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  1. Sker4Ever

    *** 2020 Recruiting ***

    I guess I'm just afraid of what might be if we miss on the big fish like Corcoran, Watts, Betts, Hutmacher, etc. I fear the blow we could take if someone like Watts goes to ND. Could stall some momentum from the last classes. But then again, I wouldn't trust anyone more than Scott to keep those guys close to home.
  2. Sker4Ever

    *** 2020 Recruiting ***

    Love this staff, love the 2019 class. With that said, all I hear is about how much momentum there is for the 2020 class. However, I don’t see it. If there was so much momentum and the relationships were so much better than the 18 or 19 classes wouldn’t we have more than 1 commit?
  3. Sker4Ever

    DL Coach Mike Dawson Takes Job with Giants

    What's very impressive to me is how this staff keeps things very quiet. Not a lot of noise out there about what's going on. They do their business quietly with very little info getting out. Tells me they work well together and in a very uniformed manner. Scott runs things his way and I love it!
  4. Sker4Ever

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    So is anyone worried this could potentially have damaging effects on Scott Frost being our head coach?
  5. Sker4Ever

    Jobs That Will Be Open

    For the purpose of having some relevant conversation during the last month I thought I would compile a list of schools who will be (or most likely will be) in the same boat as Nebraska in looking for a new coach. These are the jobs that I believe will for sure be open and some that could come open. Now, I am not trying to disrespect the current team with 9 games left on the schedule, but we all know where this is headed so no reason we can't face reality and review the landscape of college basketball. Where does everyone think we fall in the pecking order? Open for sure: (In Order) 1. UCLA 2. Wake Forest 3. Nebraska 4. Penn State 5. Washington State May come open: (No order) Boston College Minnesota (unlikely unless they collapse and don't make the tourney, then I would say very likely) Depaul Rutgers Colorado (would think Tad has enough equity to survive this season) Stanford Georgia Tech USC (May save himself one more year because he can recruit) Cal (First year coach, but they are awful) Miami (only if Larranaga retires) Texas (another great recruiting class, but bad on court results) Oklahoma State (results aren't there, but word is TBoone likes Boynton so he most likely gets another year) Feel free to add any more you think are realistic. Not a ton of big names, and if we can get an increased level of commitment from the AD for basketball I think Nebraska can be in the top 10 jobs open this year.
  6. Sker4Ever

    Replacements for Miles

    I'm afraid Porter Moser could be in play
  7. Sker4Ever

    Discontent in the AD?

    Here he is in his suite last night. Either this is a troll job on Bill's part or he has a different dress code than most AD's
  8. Sker4Ever

    Replacements for Miles

    Oats should be the first call and the top priority. DeVries has promise, not sure one year as head coach can prove he can do it. I like him and believe he will be a good coach but need to se more proof. Otzelberger, no thank you. It's a little inflated to say he is the one who is responsible for recruiting a majority of Fred's guys to Ames. There were some other influences that helped them bring in talent. Outside of maybe being an OK recruiter the notion around Iowa State is he cannot coach a lick. Sure, right now he as an All American on his team in a mid major. That's about all he has going for him
  9. Sker4Ever

    Discontent in the AD?

    I love the fact that he doesn’t show his face at the basketball games. Doesn’t need to. He knows it’s a bad program without going. Who wants to waste their time watching Miles coach when they know they’re going to fire him
  10. Sker4Ever

    Discontent in the AD?

    So he lied about seeing Scott in Philadelphia but said he heard they have good Philly cheese steaks. Here he says the Wisconsin thing didn’t happen, but he had a good hot dog. Obviously has a tell that he is lying when he talks about food.
  11. Sker4Ever

    Discontent in the AD?

    I would venture to say he and Miles have a bad relationship. This is all very odd. (While Teddy is no longer on Tim’s bench, he very much is in the loop with Tim’s program)
  12. Sker4Ever

    Discontent in the AD?

    Ras trolling?
  13. Sker4Ever

    Discontent in the AD?

    Seems there must be more to this. Wasn’t there a report from a Lincoln radio station about Ronnie Green being fired sometime during the football season? There seems to be growing belief that Moos may not be the only one on notice, and that this statement was an attempt to save face
  14. Sker4Ever

    Replacements for Miles

    Tough to even speculate on this when we don’t even know who will be making the hire.
  15. Sker4Ever

    Discontent in the AD?