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  1. I watched their game tonight but missed the first quarter where they scored 17. I wasn't impressed by what I saw. If we play like tonight we should win.
  2. Different Illinois team tonight but we looked focused and energetic the whole game. Hopefully they figured out that you can't play with the mouse too long and should just eat it and that's exactly what they do next week.
  3. This will be a close game and a real slugfest. Well, not really a slugfest more of pillow fight. It will come down to which team wants to coast less. There will be long stretches in the game where you'll wonder if both teams are on a concession break while they have a punting dual. We should play for the ADD trophy.
  4. 4skers89

    ***Official 2019 College Football Thread***

    Doesn't matter which fanbase. We're still relevant!
  5. 4skers89

    ***Official 2019 College Football Thread***

    KU with ball back at 50 yard and 6:48 to play. They should be able to pull it out. Good for the Jayhawkers.
  6. No problem, it just felt a little weird, kind of like pulling a long hair from your mouth.
  7. Let's talk after we get into the B1G schedule.
  8. Sorry Mack, no extra second this time :lol:

  9. You’re taking words out of my mouth. I said significant improvement. For the young O-linemen, if it’s a matter of strength, they won’t get it during the season.
  10. I predict a close game in the first half with NIU probably leading. Second half we play about the same and eke out a victory. Better than a loss but not reassuring. I don't expect significant improvement throughout the season like last year when the offense, defense and special teams were new with a true freshman QB. A loss tomorrow is possible in which case 4-5 wins max. We could be in trouble.
  11. 4skers89

    All access with Northern Illinois football

    That Husky (or is it Huskie) on the right seems c$%ky. I hope we knock the smile off his face come Saturday.
  12. I've been thinking all week this is a BTN football in 60 game. If we lose then status quo and you haven't experienced any frustration and wasted 3 hours. If we win a close game then status quo and if you have an hour to kill watch the BTN replay for any signs of improvement. In the unlikely case of a blowout win then definitely watch the BTN replay because something (good) is happening with the team. If you watched the first two games, the score in this game will tell you everything you need to know, unless it's a blowout win. I don't think it's being a bad fan, I think of it as being a smart fan.
  13. Duval tells the players something like "It's their job to become better players. It's the coaches job to recruit players that are better then them." The players have responded with "We'll see about that ".
  14. 4skers89

    Most Valuable CFB Teams

    I can't disagree with your take. +1. I believe we are all saying the same thing.