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  1. So true. ASU could certainly put up points that year. But given how incredibly bad our offense played that game, and given that (IIRC) ASU scored a TD on their first drive, it was a Herculean effort by our D the rest of the way.
  2. I tend to agree with this. Farley was one of the most electrifying players I've ever seen. It's hard to put into words how big of a hit that was to our team at that time. I thought McBride was very wise to put more speed in his absence, by bringing down Minter to play in his absence -- worked well against the Buffs. But Farley's extra strength against the run, along with the damn flu, really cost us against UT. .... Who knew it would be the beginning of a long-running nightmare against that team?
  3. They had a pretty active defense up front that year, from what I remember, so it's not like we were going to repeat what happened the year before. Looking at their wikipedia page for their 1996 team, they had 3 LBs and a DT taken in following draft, so that's even more stout than I would have remembered. And being stout and deep up front was really your only prayer for matching up against Nebraska in the 90s. But beyond clearly having some good talent on their squad, they were another year older and just had great team chemistry, which goes a long way towards an unforeseen improvement (reminds me of Iowa, who came out of nowhere, a few years back). Lastly, we were simply in disarray that night. It was a horrific game to watch. We had 6 fumbles and 3 safeties. Yes, 3. Friggin. Safeties. .... And IIRC, all of the safeties were self-imposed (a botched option pitch, a snap over Frost's head, and one more that I don't recall). When you think about how bad our backfield played that night (well, center and backfield), I can only imagine that our line was probably in just as much disarray trying to block that defense that night. Mind you, I don't remember that for a fact, but our team was simply not ready to play that night. It ended up being ok, though, as that 1996 team really responded well, and by the end of the year, they were really playing about as good as anyone in the country. It took several games before that squad really meshed, though. tl;dr version: Solid talent up front, great team chemistry, and one horrific, almost-unwatchable offensive game from Nebraska.
  4. Wow! Couldn’t happen to a better player! What an example he set this year!
  5. Seriously. Let’s try a little stability for a change. We need another good offseason of S&C. Future is bright!
  6. Gonna need some more prayers Defense is a bit lost today.
  7. You're technically correct. Like you said, I'm sure the point was essentially, "he played when we were a power team," but yeah..... First year on practice squad (due to transfer) was our last year in Big 8 (1995), then started 2 years in Big 12.
  8. Not sure it would help (of course he SHOULD, but not certain what it will accomplish). This season is about to get really ugly. They’ve just been thoroughly embarrassed. Again. They never seem to recover from these types of losses. No coaching staff I’d feather have, but unfortunately this is going to be a long-term project. Their strength and athleticism was at least 3 weight room years beyond us.
  9. Wow. Just....... wow. This is a grown-ass man, right?
  10. Funny, but true. The Spring Game truly was the best that team would ever look. I was very excited about the possibilities before the regular season train wreck.
  11. I hate to be that guy, but... Alex Smith Tim Tebow Braxton Miller J.T. Barrett Even coached up Cardale Jones to play, and win, the biggest games of the season. I do agree I’d rather play for Frost than Harbaugh, as a QB prospect. But as as of right now, the Big Ten has a QB Whisperer, and he wasn’t listed as a choice in that poll.
  12. Man, reading these replies made me reflect on how bad worst loss “runner up” (in my mind) was - 2010 Texas. I remember the video that made the rounds in the off-season, calling for all fans to bring their energy... a “save the date” type video. So much hype. That was the year the curse was coming to an end. Like others said, just laid an absolute egg. I have rarely seen a more lifeless team. No energy whatsoever. No fight. Did Garrett Gilbert EVER looks as good against any other team in his career as he did against us? Yet another example of a frustrating watch of a Pelini defense without Suh. Good coverage, yet zero pressure on QB, zero containment of QB, and wide open swaths of turf for QB to run once he decides to run. Weve allowed way too many horrible QBs have career days against us in the last 15 long years. Brighter days ahead.
  13. I have to go with this one too. 2012 was bad, but by 2014, one would have thought that maybe this coaching staff had SOME sort of inclination to evaluate their defensive philosophies and take a critical look at what was working and what was not. This was the game where I knew they had no interest in ever doing so. This was the game where I knew Bo understood his philosophy was sound, and it was only the players "not executing" that could mess it up. This was the game where I didn't care to ever see Bo coach another game for the Huskers again. And then we got Riley...... sigh. I could not possibly be more excited about the next era of Husker football.
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