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  1. Hodge decommit related to him crossing my fingers?
  2. Or the staff feels good about what they have in Hannah and Henrich
  3. Appears the Kaden Johnson news might be associated
  4. WHOA! 2 CB for the good guys today. Including a FONGBOMB!
  5. Just a couple observations: 1.) No Troy Walters, the OC. Some say he could be up for the USF head job. 2.) OU wristband only his left wrist. Would be scary if he got an offer
  6. I would put a lot of money on him not returning
  7. Maybe if Frost brings him back in a consultant roll we can finally break the curse and move on.
  8. Front Page of ESPN.com. The article to me has been written before. I personally don't believe you can say if Frost can't do it no one can. It takes the right person and the right formula, which I believe Scott ultimately has but if it doesn't work are we just canceling the program? John Blake didn't work at OU so did they throw in the towel? Just terrible logic but that's what happens in the moment. Let's not give up on Scott, we could easily be (should be) 6-3 right now. The narrative would be totally different. 6-3 and still a long ways from where Scott wants to be would feel pretty good. Trust the process, oh and we are still relevant. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/28021916/is-nebraska-football-too-far-gone-even-scott-frost Story link
  9. Chip Kelly's squad has momentum and is looking much better. Coming off a visit there. See ya
  10. Huh? Saw it referenced on another board. Don’t know what the hell else you’re talking about.
  11. Well those are just rumors and here you can physically see Wandales dad and NPG mom like these tweets so you’re way off there.
  12. Even if it made the most sense Frost is probably too stubborn to do it. But I would start arguably our best athlete and maybe QB in the home games against Wisconsin and Iowa. The only way to change the negative culture and get a sniff of momentum going into the offseason would be to compete with these two teams at home. Luke has 2 games left and who cares about Maryland you’re gonna lose out. Give him the keys
  13. Tennessee and UCLA look much better than us at this point. Used to be able to say at least we weren’t where they were. Well, they are making progress while we’re going quickly in reverse
  14. Well not a great sign when Wandales dad and NPG mom are liking tweets bashing the starting QB, the coaches play calling, and tweets about entering the transfer portal because they didn’t go to school to not play in a bowl game...
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