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  1. BrooklynsFinest

    Most Popular Huskers of the 21st Century?

    Just to add in some names that haven’t been mentioned — Cory Ross Prince Bullocks twins Fabian Washington Gomes/Hagg
  2. BrooklynsFinest

    Huskers Fighting Big Trend

    Good thing we got a coach named Frost
  3. Technically she said Nebraska is the only team to visit and not wave, she didn’t say the Hawkeyes themselves have to participate
  4. BrooklynsFinest

    Zac Taylor Odds-on Favorite for Browns Job

    Assuming a lot has to do with him being QB coach and Jared Goff’s development since they have Baker Mayfield
  5. BrooklynsFinest

    What if Nebraska has TWO games canceled this year?

    Cancel the season at this point
  6. BrooklynsFinest

    *** Official Northwestern Game Thread ***

    Aaron Williams has single handedly lost us 3 games with stupid penalties or getting beat on a crucial drive with the team winning
  7. BrooklynsFinest

    CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Oklahoma - Signed LOI]

    Shouldn’t Frost “coming home” further exhibit how much of a family culture Nebraska has, which is exactly why Bookie committed here in the first place?
  8. BrooklynsFinest

    ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Most likely because if he brings Nebraska back, programs will be throwing him truckloads of cash to be their AD
  9. BrooklynsFinest

    Moos Cautions Players to Be Patient

    I was just agreeing with your statement
  10. BrooklynsFinest

    Moos Cautions Players to Be Patient

    I think the reason Coach Donte isn’t retained is because of the corner Lamar Jackson is today
  11. BrooklynsFinest

    CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Oklahoma - Signed LOI]

    Generally people only quote songs when the lyrics are relevant
  12. BrooklynsFinest

    CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Oklahoma - Signed LOI]

    A little. Wouldn't be surprised if he took Josh Moore's subtweet a little personal. .44 @Bookie_44 · 6h They want to see me full of misery, walking with my head down....... Let's decapitate him, then we'll see if he can wear his crown. Coincidence that Josh's twitter handle is King?
  13. BrooklynsFinest

    NCAA Looks to Adjust Transfer Rules

    Serious question, how often do schools get graduate transfers that would make limiting the amount of transfers a better solution. I like the idea, but in the last 4-5 years, the only memorable ones I can remember are Russell Wilson and Vernon Adams.
  14. BrooklynsFinest

    Ahman Green Arrested

    Don't you mean C'Ahman Green...