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  1. I would've liked to see them keep Sirius for ONE more year with the new sound system. In my opinion, no one gets into Sirius because NO ONE CAN FREAKING HEAR IT!!! Nothing more embarassing than a drummer like myself hearing people clap off-beat because they don't have rhythm or they can't hear the song. Mind you, I am not a blue hair, I just turned 27, and think there are so many songs you can screw this up with and I'm sure it will be screwed up somehow. Back in the mid 90's the song sounded loud and was coming at you in every direction. That was bone chilling and awesome! When I was in the student section, I could never hear the song. I went to the Iowa game this past year, and was right behind the North endzone, and I still couldn't hear the song. So that would be my proposal/reasons for why it's not as good as it used to be. In regards to a new song, I think you have to keep it as an instrumental. An intimidating, yet huge build up for the crowd/players as an instrumental. That was the great thing about Sirius. There was a build-up, you could sense it, feel it, which is why one more season with it under the new sound system might have done wonders for it. Good songs will be timeless, no matter the year or age group listening to them. Just because it's "some old 80s song by a band way ahead of their time" doesn't mean it's a bad song for us and what it used to bring us memories of and hopes of capturing those memories again. I just hope it's not a complete and utter disaster like 2007 was.
  2. Honestly I think the decision has already been made. Either in Eichorst's mind, or in Pelini's mind. I truly believe that either Eichorst has told Bo that he will get another year, with staff changes in mind, or he has already informed Bo that he will be let go at the end of the year regardless, or Bo will resign on his own. Two games @ Penn State and vs. Iowa will not determine it. I doubt Bo would even get the bowl game to show anything. The only reason why I say this, is because there has been NO public support from either Eichorst or Perlman on the issue. Down in Gainesville, the Florida Athletic Director came out in public support of Will Muschamp, saying that he is the future, he is doing great things, etc. They know who they want their coach to be, but we don't see that same public support for Bo. Now I know Eichorst is a behind the scenes guy, and states that if no one knows his name then he is doing his job, so maybe that's how he operates. However, with recruiting possibly sufferring from this, and just the negativitiy of a dark cloud over the program, Eichorst could solve all of this with a public statement in support of Bo. But we have not seen that and I don't think we will. We all know Perlman is NOT a Bo fan. What he did after A&M in 2010 was complete bull*hit. If anything, you keep that in-house. You don't go running to the camera complaining when you are the Chancelor of the University and not the Athletic Director. Thank you for getting us into the B1G Ten Harvey, now please STFU and step away from the scene and worry about running UNL. The only reason why he still has his job is because he saved his own by firing Pederson. Another reason why I think the decision has been made to move on, is there HAS to be a plan in place to find the coach that Eichorst wants. You don't want to "Steve Pederson" this decision by waiting until after Iowa, and then start putting out feelers and interviews and finally hire a coach in January 2014, much like the Bill Callahan debacle. A good athletic director always has a short name of candidates so he can put out feelers before the decision is even made, and it's an emergency list of "just in case" something bad were to happen to whoever the head coach is. Right or wrong, even if we win out, that is what it feels like to me is going on. I have no sources or anything of that nature, this is just what it "feels like" to me. I have been a staunch Bo Pelini supporter, but after Minnisota, I was a Bo-leaver. I was willing to tollerate him until the end of the season. Then the defense started playing better, and the win in Ann Arbor was huge. I figured at that point, he gets one more year will all the youth and injuries. If Pelini gets one more year will be based on a few factors: The defense is playing better. The offense is banged up. There is young talent across the borad to make a SERIOUS deep run next year. I am ALL FOR giving Bo Pelini one more year, even with his current staff, or even a few more years with changes made. But to me, I don't think he is going to get that chance. Either he will resign and save face, or Eichorst will replace him after Iowa and have a candidate ready shortly after to take over before Christmas to salvage a recruiting class. I still think it was wrong to fire Frank Solich in 2003. I believe it will be wrong to fire Bo Pelini in 2013. I believe Bo has earned at least one more year. But with all the talk, all the feelings I have from administration, I do not think he will get that chance. After Tapegate came out, I think Eichorst and Perlman were done with him then and have been putting out feelers ever since. Again, just my opinion, no sources or leads, just my gut insticts. In 2003, the program was trending slightly upwards, even with the blowout vs. Kansas State. They showed toughness in Boulder, after returning there from the 2001 beating. In 2013, the program is trending slightly downward, with all the drama, close calls, and everything else. I am Pro-Nebraska, not Pro-Coach or Pro-Player, I want what is best for Nebraska. I do believe there are people who could do better than Bo, but at what cost? 90% of what Bo does I love. It's the other 10% that is just maddening and makes you wonder what he is thinking.
