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  1. It's being reported that Kyler Murray is going to forego baseball and enter the NFL draft.  I know that most people will think "why turn down all that baseball money", but since Murray is a QB, he can probably earn more in the NFL, than in baseball.


    If he's drafted near the top of the 1st round he will get a guaranteed $20-30M in his rookie contract (and at least $10M if he's anywhere in the first round).  If he is halfway successful, he will be looking at $150 guaranteed in the NFL after 5 years.


    Also, NFL QB's don't get beat up like they used to, so there isn't the physical damage which some people argue for baseball.

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    2. ZRod


      How many first round QBs, who aren't over 6 foot or 200lbs pan out...

    3. ColoradoHusk


      @ZRod I would say the odds of Murray succeeding in football are higher than baseball.

    4. ZRod


      Go where the guaranteed money is man.

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