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  1. Furnace/Water leak conundrum

    I think it should be a law that condensate pans be made out of stainless steel. When mine rusted out a couple of years ago I fabricated one out of stainless. It will last longer than the rest of the unit
  2. Fall Camp Updates - Running Backs

    I'm still think Wilbon will be great and I'm sticking to that until he graduates.
  3. 2017 Alternate Uniforms

    Oh my gosh, YES!!! I don't have a good feel for this kind of thing and will go with whatever opinion Carson has.
  4. Countdown to kickoff...

    Was the wind from the north or south on that day? Proof of the immobility theory.
  5. Ahman Green Arrested

    I would have no idea how to be a parent under present day constraints.
  6. Crootin Guessin Game Question

    Why not a separate please update thread with posts like this: http://www.huskerboard.com/index.php?/topic/80688-wr-joshua-moore/page-5&do=findComment&comment=1842209 Add Kansas please. The profile link is there for mod and requester. If you're playing the recruiting game have one tab open with the please update thread and another tab you would use for normal HB browsing. Having the threads bumped for these requests is a waste of time for everyone.
  7. TE Chase Allen [Iowa State - Signed LOI]

    He had a rough year. Mumps and then meningitis after the accident. I can't see the article that says he walked to the hospital but this article states ambulance. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/19338818/the-cursed-freshman-year-chase-allen-hopes
  8. Question for any car guys

    I sold my '66 F100 on bigiron.com and last time I checked there were usually a few older trucks each auction. Most pickups from the 50's have all been restored so people are moving onto the '60s trucks. A restored truck with a modern engine may not be a bad way to go. You will probably pay less for it then what the person put into it.
  9. United Airlines PR Disaster

    From what I've gleaned so far, they only have to give written notice to people involuntarily bumped on certain larger aircraft (which might cover this situation-not sure how big this plane was). They do not have to provide written notice for other circumstances; smaller planes of 60 seats or less, volunteers, weight issues, safety concerns, flights cancelled, mechanical issues, etc. However, my gut tells me that knapp is right. That plane is their private property and if they order you off, and you refuse to leave, I would think you then become a trespasser on their property and they could have you removed with force if need be. I suppose it's possible that failure to provide the written notice by some stipulated point in time, prior to such removal, might place United in an illegal situation but I just can't imagine that's the case considering it is their plane. I doubt the legal facet matters much at this point in time. He'll likely be paid handsomely even if United was within their legal rights, more if they weren't. I can't imagine how it would be trespassing. Dr. Dao was invited on the plane and followed normal boarding procedure. He wasn't breaking any laws or posing a security threat once he boarded. I can't see anything criminal about what he did. In his position, if I was allowed to stay on the flight the only worry I'd have is being sued by United in what I view as a civil matter. I wouldn't be too concerned though since United would have to show that they were unable to get their crew to Louisville and lost revenue somehow. It's absurd that an airline can't figure out an alternate means to transport their crew which most passengers on the flight probably thought when the announcement was made that they were bumping passengers for their employees. That is my laymen take on the situation but I've been surprised by the law before. I've learned first hand that if someone steals from you that person won't necessarily be arrested. The police can dismiss it as a civil matter and your only recourse is a lawsuit. As others have said, what I've read, there is nothing in United's carriage contract that cover bumping passengers that have already boarded. There's probably a good reason why there isn't something in the contract that covers such cases and I doubt it will be added. If this goes to trial it will be interesting to find out if United has an internal policy and train their attendants to handle situations like this, the way they did. I have no doubt United will continue to bump passengers if necessary to move their flight crews around. You won't know that they are doing it since they'll do it before boarding the plane and not announce it. At least they won't be dragging people off the plane bloodied and bruised. Hooray for that. Here's a Delta passenger that didn't wait to check in on boarding, was dragged off the plane but trespassing isn't what she plead guilty to. http://www.wxyz.com/news/region/washtenaw-county/woman-dragged-off-delta-flight-at-metro-airport-is-assistant-professor-at-university-of-michigan http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/woman-dragged-off-delta-flight_us_585193fde4b0e411bfd4f928 http://www.aviationpros.com/news/12324877/brief-woman-dragged-off-delta-flight-in-detroit-pleads-guilty-to-misdemeanor If the woman was given the opportunity to exit and re-board properly but refused, I don't have a problem with her getting dragged off since it's not obvious what else the airline could do. Before volunteering be sure to understand what you are getting. If you agree to $800 and get 16 $50 vouchers that expire in a year but you're an infrequent traveler for personal reasons, then you probably aren't getting good value. If you try to negotiate and ask for cash it sounds unlikely to be accepted. I'd prefer to get bumped so I could demand cash and a full ticket refund (and fly a different airline).
  10. United Airlines PR Disaster

