oilers couldn't keep up with Vegas game 1 Oilers destroyed Vegas in game 2 Game 3 is now super important
  2. Very impressive. Esp since the NCAA ban composite bats and changed BBCOR bat standards (2009/2011). Homers and extra base hits were at an all-time low, including scoring, and boring low scoring games (CWS too) that they change the baseball to a flat-seamed ball that carries better (2015). This team is totally smashing the ball over the fence. Still need better pitching performance (whoever takes the mound - from starters to bullpen relief) and put more balls in play with runners in scoring position. With this type of power at the plate, this team could be a top 20 team without question. Pitching is not very solid to say the least.
  3. Most don't and won't appreciate how impressive this is. I think it's fantastic!
  4. So let me try to understand. He commit to tOSU last May. He de-commit from tOSU in December. Fi more months to find a new home between Georgia and USC. Waiting for right time to drop new commit video. I don't get it.
  5. 12 years... with three ninos... is too much
  6. Can't believe he's gone. I mean, I wish he wasn't gone. Will root my a$$ off for Sims and our other guys behind center. But I will still root for Casey and wish him the best wherever he lands. Even if nobody wants him and if he retires. He is a great guy, intelligent, highly prepared QB and motivated, and I think he did his best here with the crazy coaching changes and his injuries during the one year he had. He never said one bad word about Nebraska, the fans, the coaches or teammates. Never did. He is a solid dude with great character.
  7. The draft was Meh... but this was a really cool story. The local chan did a piece on Duece and his daddy. I am really excited for Duece and I know he will be a good pro. I like him a lot. He excelled against the odds in college too. Reminds me of that other K-State mini-back from back in the day (played for Eagles and Chargers I think). I forget his name, but he paved the way for guys like himself and Woodhead and now Duece. Can't believe I forget his name!
  8. So, the reigning champ Avs are out but had a tough 1st round draw for sure. But Boston, yo?! WTH man??? How do you dominate a season on ice and then get beat in the 1st round? It's been a fun playoff so far, crazy, but fun. Two teams that I know are still in the hunt for the Stanley Cup Seattle Kraken..... and..... The Edmonton Oilers !!!
  9. Release.. The Kraken
  10. Will do ! I know they made regional last season and now it looks like they are building on it. This year they are smashing it !!!! People don't realize that Wake is in North Carolina (athletes and loads of talent) and it's a beautiful campus. I cannot wait for them to make it the CWS in Omaha - they on the right track for sure
  11. And you've earned mine ! Yall @runningblind was on top of it from the beginning with Sims...... And some of you were too - trust me, I know who you are! On record I love the Huskers and I like Sims, so whatever happen next, I am onboard. Full Go Big Red !!! @runningblind should enjoy being right on this. Much respect. Now hopefully in time you will be kind enough to allow me to minimize my "admotar" down to a spec like @Gage County suggested.... At least by Fall Ball (August). For now, enjoy calling your shot homes !!! GBR
  12. LMBO !!! Apparently, he won't be on the board until AFTER the Wisconsin game !
  13. You were right ! And from the very beginning they landed Sims too. I was wrong and therefor I shall take my medicine..... and man up. You won the bet homie Grrrr.... I feel like throwing up now
  14. NBA is ridiculous and all about creating their entertainment. 2006 Jerry Stackhouse was given a flagrant foul call on Shaq O'Neal (Miami) during game 4 of the finals. He wasn't ejected from game. But somehow the NBA suspended him for game 5 by reviewing it again the following day - and he was the Mavs top scorer off the bench (16ppg). But also, in game 1 Shaq fouled Stackhouse so hard it required stitches - and nothing happened. The Embid foul should have been a flagrant and ejection during the game. That's the only way you can review if suspension of a future game is warranted or not. And the blew it. NBA is this weird, fraudulent game and manipulated entertainment. It has been for decades since David Stern wanted it that way.
  15. admo

    NFL 2023

    ^^^ "Thanks mom, glad it's over with" Top AFC QBs in order 1. Mahomes - KC 2. Joe Cool - Bengals 3. Josh Allen - Buffalo 4. Justin Herbert - Chargers 5. Trevor Lawrence - Jaguars 6. Aaron Rodgers - NY Jets 7. Russell Wilson - Broncos 8. Lamar Jackson - Baltimore 9. Tua Tagovailoa - Miami I know Baltimore felt like they overpaid once before with Joe Flacco after the Super Bowl (because everybody thought that too) and the franchise saw terrible returns from Flacco after that....., but Lamar is pretty good and should get paid. But accordingly, and not more than his future worth. It is quite possible that Lamar and his agent (his mom) felt like they should get paid for how Lamar played 4 years ago (2019 MVP). Bottom line, just glad it's finally behind us (and Rodgers to the Jets as well).
  16. No Ty Robinson, Luke Reimer, Nick Henrich in Spring game.... That's quite possibly 3 our best returning starters on D. Also, great to see Farmer with 2nd team which means someone is paying attention to the safety position (like, all of the coaches)
  17. Yes we do, but it's with fun and respect Ok, seeing that I am a good sport, I will take your friendly Bob Wager Although, it shouldn't be for a full year since they play 3 months of games. Can I make a suggestion? Since we both are Husker fans and not crazy people, the Iowa avatar ends after the Wisconsin game. I just cannot stomach neither of us having that avatar during the Iowa week lol
  18. Word is Corcoran and Benhart will never leave....
  19. "You think he still has a job here.... ?"
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