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  1. How will TA react to being thrown under the bus by the head coach and OC? The guys basically blamed the loss on TA and his decision. If you lose the trust of TA, you lose the team.
  2. If they told him not to pass, and he threw it anyway, then what the f#*k do you want the coaches to say? I want the coaches to say thats my fault. Even if they are lying to me. Now TA will have to get in front of reporters and go over this play all over again. The coach takes the responsibility, that's why they make the big bucks. Dont throw your QB under the bus.
  3. Is something unraveling when coaches throw their QB under the bus? Because that's exactly what happened.
  4. My thoughts on conference realingment. Either the ACC or Big12 will become irrelevant as a Power 5 conference at some point, likely when the conference GOR expire, I cannot see any one university fight the legal battle to dissallow a GOR. I see 2 powerfull unhappy schools that could shake things up. Oklahoma could move to the B10 with Kansas. Both are state flagship universities which the B10 wants although OU lacks AAU status. This could happen, but I dont think so. Florida State is getting 17 million from the ACC which should make them more upset than OU which gets 26 million from the Big12. I may be a little off on those numbers but not enough to disprove the point. I see a group of FSU, Clemson, Miami, and Lousiville/Georgia Tech going to the Big12. None of these schools will get into any other conference. If the Big12 could have gotten things together I think this would have already happened. I just think the money is there. This would make the ACC irrevelant, even with Notre Dame. I like the idea of FSU in the B10, but the B10 wants a continious footprint so I dont see it happening. Next piece is North Carolina. The B10 wants UNC and Virginia. The SEC wants UNC and VaTech. The loser gets Duke. So UNC and UVA to the B10 and VaTech and Duke to the SEC. What does ND do now? ND and BC to the Big10. ND and Lousiville/GA Tech to the Big12. Nobody has any idea what ND will do.
  5. Have we been through this before? Only like a lot of times. I like your argument, but see flaws. Would CSU get the Big12 on tv in Denver instead of the PAC? Would Cinncy get them on instead of the B1G or SEC? How about Memphis? I do agree with this being the argument for Houston. All of these teams have flaws, serious flaws. The Big12 also is in no hurry to move on this. I guess when enough of their members want to go to 12 they will. I don't see them getting FSU and Clemson like I once thought was possible. I also don't want to get into the lawyer legalize on it. I guess this just seems kind of boring.
  6. Most intriguing home opener since????
  7. This is shocking. I can't think of a returning starter who just decides to quit. Could say something about what went wrong with this team.
  8. It's hard to be positive about this team and the basketball program right now. A big part of the offense struggling is the conference has a lot of teams that are very good on defense. It is hard to even figure out what they are trying to do. There is nobody ever posting up, and not enough shooters to bust a zone. I thought Fuller and Hammond would have gotten more minutes at this point in the season. Disapointing. The positive is that Miles is getting a higher level of recruites. White, Morrow, and Watson are all a higher level player than Doc got.
  9. People are speculating that Tim Beck becoming OSU oc could be rubbing Burrow the wrong way. Beck after all ignored Burrow while at NU.
  10. Anyone want to speculate how many LB's we take in this class?
  11. Big picture wise I am concerned to see 2 MAC teams rated higher than any B1G team. That needs to change.
  12. I have a feeling this is the type of back this staff is looking for. Less scat back, more of a guy who has the size for pass-pro.
  13. I am not real happy about Banker, but it was predictable. Hughes is a real head-schratcher, I dont see the connection or the resume. Time to see what they can do. I am excited about the hires on the offensive side of the ball. Langsford and Davis are guys that Rieley couldn't afford at OSU.
  14. I was hoping to hear of some hirings this week. It is a recruiting dead period and most teams havent begun bowl preparations. When do we expect to hear of some names?
  15. Coordinators aren't on the trail as often as position coaches. I was looking more for a guy with connections like Steele, Orgeron, or some position coach from a big program. Not trying to be negative, but it just didn't happen.
  16. This is a disappointing DC hire, which I am 95% certain Banker will be DC. He might be a good DC, but that is the one position Riley had to get a super recruiter on his staff. He won't be able to hire a great recruiter at OC, because the OC will reflect Riley as an offensive coach.
  17. It was amazing how the staff ignored the TE. Cethan Carter caught 2 passes in the Iowa game, but hadn't been targeted since the Fresno game. This staff will not let that happen.
  18. I think TA throws a good ball when he gets his feet under him. He has the arm strength. His mechanics and footwork have been poor. The coaching staff asked him to throw difficult out routes. Lets see if the new staff can coach him up.
  19. no one is winning an orange bowl at Kansas in the next 30 years. kansas football got lucky for a single year. 5 wins is the ceiling for that program, with maybe a bowl appearance once or twice a decade. saban couldn't win an orange bowl there. I disagree. With proper backing, coaching, and recruiting, Kansas could own the Big XII if they wanted to. Hell, look at Kansas State as a case-in-point that destroys your logic. As long as they have Snyder and maintain their recruiting philosophy, they'll make a few more Orange Bowls. And they have no more advantages or disadvantages than Kansas does--just a better coaching staff. This kinda made me laugh. I am sure Turner is not as bad a coach as it looked at KU, but Kansas still has a track around their field. It is a basketball school. If it was easy to do what Snyder does at K State a whole lot of programs would. He is special.
  20. If we dislike Beilema so much, just think about the assistants during Eichorst's time at Wisconsin. I don't even want to think about Paul Christ or Dave Doren.
  21. I agree with this I think he needs a new job at a big name school like Nebraska, some Georgia fans aren't satisfied with him and the Big Ten West is an easier division to be in as the SEC is a grind every game you play or coach The SEC East is not the SEC West. Missourri is 2 time SEC East champ. Georgia got embarrassed by a bad Florida team. I will pass.
  22. If JT wanted to coach again where would he want to coach? I think Nebraska is a fit. Opposite B1G division of OSU. I don't think he would go to the MAC or any other conference outside the B1G. I don't see a better fit if he wants to coach again, which I am uncertain of.
  23. Why would Eichorst call JT's agent when he can just meet with JT. We all know he was in Lincoln sunday and monday.
  24. Hell, last year Texas and USC jobs came open. Not to mention Washington. It will be hard to pick a year when Nebraska would be the 2nd best job to come open.
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