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  1. Was supposed to go the game this week. After last week..may just save my money and stay home! 

    1. El Diaco
    2. Decked


      May. My uncle has the tickets. Said he'll just sell them instead if we don't go. It's about a 7 hour trip up for me to UNL. 

    3. krc1995


      The program needs you to go and spend money. Don't let them down

  2. Lmao Riley is f'ing toast this year
  3. I come back and Lee almost throws another pick LOL
  4. Throws into triple coverage with WR in very middle
  5. Might as well just offer Les while he's here!
  6. Jesus Christ I swear we could hire a better athletic director off this board
  7. Oh my god we are going to win 3 games this year
  8. Closer to about 42. We average 305 they average around 263
  9. Winning doesn't matter as long as you are a nice guy
  10. We could field a better line from this board. Probably would average the same weight too!
  11. Boy mike this may be mikes last year