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  1. Feeling Frosty this morning! My brother and I just booked our flights for the CU game. First game back since Oregon in '16. Now I need tickets, lol.

  2. If we're going by injecting new talent, it's the RB position. If we're talking guys on the roster, the OL is going to get coached up, and dudes beyond the starting 5 are gonna actually get reps.
  3. Deadpool 2

    Wife and I watched the 1st one again last night (her choice for V-day). Can't wait for the sequel.
  4. Guys.... Our SOS last year according to Sagarin was 9th in the country. I honestly don't think this year's is going to be that much harder.
  5. ***2018 Pre-Season Previews Megathread***

    I think the most likely loss of the 3 would be Troy. But no, I think (most) fans would recognize that the program was set back the past few years.
  6. GUYS... I just posted the first opponent preview, and the pre-season preview megathread is live! http://www.huskerboard.com/index.php?/topic/86086-2018-pre-season-previews-megathread/ 

  7. This thread will serve as a megathread/reference guide for all the pre-season previews or the 2018 season. Click the team links for each dedicated preview thread. Once I have an initial preview for each team, just click the team name below to be taken to the thread for each team’s previews. 2018 Nebraska Previews Coming soon… 2018 Opponent Previews 09/01 - Akron 09/08 - Colorado 09/15 - Troy 09/22 - @ Michigan 09/29 - Purdue 10/06 - @ Wisconsin 10/13 - @ Northwestern 10/20 - Minnesota 11/03 - @ Ohio State 11/10 - Illinois 11/17 - Michigan State 11/23 - @ Iowa Picks/Predictions/Power Rankings Coming soon... Preseason Consensus Rankings Coming soon… If you find a new preview, post it in the relevant thread, and we'll embed it in the root post.
  8. Right now, progress is a coach on the sidelines who looks involved, and like he cares.
  9. I mean, sure Purdue could win, but they also couldn't beat the worst Nebraska team in nearly 50 years last season. Do you think they'll improve more than Nebraska does this season, and win in Lincoln? Because I don't.
  10. Lots of booze. Last season, I checked out after Oregon, and didn't plan around games like I normally would. It was the least amount of Husker FB I've watched since I was like 9. I'm looking forward to Nebraska getting better, and not watching teams race out to 35-0 leads.
  11. Regarding the bolded... that's what happens when you're lead by a person who is used to losing, and expects to lose going into the game. That attitude rubbed off on the team. That's Frost's first thing to fix, IMO.
  12. That's my bet for a vegas number. Either 6.5 or 7. The team clearly had mailed it in down the stretch last year, and weren't performing as well as they could. That said... probable wins in bold. 09/01 - Akron 09/08 - Colorado 09/15 - Troy 09/22 - @ Michigan 09/29 - Purdue 10/06 - @ Wisconsin 10/13 - @ Northwestern 10/20 - Minnesota 11/03 - @ Ohio State 11/10 - Illinois 11/17 - Michigan State 11/23 - @ Iowa First 3 don't really scare me, Purdue will hold serve, maybe step back in year 2 when people aren't surprised. Illinois is trash, Minnesota is blah, and NW is going to go backwards this season without JJ. That's not exactly a hard stretch to say we win those games, and that puts you at 7. Then you steal 1 from Michigan, Wisconsin, MSU, or Iowa (OSU ain't happening), and you can get to 8.
  13. I'd bet right now our projected win total is going to be 7 for the season.
  14. Maybe? But look at what Bo did in 2008. It's not impossible.