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  1. Sorry - I should have used a sarcasm font. It was more of the large scheme changes I was referring to. I fully agree that we will likely be blitzing a lot more than usual, especially at the start of the game and the QB change will probably cause us to use a little more 1v1 in the secondary although I am not as confident in that prediction with several of our top pass defenders being out for the game. Moss will certainly be on an island the entire game though. Parker's goal will almost definitely be to rattle Logan early and often to try and control the narrative from the start. I definitely think we go more 4-3-4 than 5-2-4 cash than we would have if Martinez were still the QB. I am curious how we will use Belton since he usually plays cash. Probably sub him in to replace one of our injured starters in the base formation. There is also a decent chance that Campbell will be playing QB spy a lot more than he has yet this season although that would have been true with Martinez as well.
  2. LOL. We never change our game plan. Doesn't matter who we are playing or what their strengths and weaknesses are.
  3. Does Smothers have legs or is he more of a pocket passer?
  4. With Martinez out - who's your backup and how is he? Just saw the Logan Smothers thread - sorry I was blind. Going to read it now
  5. I know I am not surprised. We have so many of our pass defenders hurt it is ridiculous. Also our receivers can't catch balls that hit them right in the hands and kill drives. The only good thing is that our O-line seems to have finally started to get their heads out of their asses on at least half of our offensive plays.
  6. I find it interesting that OSU, Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, and Wisky are all in a line out in front of most of the rest of the country (Georgia excepted). Given that, Wisky and Nebraska are definitely on the wrong side of the W/L column for where you would expect them to be. Wisky and Iowa are getting it done with defense, OSU with offense, and Michigan and Nebraska are both pretty balanced it looks like.
  7. We (Iowa) have had PSU for our crossover partner but starting next year we have Rutgers for the next one. We do have both MeatChicken and OSU next year and MSU and PSU in 2023 so it isn't like we are getting off easy (until 2024).
  8. Stone Cold - never left. I mostly just read so I can chat with my friends about what the pulse is on the Nebraska boards. A couple of them are on the Nebraska premium board and a few don't do the online board stuff. Even though I am not a Nebraska fan, I figure if I live in Lincoln I should be able to converse about the Huskers with my friends to be nice. Undone - thanks! Hilltop - That was a hell of a game. Loudest sustained crowd I have been at in my 29 years of going to all the games. It was insane.
  9. Man I hope they did because that was funny and it was ridiculous. The couple of times that they had players go down with actual injuries we were silent and clapped when they started to move off the field. It was only the constant flops that got booed. I have seen plenty of complaints on this board about certain teams players flopping as well so I know you are all smart enough to know it happens.
  10. Just curious - did the tv broadcast also show said players taunting the fans on the sidelines as they came off the field and then laughing about it on the sidelines and coming back in the following play?
  11. Iowa's permanent crossover has been Penn State so it isn't like we got a nobody - but yeah you got the short stick with OSU. Now for the next rotation we got a nobody with Rutgers
  12. The band does a show over by the Lied Center/Music Building about 75? minutes before the game. Nice pre-game pep rally kind of thing that is fun to go to.
  13. I think that was the worst half of football I have seen us play in years. Thankfully the defense came out out mad after halftime and shut them down hard.
  14. When we had 4 OOC games, Iowa always scheduled an additional P5 opposite ISU. In the last 4 years before the change we had a home and home with Pitt and Arizona. No they weren't top tier, but they were middle of the pack P5 teams. We have been wanting to drop ISU from being every 4 years to 2 out of every 4 so that we could at least get some variety to our P5 teams.
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