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  1. Not sure what basketball has to do with this
  2. No offense but 5 years of undergrad and don’t know the difference between bf% and BMI? A “bmi” dropping 1%??? Considering BMI is a correlation of height and mass it’s mathematically impossible for you to add on 25 pounds and drop 1% BMI
  3. Those are 1000000% not eleiko weighted collars. They’re plastic wrap collars that turn and lock in place. They’re not Weighted.
  4. Joseph Burke has never lifted a day in his life if he thinks those s#!tty plastic collars weigh anywhere close to 5-10 lbs lmao
  5. Just to add in some names that haven’t been mentioned — Cory Ross Prince Bullocks twins Fabian Washington Gomes/Hagg
  6. Technically she said Nebraska is the only team to visit and not wave, she didn’t say the Hawkeyes themselves have to participate
  7. Assuming a lot has to do with him being QB coach and Jared Goff’s development since they have Baker Mayfield
  8. Aaron Williams has single handedly lost us 3 games with stupid penalties or getting beat on a crucial drive with the team winning
  9. Shouldn’t Frost “coming home” further exhibit how much of a family culture Nebraska has, which is exactly why Bookie committed here in the first place?
  10. Most likely because if he brings Nebraska back, programs will be throwing him truckloads of cash to be their AD
  11. I think the reason Coach Donte isn’t retained is because of the corner Lamar Jackson is today
  12. Generally people only quote songs when the lyrics are relevant
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