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  1. Husker power!! Is it wrong to be the only in a baryelling the husker prayer yes I'm on mobile at bar but this is worth it a husker victory deserves praise
  2. Even though it's wku I'm all in for t-magic
  3. Hahaha hopefully that was a joke huskertrout cause I feel like a dick for laughing at it
  4. Anyone know any websites streaming it?
  5. Alot to none I'm saying 49-0 or somewhere along those lines
  6. Bo Knows! He knows what he's doing he doesn't want journalists yuppies to write the script for the husker before the season starts. Look at other schools when a coach says "Oh they aren't where we want them to be right now" The media hops on it and says "There are Problems at so and so University" Let the team speak for themselves on the field thats what Bo wants
  7. Big 12 not as elite as the SEC? I beg to differ
  8. I'm worried about Mizzou like a nun is worried about getting pregnant.....
  9. Loving how him, Moore, and Reeves are out there putting an effort for next year's recruiting class. Already have solid commits and alot of good prospects looking at us and on top of that our commits trying to get some more big time players makes me pumped for signing day 2011
  10. 1) How long have you been a member of Husker Nation? Since Birth got pics of me in a corn born t shirt as a baby. 2) What/who led you to The Nation? Grandpa went to Nebraska, Dad raised me the right way as a Huskers fan 3) Where are you from originally? Familys from Lincoln, moved to St. Louis for jobs, born in Missouri raised a Husker though 4) Where do you live now? Down in Springfield MO for college 5) Favorite Husker memory? Being 7 years old and going to three home games and 2 away with my grandpa, dad, and brother 6) Worst Husker memory? Any loss stings but any game where we lost to Mizzou, that won't happen again for awhile 7) Number of home games attended? 13 8) Number of away games attended? 5 9) Favorite Husker memorabilia/apparel? My grandpas old practice jersey he had when he played, blew his knee out 2 weeks into practice 10) Favorite place to watch a Husker game? (section in Memorial, bar, friends house etc.) At home with the family or at Memorial Stadium 11) Favorite all time player? sam keller....just kidding Grant Wistrom all the way got a couple autographs from him 12) WCO or Option? Option 13) Stevie Pederson or Billy Byrne? ......neither 14) Lil Red or Herbie Husker? Herbie 15) Favorite Husker play? Any big defensive play 16) Favorite game-day beverage? Ice Cold Budweiser
  11. I'm looking forward to this day more than christmas
  12. Can't wait to see Lavonte tear up opposing Big 12 offenses this year.
  13. 1. Nebraska- looking at us I see a very solid team who can take the entire big 12 2. Mizzou- not gonna be strong like the past gonna be a little better than last year though 3. Iowa State- have a very decent d and are heading in the right direction, NU wont slip up on them again 4. Kansas State 5. Kansas 6. Colorado
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