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  1. I hope not. China is a nuclear power and are bats#!t crazy enough to use them. Let's take the Reagan route of taking down the USSR.
  2. you might want to check out the latest happenings in the SCS. Now that the trade deal is kaput I think Trump is on the verge of issuing a Reagan-esque directive to put the CCP out of everyone's misery.
  3. That's probably the scariest thing about Biden. For years we've watched multi-national companies shift jobs overseas to China with the explanation "Globalization is good, the market is just being efficient and those factory workers can now do more technical jobs". Next came high tech jobs as multi-nationals required their engineers to train their Chinese replacements. Along comes Trump and he starts talking about the dangers of China. Trump wasn't elected by a bunch of racist deplorables, he was elected because of one word- China. These multi-national American companies don't give a damn about American people. If Trump was controlled by corporations why would he be tough on China? It's the exact opposite, the multi-nationals still want the fools gold that is the China market and need Trump out of the way. I don't want the tax returns of a billionaire that decided to become a public servant. I want the tax returns of public servants that have become millionaires while in office. Why are Democrats so quiet on China?
  4. It's confusing to me because words have meaning. Trump has largely been Promises made, Promises kept. When Biden says something, I take it that he means it.
  5. I'm too much of a critical thinker to be anything but a conservative and could never pull off the left's double think. Listen to what y'all are saying: Defund the police doesn't mean defund the police Taking away guns doesn't mean taking away guns
  6. The latest catch phrase is re-imagine policing. According to AOC that would look like the suburbs
  7. I tried but his explanations tend to be rambling, incoherent...you know, the thing. If Biden wasn't a blow with the wind politician that never had an original thought, and had strong convictions I would listen to what Biden says. He is not and I don't believe he has the ability to fend off the far left.
  8. You do know that Biden wants AOC to be part of his administration? Are you ignoring Omar? I'm not.
  9. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/aoc-defund-the-police-means-defund-the-police
  10. So defund the police? I see a problem when Democrats want to take away or erode police protection while eliminating the ability to defend oneself. Some on the far right might support getting rid of the police. Don't complain when they take matters into their own hands and there is no police to arrest them, they may not like your complaint. There is $500M worth of bad mob behavior in Minneapolis, should we examine that?
  11. If McCloskey was a threat to these "peaceful protesters" imagine what the police would do to them, so defund the police?
  12. Biden wants to get rid of AR15s, the gun Mark McCloskey used to defend his home. Remember, Biden doesn't work for you. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2020/03/11/jerry-wayne-interview-biden-gun-control-confrontation/5020893002/
  13. No, I'm a conservative so naturally I want to conserve the environment.
  14. It's getting serious when these guys stop making jokes about the left's stupidity.
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