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  1. Wish we could have seen Abdullah carry it for that first down. Now we might not see him carry again as a Husker.
  2. No...but those teams also don't win crap. Hmmm MN and NW beat us with regularity.
  3. Coach Riley reminds me of Mr. Rogers. I feel like I know him already.

  4. this is a completely different thread on its own complete with gifs and all. Start it!Haha great idea. Done!
  5. Great insight! Thanks for sharing! I think many of us were completely taken off guard by this choice - especially given the secrecy surrounding the hire. That said, I'm hearing more and more I like. I'd classify myself as a reserved optimistic.
  6. Wonder what Pelini's first thought was when we announced Riley.
  7. I don't know what to think at this point. Was this really the plan all along, do you think? Or was this the result of an unprepared scramble? I really want to believe in this guy... but there's nothing really strong to go off of. His record is spotty, some good and some bad. Sounds like there are some upsets and some NFL greats in his background. But for a coach his age I guess I would have imagined someone a bit more.... accomplished. Seems a little late to be reaching a peak. And I highly doubt Frost is this miracle who is waiting in the wings.
  8. Interesting question, just another aspect that will be intriguing to see how it works out. I'm inclined to think Armstrong will stay at QB unless the new guy can wrangle another qb to fit their style p.d.q Callahan went with Dailey in his first year as coach. Can we please keep this thread aimed at information and false information regarding Jim Tressel and/or Scott Frost!? I am already wasting so much time in here, I can't be distracted by these other thoughts (unless they are hilarious .gifs)
  9. That all-knowing smile. How could we not believe this totally legitimate source who has no underlying motives whatsoever such as publicity or the fact that he has been predicting this since Nov. 30...
  10. hahahaha I love it. I knew once I read this that everyone else would think it's some cryptic message to Husker Nation. The timing of this quote is just uncanny.... Notice he didn't hashtag #quiettime either, like he did on prior quote tweets. It's because his life is about to be the opposite of quiet (he's going to be brining the noise! ... is that still a cool thing to say?)
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