  3. I graduated in May from UNL, so I am no longer eligible for student tickets. I want to know what the current procedure of student tickets are? I know the University went from paper tickets to electronic [N Card] tickets for the 2012 season to "cut back on printing costs" [read: not the real reason] and so that students would stop profiting on such low prices by selling them [read: real reason]. I didn't purchase student tickets last year so I'm not really sure the latest policy on them or how they are sold or scanned at the gates? I am looking to buy some student tickets for a few games this year with some friends, because they are cheaper than regular tickets, and we would rather stand in the student section than sit anywhere else since that is what we used to do when we went to games. Is it possible for non-students to purchase student tickets in electronic form now? I know you have to pay a validation fee, so that's completely fine by me, but I was just wondering if this was possible for non-students to still purchase student tickets?
  4. Looking pretty sharp! I hope that red stays red throughout the entirety of the field's life span. You could tell how badly the last field had aged under the lights at the stadium in person, even in 2009 I thought it needed to be replaced ASAP, and you could tell it's aging a bit on TV as well. I like the idea of multi-turf, but if you're going to do multi-turf colors I wish both sides of the 50 would be dark green to emphasize the logo more, and then go every 5 yards or every 10 yards after that alternating between shades. Kind of like what Oregon does. Their midfield is dark green for 10 yards and their logo really comes out and then it's 5 yards alternating of dark to light after that and it looks MUCH more balanced than just every 5 yards where mid-field looks weird with two different shades. If it were up to me, I think one shade of dark green turf would look beautiful as well. Kind of like prior to 2005, but just darker. Really glad they added Tom Osborne field back onto the turf. Very cool to see that again. Wish the B1G logo were red though. Not sure if that's a school or conference decision. I would just combine a little bit of both the two ideas posted just above me. :boxosoap :rant Good stuff guys!
  5. Yes, you read that right. The Heat are boring. On the fast break they raise the entertainment factor a little bit but not much. Flashy dunks, ally oops and isolation plays don't impress me. Their half-court offense is awful to watch when they run isolation plays. So much standing around. The Pacers stood around a lot too and they got off a ton of bad shots when they weren't under the basket. That's why it was so tough to watch. The Spurs are constantly moving, setting screens and making great passes. Anyone is a threat to score besides DeJuan Blair, who never sees the court anymore. The Heat do a good job too when they move the ball to their shooters, but they rely on isolation plays from James and Wade a lot. I just can't stand isolation plays and poor spacing with no movement. Just like oops and dunks, in the end, the 2 points are the same. I like it when teams play together and move the ball around to make the defense rotate and find the best shot possible. Just a personal taste. Another factor will be turnovers. When the Spurs turned it over to the Grizzlies and Warriors, it usually resulted in transition 3s or easy buckets at the end of the court. The Heat are the best team at feasting on teams mistakes. Thankfully the Spurs track record in moving the ball and having good ball security is really good so they need to negate the silly turnovers like the Pacers committed in Game 7 as much as possible to win. LeBron is the best basketball player on the planet, no denying that. The Spurs will have to use the Kobe defense and let him go off points wise but make him a non-facilitator in terms of distributing the basketball. If the Heat role-players go off, the Heat will win. The Spurs will need to do a great job shutting down the role-players. LeBron will get his, and that's okay because he can't beat the Spurs by himself. Should be a great series.
  6. In order of most valuable to least: Spurs: 31-37-21-28-25 Heat: 28-31-29-32-27 A 37 year old Duncan vs. a 28 year old LeBron is huge. Plus if the Spurs started the 35 year old Ginobli instead of the 25 year old Green - Ginoibili plays starters minutes - it looks a lot different. Instead of going with "most valuable age" how about we just go all out and list overall age of the teams? http://en.hispanosnb...eams/comparison Spurs: 27.9 and 5.5 years experience. Heat: 31.2 and 9.1 years experience. Sure, the number of the Heat age might be inflated by Juwan Howard, but that's what the statistics say. I believe those numbers are from the beginning of the year so they may not be "100%" accurate, but it definitely shows the myth that the Spurs are some old-bones team. Their core has experience and age, yes, but they've stayed consistent on top giving Parker the reins and building around Parker and spreading the floor with their motion offense as opposed to "give the ball to Duncan and wait for the double team" offense of 10 years ago. The Spurs have stayed consistently good because they have evolved. Pretty hard to do for such an "old" team since you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Duncan playing now is playing pretty darn well for a 37 year old compared to when he won the MVP in 2002-2003 when he was the focal point of the offense and touching the ball every possession.
