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  1. 4skers89

    Nebraska is ranked 9th.

    tOSU took our place
  2. 4skers89

    It's Tuesday, which means...

    MSU or Iowa for 4th?
  3. 4skers89

    1,000 Yard Rusher Watch

    This should happen to take advantage of where this game fell on the schedule. If it was early season we would probably keep the starters in longer to work on things. Since that opportunity didn’t happen and we’re not playing for anything this season, the underclassmen should get a lot of reps to prepare for next season.
  4. 4skers89

    It's Tuesday, which means...

    I think having a good defense and not relying on our offense out scoring opponents in late November is a good idea. The wind was fairly gusty Saturday and we still passed well so I’d say TBD. I’m not sure how well our offense can run the ball without a threat of a pass.
  5. 4skers89

    It's Tuesday, which means...

    Winter is coming so the weather could slow our offense.
  6. 4skers89

    It's Tuesday, which means...

    Interesting hypothesis. I think this fairytale doesn’t end well and we lose to Iowa.
  7. 4skers89

    tOSU Gametime

    11:00 is good. We're not ready for prime time.
  8. 4skers89

    End of NCAA College Football?

    I think I'd be a little nervous if we were still in the old conference. There might be some belt tightening around UNL but we'd be OK due to our fan support and the B1G money tree. Saban may not be able to afford 20 former coaches on staff. The SEC schools will have to funnel player pay through the school so the bagmen will need to find other employment. What will happen to schools like Iowa State, Kansas, Oklahoma St- are they have-nots? This will cause a lot of chaos.
  9. 4skers89

    End of NCAA College Football?

    Yea, not a good thing. This will probably impact non-football sports negatively and it might tear apart the Texas league.
  10. 4skers89

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    That was my first thought. Last week Frost said that they needed to work on their technique for getting off blocks. It looked like they did.
  11. 4skers89

    tOSU Gametime

    I just use NWU for Northwestern.