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  1. ah, the fans did all the hard work. You hear that? The fans did all the hard work! It's fine! Thank You Fans!
  2. Wasn't the conventional thought that Bo's recruiting classes were tending to improve? That's how I remember it from when I used to follow it. That's a side question.
  3. Very interesting thread. Thank you for all of your good posts which I have read.
  4. I like 2017 over 2016 because it looks like an actual football uniform. I liked 2016, but it's so... futuristic.
  5. Pretty sure this is a throwback/alternate. The normal game jerseys look the same Good call. I forgot that I had seen that.
  6. I hope the mesh holes aren't too big. They should be kind of subtle if these are going to be worn every week.
  7. The tweet says "Huskers have a new look." To me that implies we will habitually look different. Along with the fact that the uniforms in the video look completely normal other than the mesh it seems like they are showing us new regular uniforms. Could be cool, could be bad. Eager to see what this is about!
  8. Is this implying they are changing our normal game jerseys?
  9. Adidas is not a distant third. This is dated thought. Nike is reasonably still first, but they are on the way down soon if not now. Adidas appears to be on the way up. As for Under Armour, I don't know what 18 year olds think about them exactly, but their uniforms and issue gear are inferior to Adidas and Nike.
  10. The Arkansas Red Wolf looks like it's doing the crying emoji face.

    1. Hoosker
    2. GSG



  11. Humiliating your 18 year old kid to everyone on twitter is... bad. I don't see how he's being protected from anything here. I don't think this is going to send shockwaves through the recruit parent world either.
  12. Lol.... weed be better off if he ups his game this year.
  13. laughing my a$$ of...

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      sorry just having a few laff's at nothing in particular

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Peyote or mushrooms?

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      just some delicious peyote.

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