  7. Huge Spurs fan here. I'm glad they have another shot at #5 before Duncan, Pop and Manu ride off into the sunset. Can't wait for it. I'm going to enjoy every bit of it win or lose, but preferably a win. Watching the Eastern Conference Finals was a chore though. Both teams were boring, especially the Heat. They brought it in Game 7 on the defensive end, but watching the Pacers on offense last night was junior high ugly! So many ugly turnovers, some caused and some self-inflicted. I expect it to be an epic series going at least 6 or 7. Spurs will have to try to win it in 6 as it'll be darn near impossible to win Game 7 on any road venue in any sport for that matter. But if any team can do it, it's the Spurs. Go Spurs Go! The Spurs are an old squad, my favorite NBA myth. Agreed 100%. Maybe in 2009 or 2010. But not the last two years.
  8. When he's an abysmal failure in Dallas, like he is everywhere else he goes, can we finally put this myth to bed? He's off to a great start. Fielding arguably the worst offensive line in the NFL with his own hand-picked guys. This Tennessee Titans fan disagrees with you on "worst offensive line in the NFL" that belongs to my Titans. Now that I've had time to think about it and let my emotions cool off, I can make a coherent post. I like Bo. I want Bo to be the guy. I can take losing to a more talented team/team with a great quarterback. However, what I cannot take, and most of you will agree, are the meltdown loses. Say we lose by 7 or 10 or 14, I don't think any of us thought we would go into Columbus and win unless we played 100% perfection. But Bo's teams have the ability to make a respectable loss into a complete meltdown disaster. I thought we had a chance if we did a few things: Contain Miller, which we didn't do after the first quarter. No turnovers, which did not happen. Minimize penalties and do not put us in bad positions, which we did not. Bo's first few recruiting classes were crap and it's showing now. I know the guys are giving their hardest effort, at least I hope, and I want them to succeed, and I try not to rail on the players but it just isn't working. We got some good players on the sideline and in the recruiting wings, so there is hope for the future. We can take loses. Just look at Nebraska from 1972-1993. 1998-2001. It's okay, we don't expect to go undefeated every year, or every 2 years or go 60-3 in five years. But we DO expect to at the very LEAST win the division, compete for the Conference title, which gives us a BCS Bowl game shot and an outside shot at the National Title. Those are my expectations at least. I want Bo to be the guy, but the inability to hire experienced coordinators and the combination of crappy first two recruiting classes are REALLY showing this year and in a bad way. I can take losses. But what I cannot take are the meltdowns on national TV. Those have got to stop. It's just a joke. That and the penalties, mental errors, and Mr. Turnover bug. The offense has made improvements. Taylor showed heart while having a terrible night. Kenny Bell has amazing hands and the running backs are impressive. We have play-makers on offense but the offensive and defensive lines are terrible. We are too slow on defense and have been for two years. I knew we were in trouble when I saw the Southern Miss game, too slow on defense. We don't tackle well and we can't keep guys in front of us. I remember a quote from McBride that was posted on here a while ago that summed it up as "if you don't have a defensive [or offensive line] you can go home." We need: Speed on defense, speed on defense, and more speed on defense. Improve the lines and we are where we need to be. Competing for the Conference title, giving us a shot at a BCS bowl, and an outside chance of a National Title. But it has to start with Bo admitting faults and make changes whatever it maybe. Scheme, personnel, players on the field, take over the defense completely, make drastic changes in the off-season, or just play the best athletes on defense and hope for the best. Do we put Stafford at linebacker? Change up the safeties? Where is Andrew Green at? Where is the zone defense? Zone blitzes? Cortney Osborne? Younger athletic linebackers? The defensive line is a mess and I don't think it can be cured during the season. Where are the JUCOs that can make an immediate impact? Seisay anyone? I don't know what we can do on the defensive line. Martin shows flashes, but no one else really does. Compton can get to the quarterback but he has problems finishing off the play. We need speed on defense and sure tacklers. We continually give up 5 or 6 yards a pop on a run. We get pushed back. We are timid and do too much reading and not enough attacking. I never thought we'd see a Bo Pelini defense look so inept. But when you don't have the horses, you can't be competitive. I figured at worst, we would be in 2003 mode under Bo. Below average offense but a great defense to keep us in EVERY game. That is not the case anymore. We have talent in some spots, but not enough to be where we need to be. And we have to fix that as soon as possible. I just hope Bo is the guy that can get it done because if not we will be rebuilding for even longer. We cannot afford to fire Bo for anything less than consecutive losing seasons or NO ONE will want to come here. That is a fact. Bo is the guy until we have back to back losing seasons. I just hope he can get it figured out so we don't have to go through it again. Unless someone has a crystal ball and knows all the answers....
