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  1. People have a great time at them. Nigerians appear to be having a good time. I was going to go to one this weekend but since 25% of the attendees are Democrats I figured it's more important for them to attend and see for themselves what the MSM tells them is bunk. Biden's drive-in protests are quite different with Biden angrily yelling at cars and the dark winter hanging about. Biden is just too divisive calling Republicans chumps.
  2. MAGA rally in Nigeria. Nice. http://video.parler.com/TC/Ev/TCEv2UBdeF7A.mp4 https://newsla.localad.com/2020/11/03/massive-rally-for-trump-in-nigeria-hindu-sena-hold-fire-rituals-for-trump-in-new-delhi-jews-in-surfside-fl-hold-prayer-vigil-for-trump/
  3. Freedom rally in Montreal, Canada. https://www.toptradeguru.com/news/watch-protesters-in-montreal-fly-trump-2020-flags-while-chanting-u-s-a-rail-against-fake-news-mask-policies/ Japan Hong Kong UK
  4. Biden is all over the China issue. He's picking up Chinese phrases and quoting Mao Zedong.
  5. Sorry to hear that. I also know someone that's been on a ventilator for a long time. She'll have long term effects too. The biggest question currently is whether it's safe to open schools.
  6. I should be more clear on my thinking. Isolate the old and keep them from getting infected. For the rest of the population it's probably not much worse than the flu.
  7. Maybe it isn't. I've heard that 30 people under the age of 18 have died and most of them had other health issues. If you listen to the media opening schools is a death sentence. CCP virus seems to be most lethal for 60+. We have vaccines for flu and apparently the actual flu deaths aren't counted by actual cases, they are estimated from a model. Only through extensive testing will a close to true CFR be determined. There are a lot of asymptomatic cases that go untested so those will need to be estimated.
  8. Agree with the bolded. How do you think the CDC was hamstrung?
  9. Knapplc come on, you've got to be smart enough to know different viruses behave differently. I could point out that 25% of the deaths occurred in ny where they were knowingly sending infected old people back to nursing homes while hospital beds Trump set up in Javits Center and hospital ship went unused. I could be disingenuous and say Cuomo is a murderer but that doesn't help the situation.
  10. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/pandemic-resources/2009-h1n1-pandemic.html 60 million doesn't scream containment. Pandemics do what pandemics do. They shouldn't be politicized.
  11. Are you forgetting the test kits? It was deja vu for me because I remember it took an uncomfortably long time for a previous outbreak, H1N1 or something. I remember thinking if they just got the testing going they could probably contain it but it seemed to drag on before they started testing. This year they apparently didnt follow their own manufacturing procedures and contaminated part of the kits. I don't think it mattered much because China sent 100,000's people out into the world so the chance of containment was nil.
  12. Haha fact checkers, I know how those work. Who's fact checking the fact checkers?
  13. I like how CNBC states the Trump administration "quietly" shifted collection to HHS. Conspiracy much CNBC? This move was well known. CDC was badly botching data collection so maybe they decided to take down the old data figuring no data was better than incorrect data or spite. Hopefully HHS can sort this out. There are reports that people tested twice are being counted as two cases and no reporting of negative cases. I believe CDC should be catching these things but weren't. Redfield needs to whip the CDC into shape soon because they seem to have bungled this pandemic from the start.
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