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  1. 25 years ago today Hank Gathers collapsed and died of an undiagnosed heart condition. It was while he was playing BB for Loyola Marymount and was caught on tape by ESPN. His friend and teammate Bo Kimble shot free throws with his left hand for the rest of the season in honor of Hank. RIP Hank Gathers. T_O_B
  2. I'm talking a 4 day weekend. Hours and hours of action at a time when we really need it. T_O_B
  3. In just 18 days we get the Biggest/Best 4 Days in Sports begins. Thursday/Friday 16 games each. Saturday/Sunday 8 games each. Thank God for March Madness! Kind of fills the void between the bowls and the Spring Game. Then Summer! T_O_B
  4. Happy HUSKER Birthday to a HUSKER GREAT, Mike Rozier!!!! T_O_B
  5. Yesterday was the 35th Anniversary of the "Miracle on Ice" last sporting event I watched with my Dad. Miss 'The Good Ole Days' there just weren't enough of them. T_O_B
  6. T_O_Bull

    HBD TO

    Happy Birthday Coach Tom Osborne!!! T_O_B
  7. Don't know what I hate more. The cold or the gray days.
  8. If you think Kentucky would get onboard with this... well, I have a bridge for sale. T_O_B
  9. I remember when we had 90 and 100 degree weather in the summer. 2014 had a couple days in the 90ies and nothing close to 100. Its -3 here now and won't get over 15 all week. I could use a little global warming. T_O_B
  10. What kind of sicko gives up beer? That just aint right. Even Jesus had wine. And the puritans hammered down a gallon a day when they came over on the Mayflower. Even the kids. Healthier than water, drink the water and get dysentery. T_O_B
  11. If only his dad had played for us too.
  12. -3 Degrees here and just talked to a guy from South Florida. So jealous. T_O_B
  13. My banks advisor who does a good job with what I have now has only one client, me. He handles the investments and I'm happy with the 5 to 10 % earnings he averages for me. Next I'm off to Ecuador, a house in the mountains and a house on the beach. Why over spend in the US? See to it that my family is taken care of forever and anybody who comes around asking for money can go to hell. Generous contributions every year to Team Jack, The V Foundation and St. Jude Hospital. Have Wendy Nix in every day to give me updates on sports. :-) And a box in the Memorial Stadium that I can fit lots of HuskerBoard members into. T_O_B
  14. On one hand you have the people who are against animal research. On the other hand you have countries with populations that just keep on breeding children. Do we find ways to feed these people or let survival of the fittest take over. That is the argument that really needs to be addressed. T_O_B
  15. Welcome home Deeds. I know it sucks this time of year but its home. T_O_B
  16. Wow, has this ever degenerated into a boat load of crap. A simple HBD was all that needed to be said. If you didn't like him STFU and go away. If you think he was so bad, look at what we have had since. T_O_B
  17. Thanks to our worst enemy - Canada - we have had long stretches of very cold weather this year. T_O_B
  18. Private - London by James Patterson Excellent Throne reading, short chapters, quickly paced. T_O_B
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