  9. Ugly, hated them. Blah! Although the shoes looked better than the 80s with the red trim, it still wouldn't be my preference if it were up to me.
  10. Quarterback: A+ Very impressive by Taylor, and that's even an understatement. He had GREAT zip on his throws, something I've never seen from him, he looked around instead of staring one receiver down, unless it was a quick 1 read only, and he looked decent at times moving. I would have liked to see him run a little bit more, but when you've got the hot hand, stick with it. We will really be a 50/50 team this year. When I thought we would run, 3rd and 3 or less, we threw and with great results. When you're on you're just on. Wonderful to see from him. Running Backs: A- Rex got it started early, we kind of faltered a little bit with him out, but I saw good things from everyone. Heard got in the game and scored, nice explosion. Ameer looked faster and ran between the tackles better than he did last year, and Cross, my oh my, what a monster truck he will be for us down the road, he is hard to bring down and will keep moving the pile. We are set at depth at running back where last year we had a lot of unknown and unproven talent. Tight Ends and Receivers: A We have so much depth here, it's scary. Everyone looked good. Taylor hit a bunch of different guys and everyone contributed. We need to get Jamal the ball more, he looks electric out there, and Kenny and Quincy were steady as always and it was nice to see Kyler with some grabs and some of the younger guys who hardly ever see the field get in on the action. We are absolutely loaded here. Offensive Line: B+ Better than I thought I would see. Looked great at times, and looked a little weak at times, but no mental mistakes or anything like that bumps the grade up. No penalties on the line, I believe, is a huge step forward. Keep it up line. They gave Taylor protection all day and there was no one arond him, gave him tons of time to throw and it showed in the boxscore of our passing game. That is how a passing pocket should look like! Defensive Line: D+ Looks like the same as last year. No push, only containment, hopefully it was just because we didn't know how to defend Southern Miss. Looked good on one play, then would give up some plays where they looked awful. I'm sure it will be corrected once we know how to attack offenses better. Linebackers: C Again, same as the defensive line. We played mostly Nickel and Dime and our passing defense packages. Compton and Whaley were in the right spots mostly, we just need to tackle better, and that would help if the line could get more penetration and allow the linebackers to get a better read on the ball carrier and make better tackles. Secondary: B Very good effort. They didn't get tested much, got beat on a few passes and a few runs to the outside, but overall I thought they played extremely well. Can't wait to see when we get Mo involved in the defense. I feel comfortable with this group that I saw yesterday. Special Teams: FFFFF Feel bad for Maher, you know he isn't that bad. 2 missed Field Goals, kickoff out of bounds, shanked punt. Clearly his worst day playing, but that is not who he is. I feel confident he will resort back to last season form in the next game. I have no worries about him kicking, unless it becomes mental, he just has to get a solid kickoff or Field Goal and he'll be back. He will be fine. Kickoff coverage wasn't the greatest, gave up that TD return, still a lot left to be desired on them. We didn't punt much, but that one bad shank hurt. This is one of those games where you watch the tape and then forget about it as fast as possible. Saturday can't get here any faster for these guys who you know what to improve and show that yesterday was a fluke. Same with Martinez though. I don't think he will play "that good" every game. Those were video game numbers he put up in the air. However, that being said, I loved what I saw from our offense yesterday. His mechanics looked great, he had great zip on the ball, and a lot of guys got touches and involved in the game. We had a nice balance of a Power-Spread Offense that was up-tempo and hard to defend. I would have liked to see some more option and zone read, but we will see that down the road. When you're hot, you stick with what works. Defensively, I think we didn't know what to expect and that's hard to coach and prepare for. That being said, there were things I didn't like, missed tackles, no penetration, that has got to get fixed NOW! This team has a chance to win the conference and win every game on the schedule, and I hope they do, but we need to fix the defense, shore up the missed tackles, get more penetration, and keep the offense gelling as well as it did yesterday. Very excited to get the season under way, but it's best not to get too high or too low on this team. No mood swings, but I liked what I saw yesterday as a whole overall.
