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  1. I don't mean to over-generalize your statements, but I just saw strong conversations back and forth about the RB position. The OL has been my talking point this off-season regarding the running game. As for OSU, there are two overly simplified items that could be said for the game. The first being that we lost our 4 year starting QB. He was carted off the field and taken to the hospital by ambulance. Now, one could say you just play through that, but that's a lot for a team of college students to see happen to a teammate. The second is the defense. Regarding the first, even with Tommy
  2. I'd like to come in and add some points about what happened to the running game this season. The main thing was that Langsdorf did not trust the line to pull. See this article before the Wisconsin game: http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/sipple/steven-m-sipple-huskers-lack-of-fullback-carries-this-season/article_0a0e9415-1f21-5a53-b038-9e817ec5eae2.html And there are tons of reasons why he didn't trust the line to pull. I want to use this play from Illinois to illustrate the point (image from Husker Chalk Talk, which should be a must visit, https://huskerchalktalk.com/2016/10/05/il
  3. Directly in the Haymarket is: The Hyatt, which is near the Railyard. https://lincolndowntownhaymarket.place.hyatt.com/en/hotel/home.html The Hilton Garden Inn, which is closer to the stadium. http://hiltongardeninn3.hilton.com/en/hotels/nebraska/hilton-garden-inn-lincoln-downtown-haymarket-LNKDHGI/index.html The Courtyard, which is across the street from the Hilton Garden Inn. http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/lnkcy-courtyard-lincoln-downtown-haymarket/ They are all on the new side, since there was a resurgence of building in Lincoln Haymarket since the arena opened. So
  4. Yes. Look at the Dallas Cowboys last year. The 2011 Indianapolis Colts without Manning. Those are 2 teams that were supposed to compete. Their good QB goes down, and it makes 2 pretty good teams bad...
  5. cg_8

    Fo Fiddy

    The fact that they don't coach DPE to count players prior to snap is beyond me. Or the fact that no one is counting themselves? I mean, I am not an official, but I'm counting from the stands... Also, going back a few weeks to OSU game when Bryant returned a ball close to the boundary. The fact that he wasn't coached that if he were to catch that out of bounds, that's a penalty against the kicking team. I know that sort of thing rarely happens, but there aren't too many rules for returners to need to know right? That to me seems like one to mention. Bryant looked like it was never mentioned
  6. Loved these. My favorite part was the Red football "N" on the pants. I didn't like them on last year's alternates, but they looked great in a white backdrop. Also, I love the Yeezy's. Brandon Reilly wore his personal pair during the game.
  7. IDK... Every season is a meaningful season to me. I mean, we only get 12 (+) games a year. Also, people give Kirk WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY too much credibility. He's just a dude who gets paid to be on TV and do what we're doing now. Talking about football. Although, I will say he's one of the best in game analyst in college football. He's just a salty a-hole on twitter. At the same time, people gotta stop feeding him, then he becomes a troll.
  8. The numbers seem out of whack on these last three. I mean, 77 lot attendants and 100 suite hosts? And only 89 people to clean the whole mess up afterwards? And 50 public agencies involved? I didn't know that many agencies even existed. : There are about 25 lots. Last year there was only one attendant in my lot but there are two this year for a pretty small lot. There have to be 6-8 for the parking garage northeast of the stadium. And last I knew there was one host for each suite, maybe a few extras here and there (not sure how many suites there are now). Seems like there
  9. I looked to see if this had been posted, so apologies if it's been posted already. An Oregon fan watched last seasons 13 games and the 2 games this year and had some pretty good analysis of the Huskers. https://www.reddit.com/r/CFB/comments/52eqo7/nebraska_fans_ive_now_watched_your_last_15_games/ Some of my favorite quotes: There's better stuff in there, but those I was like "THANK YOU!" Enjoy.
  10. That guy puts out some good stuff, and I look forward to reading those articles week to week. It's great that Husker fans get to see this, especially things like the fade/hitch concept that you will see a lot of from week to week in both CFB and NFL. I got pretty giddy when I saw it being used for Carson Wentz' first TD. Giddy because we used it too, I'm not an Eagles fan...
  11. Florida State because I am still in tears over a missed kick. Wisconsin because damn it! And I'll say Alabama because they are the team to beat.
  12. It's called driving... You hit deer with your car to hunt?!? I'll be at the game.
  13. Wait, where is this parking lot?!? $15 lot ACROSS THE STREET DIDN'T SELL OUT?!? Why wasn't I told?
  14. Watched the Iowa - Purdue game. Iowa has a very questionable secondary. Purdue lost their starting QB due to injury. So Appleby comes in and found holes all over Iowas very soft zone almost throughout the game. Iowa also got almost zero pressure on the guy. I don't remember seeing a sack all game from Iowa. They rarely blitzed, and well, obviously never got home on the blitz. Honestly, everyone on here wants to see us run it all over Iowa. But Iowas weakness is their lack of pressure and a questionable secondary. It would be nice to see us run it down their throats, but that's not Iowa's w
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfaFwQ_eyTI?t=1h44m20s YES!! Totally on board for that. What a great play, great run by Cross, even better block by Jano! He has another great block a few plays after that out of the I also.
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