    So, I'm more important than you? I might like it in your twisted world. So we should all be compensated the same because we are all equal. Everyone should be given a living wage, free college and free health care. I like your newfound philosophy. What the hell does a person's compensation have to do with their worth as a human being. JFC people... You're the one who brought up people's worth as human beings. That's not what anyone's actually talking about when they say a Dr. needing to see his patients or someone attending a funeral is more important than a McDonald's employee getting back for a 4 hour shift or an unemployed person getting back a day late. They're not more important in the eyes of God or whatever you want to call it but that's not what anyone's saying when they say a Dr. is more important when it comes to getting somewhere on time. Saying we're all equal when it comes to getting from point A to point B is the same as saying we should all be compensated the same for doing different jobs. I.E. it doesn't matter what our job is or why we're going to our destination. We're all the same. Our time is worth the same exact amount of $ or inconvenience regardless of what our job is. So, since a doctor's job is more important than a ditch digger, what is supposed to happen in this commercial flying scenario? United is supposed to determine whose jobs are less important and triage the removal list to eliminate important people? Who gets booted, the person with least important job? And how exactly is that determination arrived at? Their bank account, some random customer service persons personal opinion, a vote of everyone on the aircraft? I need to understand how the perceived importance of any passenger's job has one frikken thing to do with who is worthy of not getting off the plane. And please don't go back to saying United should've prevented the whole issue. I know that and acknowledge it but they didn't. So what happens at that point? Maybe United can enlighten us as to who is more important http://www.latimes.com/business/lazarus/la-fi-lazarus-united-low-priority-passenger-20170412-story.html
  11. United Airlines PR Disaster

    News reports that United will stop using police to drag people off of their planes. I assume they found some goons that guaranteed not to leave any marks.
  12. United Airlines PR Disaster

    Guys, this was just a misunderstanding. When the Dr said he needed to see patients in the hospital the police thought he said put me in the hospital. Alright I'll let the much more humorous people rightfully skewer United on social media. Funny stuff out there. I'm glad Dr. Dao made a scene and I would probably do the same thing out of instinct. Pulling passengers once boarded to make room for their employees doesn't seem right so I probably would have forced them to drag me off the flight just to show to what lengths these airlines are willing to go to enforce their policies. I've been on several flights that were overbooked and I seem to remember volunteering but I can't recall if I took their deal. I didn't know that airlines could bump passengers. What seems incredible is that after getting bumped, airlines will offer vouchers to travel on their crappy airline. Personally I would never travel on that airline again since they are being greedy for both overbooking and not offering enough incentive for volunteers. Here is an article that I found stating that you can demand cash and what amounts the DOT require http://www.cntraveler.com/stories/2014-09-04/bumped-due-to-overbooking-airlines-owe-you-money-not-vouchers when bumped. I believe these numbers should be doubled to be adequate and to reduce the amount of overbooking. This would also prevent airlines from manufacturing "overbooking" situations as they did in this case and up the amount that they offer to volunteers. I would not accept $800 in vouchers (with all their conditions) in this case where travel would be delayed by 24 hours and obviously nobody else on the flight felt so either. Thankfully my wife is a loyal American customer and has worked her way up their frequent flyer program. I don't know what we would do if it was United since I will never fly on United after this. I still minimize what I buy at Sears after their auto service was caught bilking people out of unnecessary repairs almost 30 years ago. Wells Fargo... forget about it.
  13. Last to post wins

    Amazed that I can go away from this thread for a few years and come back to win it. Too easy.
  14. Spring Practice - Running Backs

    Glad to read the quotes from Davis & Benning about Wilbon. I hope he's gotten it together and continues to work to become #1 RB. I've always had a feeling that he could be really good.