  11. It would not surprise me if we use a base 4-3, like always, but use the 3-4 in certain situations. Although I worry about linebacker depth and who would be a true nose tackle. It's also easy to get a 3-4 confused with a 'Spinner' package, which is essetnailly the same 'look' but with different personel and pressure/schemes. We have NEVER ran a 4-2-5 under Bo, with the exception of when we played @ Texas Tech in 2008 and lost in over-time. That was a 'true' 4-2-5. A 'true' 4-2-5 consists of: 4 down linemen, 2 linebackers, 2 corner-backs, 1 free safety and 2 strong safeties. The Strong Safeties are near the line of scrimmage next to the linebackers and align outside of them near the line of scrimmage and the Free Safety is the ONLY safety in the backfield. A single high look. Bo likes to keep the consistent two high look: 4-3, Spinner, Dime, Peso, Nickel, 3-4, etc. Very rarely do we go with a Single high look. But all coaches can adapt new philosophies so we will see. A 4-2-5 would get killed by a strong running attack. Although there are exceptions [TCU vs. Wisconsin], that is generally not something you would want to run against a bigger powreful running team. A 4-2-5 is great against spread/passing teams as a base though which is why we ran it against Tech in 2008. Our personel for that game was probably better than anything else we had. The Peso defense we ran in 2010, was a nickname speically for Eric Hagg who was the Peso Back, but it was a Nickel package designed around Hagg's strengths. Peso is just another word for Nickel with the exception that the Nickle Back was not an oridnary Nickel Back, Hagg could do it all. You could argue Hagg played like a strong saftey and linebacker all in one, and he was a heck of a player for the scheme Bo and co. built around him. Bo likes the word Multiple. He said that he wanted to be more multiple on defense last year but couldn't be. With the secondary improved a lot, or so we've heard, I expect to see different packages for different situations/downs/teams. We might see a 3-4 in a passing down where we need some heat, or maybe even a Spinner package against Ohio State or even a 5-2 against Wisconsin. Okay probably not a 5-2, but I would like to see that scheme go up against Wisconsin. The bottom line is: Bo was multiplicity. We might see it this year on defense. More blitizng, different packages, better rotations and more depth. At least that's what I hope for.
  12. Great to hear for Lavonte, loved watching him play for us and glad to hear he is contributing in a major way. I was hoping my Titans would have picked him in the 2nd round before Tampa Bay but instead we took Zach Brown a linebacker from North Carolina. Keep it up Lavonte!
  13. My first attended game was at home in 1991 against #4 Washington. I was only 4 years old. My dad started me young and I thank him dearly for doing so. He set an example so that's how I will do it when I have kids someday, make sure they grow up bleeing Husker red. I don't remember anything about the game, but I'm told I was dressed in all red for the game My dad says he still remembers walking with me to the stadium. Must've be a great bonding moment for him, too bad I don't remember it. We painfully lost 21-36 but I couldn't tell you anything about the game. I probably slept well on the drive home seeing how it was a night game. I got my revenge from the 1991 game though. When Washington came back to Lincoln in 1998 I wanted to go to that game for pay-back and pay-back was dished out. I remember there was an obnoxious Washington fan sitting behind us, talking loudly and on a cell phone from time to time. I think he left sometime in the 3rd quarter during that 55-07 beat down. The first game I actually remember on TV was probably during the 1993 season, and for sure I remember the National Title game in a loss against Florida State. The first game I attended that I remember was either in 1994 or 1995, I'd have to go back and ask my dad. My only "road game" was the 2009 Big XII Championship game where we car-pooled down and met some people down there for the game. Not one word was said the entire drive home.
  14. As a "younger generation" fan, I'm opposed to alternative/modern jersies and dislike these and think they could have done better when going the alternative/modern route. I'm okay with an alternative/modern uniform once a year, or on a special occasion like homecoming or something. I would still take our 2001 uniforms over any other uniform in our history. However, I have to play devils advocate...... Everyone on here is saying that "If the players like it/want it/demand it, then they should be able to wear it". My concern is: How far do you let that go? What if everyone, or the vast majority on the team, wanted to wear green, black, yellow and brown as colors for more than one game? Would you support that even if everyone on the team wanted that? Going a step further: What if everyone on the team, or a vast majority of the team, wanted to wear the 2002 uniforms full time? Would you support their decision and welcome back the 2002 uniforms full time? Just something to think about.
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