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  1. cool and thanks My wife wants one and will wear it until our 7 yo grandson Rex can wear it. Unless he continues to excel at hockey
  2. Does anyone know of a source for a Rex Burkhead NE Patriot jersey, adult size either signed or unsigned? appreciate any info
  3. I liked that Wistrom said that video/audio wouldn't be released due to it sounds like Morse Code
  4. If there actually is a clean slate POB can be a starter but it's up to him. Overall, passing and running ability seems to suit him but it depends on his physical status after Duval gets done with him. His attention to detail with the weight program will help him. Gebbie too, but his durability may come into play. Not sure how Coach Frost wants to evaluate the qb's with just his O scheme or overall talent. Can't wait for the spring game to whet the appetite.
  5. My wife likes spoon thick black coffee too. Mine needs cream/sugar.
  6. I bought a Aeropress about a year ago. Great coffee with minimal sediment; have had to buy the filter holders cause my wife has this thing of throwing the whole thing away. On filter holder replacement #4 Definitely a Trump press is the way to go.
  7. Many bars/families make their own brand of tequila which makes a big difference. I co worker brought me a bottle from where he was borne in Guadalajara whoa, big difference.
  8. Interesting wide variety of different liquors. https://www.caskers.com/
  9. Thank you for the bd wishes, another day older.......
  10. Since 1967 I've been a ranch hand, construction laborer, weapons mechanic(USAF), certified welder/hydraulic assy,roofer, equipt. operator/oiler, A & P aircraft mechanic, maintenance worker, public works supt., and best for last Registered Nurse. None of the jobs before RN have lasted 5 yrs or less. Been an nurse since 1998. So it seems to be the best career for me. People think my wife and I are confused; since I have a job normally attributed to women and my wife is a CPA, a majority of a man's career. Suits us both to a T. She can't stand all the yucky stuff , and I don't like acco
  11. I wish him well in the future whatever that may be. A co-worker of mine has a son that is a receiver at Saddleback. She sat next to the Stanton family during a game. Said they had nothing but praise for the U of N. Nice to hear that from people that don't receive any benefit from it. GBR
  12. Is the drop in DUI related deaths related to more effective education or efficient enforcement? There has been a reduction in gun related homicides and violence since 1993. http://nij.gov/topics/crime/gun-violence/Pages/welcome.aspx Is this education related or enforcement? I know that the AG (Holder) said they don't investigate all the people that violate the questionnaires that are required prior to a gun related purchase. If there are laws on the books that are passed to weed out criminals from purchasing weapons legally, why aren't they being enforced? It ain't the NRA doing
  13. Hope you had a great day. Happy Birthday
  14. Knapp, I didn't know that guns are decepticons. Must be that cars are similarly affected. How stupid is that. I just thought it was a dumb movie. I really like some of the studies that use "crowd sourcing"; I know it must be scientific.
  15. http://controversialtimes.com/issues/constitutional-rights/12-times-mass-shootings-were-stopped-by-good-guys-with-guns/?utm_source=LNL just a few examples of people exercising their right to defend themselves and others. Doesn't include all the people that defend themselves in their own homes from violent criminals. Latest FBI stats show gun ownership rising while violent crime rates are falling. Sorry didn't include any NRA propaganda but I can include a Colion Noir video if you want look him up; he's an interesting guy but he's an NRA spokesperson.
  16. this is what you all are smelling, tasting or whatever
  17. How about the "School of Hard Knocks"? besides a degree in nursing
  18. So if the universe is breaking down all on it's own; why do we get in trouble for trying to help some break down into their constituent elements sooner j/k j/k
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