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  1. After a 4 win season, regardless of who was coaching, Frost can't turn over the roster too fast. I wouldn't mind more transfers and JUCOs.
  2. Buy In

    Players have a knack for parroting what the coaches say to them. I've heard enough talk about how things are improving for the past I don't know, too many years. I'll buy in to what the players say when I see something of substance on the field. I place more importance on what the coaches say. I feel once they get the right players they'll have success since they've already shown that ability.
  3. Who starts at QB?

    Bunch looked good in the spring game but I believe Gebbia will be the starter with Martinez taking over later in the season. I wouldn't panic if Bunch had to play. Good group of QBs and hopefully they all stay whoever is starter.
  4. Ole' Miss is Dirty AF

    That’s what I meant about being odd. If Ole Miss gave $10K I would think Miss St would need to up the ante rather then match it. Makes me think Mullen or somebody at Miss St instructed Lewis to say that the money came from Ole Miss instead of Miss St. Just speculating. I feel for Lewis but he was doing something against the rules. Unfortunately I think the lesson that will be learned from this will not be to don’t accept money; the lesson will be don’t tell anyone that you accepted money. This will make it more difficult to catch this in the future. The other lesson is don’t pay the athlete directly since funneling it through friends is OK by the NCAA. Cheaters gonna cheat and the NCAA seems incapable of stopping it.
  5. Ole' Miss is Dirty AF

    Lewis going to Miss. State after receiving $10K from Ole Miss. sounds odd.
  6. **BREAKING** Season Ticket Requests Up

    .. and no crazy cat ladies please.
  7. I like to see roster churn and we probably need more of it. Bring in more JUCOs to replace players that have been in the program for a few years since whatever they were doing to prepare themselves is suspect, given the results. Bell is a good example. He seems very motivated, loves working out and if he has a deficiency such as blocking that’s keeping him from seeing the field, he’ll fix it.
  8. I think you meant Yarf.
  9. Worst loss of the Pelini Era

    I'm not sure you'd have to change scheme so much as tell the defense to expect the run and IDK, maybe actually practice defending Wisconsin's running plays. In '12 game Wiscy was playing a backup QB and passed something like 7 times. They had ran the jet sweep with limited success all season but against Bo "I haven't forgotten how to defend the run" Pelini's defense it became this incredibly difficult puzzle that couldn't be solved. IMO, Bo's defense was seriously flawed after watching it catastrophically fail numerous times.
  10. Worst loss of the Pelini Era

    I’d go with KB block. TM was just running for his life. But definitely this game was the worst and from that game on I never expected the team to ever achieve anything important under Pelini.
  11. ***2019 Recruiting***

    I took Frost’s wing it comment to mean they haven’t been able to follow normal process for all that they’ve offered. If they want to go back and evaluate the players they’ve already offered, they are still trying to catch up.
  12. Frost Interview 5/16

    Credibility is really the only magic wand that Frost has. Because of his results as a player and what he accomplished as a coach at UCF, when he tells a player "If you want to be good, do this", the player should believe it and buy-in should never be an issue. The problem is the "If you want to be good" part which goes to attitude. The players still have to work hard to perfect what the coaches want them to do. So with players that buy-in, how do you change attitudes so that players are motivated to put in the work? How do you develop a winning culture? The only answer I came up with is players relearning that winning is much more fun than losing and embracing wanting to win. I suppose pride in the program is another motivator which Nebraska born players have a lot of. Desire to play at the next level would be another motivator. I think what you are suggesting is that a few players that buy-in and have a drive to excel will apply peer pressure, holding teammates accountable which I agree is another motivator. I won't put much stock into what the players say until they start showing it on the field. Currently we've got players that won't even throw a decent block. I don't think it's because they don't know how, they simply aren't willing to make the small sacrifice of risking injury to do basic things a football player should do. I watched all of the interviews, players and coaches. I took more interest in what the coaches said because of their credibility. For me, the player interviews are just talk (for now).
  13. Frost Interview 5/16

    People have touched on my two main reasons for skepticism. I've observed our team quitting or not caring if they get blown out for many years now. Under Bo it was almost like their goal was to get to the magical 9 wins and as long as they could get there, no reason to put too much effort into the games where it would be difficult to win. Under Riley, quitting and half effort were common resulting in a season not seen in 60 years. From the players perspective they've learned there is no consequences to losing. Our fans still showed up in force to games. Players stayed on scholarship, some got their degrees all of which they would get if they were benched for poor performance. Getting benched would really only matter if a player had aspirations for a pro career which as we've seen lately, we've had very few NFL level players. My point is that coaches have limited tools at their disposal. Even if Frost could yank scholarships or run players off that's not his style. I believe how Frost will change attitudes will be through encouragement, challenging each player to reach their full potential and providing immediate feedback where effort is lacking or correcting technique or execution errors. Getting back to winning games will provide further encouragement since winning is more fun than losing. Getting to the point where winning becomes the goal regardless of opponent is going to require another level change in attitude where they must believe they can win. Part of that is developing or recruiting enough talent where each player believes that they along with their teammates have the ability to win every time they step onto the field. Part of that (which is a necessary step) is to be competitive in every game. Part is having the desire for excellence and making sacrifices to play at a high level. From the sound of it, strength and conditioning was severely lacking under Riley. So we have upperclassmen that should be playing a lot the next couple of seasons that haven't been working out properly for 3 years. Gaining strength takes time, that's just how it works. Two off-seasons won't make up for the past 3 years. Considering where we are starting (last season) and what needs to happen I believe we'll get back to 9 wins year 2. We aren't in the AAC so I'm not expecting UCF results. Hopefully year 2 will meet my expectations which are to be competitive and play hard to the end in every game. If that gets 9 or more wins, great. If they do meet those expectations in year 2 then I would say year 3 will be a dangerous team.
  14. Frost Interview 5/16

    It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to the Nebraska head football coach and believed what they were saying. I’m still skeptical that he can turn the program around so fast that by year 2 we’ll be dangerous but overall very optimistic about the program’s future.