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  1. I get "plain" tired of seeing the same mistake prone, lack of focus,poorly prepared football team when they play quality teams.
  2. It's going to be a long 2 weeks and actually looks like it could be a long month!
  3. If good Nebraska shows up "The you now whats" will get spanked. If bad Nebraska shows up it could be a long night for the Husker faithful. We only had to play one good quarter last year and won. Probably won't be so fortunate this year if one thinks that will work again. Huskers really need a complete game for a change. Really nothing spectacular but no turnovers and business as usual. Show up for all 4 quarters. I'm definately a homer but I honestly think this team is a lot better across the board than the Buckeyes. We'll see what Bo has in mind for containing Miller. Gonna be another fun gam
  4. That this could be a pretty good football team if they clean up some of the mistakes. That containing Braxton Miller will be a difficult task. That I can drink a lot of beer during games like this one was!
  5. Bo actually has a pretty good sense of humor when given the chance!
  6. But you have to admit that if a major injury happens to Tmart I seriously doubt Kellogg will be the starter
  7. I learned that I love watching #8 returning punts. I wonder how many chances he'll get however. Probably see some short shanked punts out of bounds trying to keep it out of his hands!
  8. And ESPN reported yesterday or today that Rome had transferred to Florida. Turns out he's been practicing all week in Lincoln! Says a lot for ESPN doesn't it! LOL That was Tyler Moore.... I changed it. I got Mary Tyler confused! LOL
  9. Indiana and Colorado in the Rose Bowl. You can put that one in the bank!
  10. When you are watching traditionally good programs struggling early in the year they progressively get better as the season plays out. The team that gets better quicker will prevail. As in Northwestern's case they seem to be firing on all cylinders at the moment but that might limit their upside as to improvments. I see a lot of potential in Lincoln and if they can button up some issues they will be a very hard team to beat. Remember they stunk it up to a UCLA team and still could have won it.
  11. I learned that nobody but Bama has a shot at the NC title this year. A good final game for all the marbles may be Bama 1st team vs Bama 2nd team!
  12. I learned that this could really be a fun group to watch grow and get better. Along with that we have to expect some problems but today was a very nice step forward. Safeties look great. Compton has concrete shoes (LOL) and nothing was said today on ESPN about Rome quitting. In fact didn't even miss him! Abdullah is exciting, TMart keeps backing up his hard work, Bell and Enudwah are the best in the BIG, and when we didn't have Bo on the sidelines Barney didn't jump in and take over (another LOL). GBR
  13. Why after a loss does it seem Husker nation goes into a tailspin? Actually we may get to see Valentine sooner than later and maybe the defensive line may get better eventually. It has been pretty poor since Suh graduated and Crick being hurt. Look for the positives or dwell on the negatives. Your choice.
  14. Didn't Pelini's d give up a ton of points to K State during his dc stint at NU. I even remember Kentucky hanging 45 points on his LSU d. Over the years I have wondered about this defensive mastermind that has been added to his resume. Regardless of talent it all boils down to fundamentals and using your head.
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