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  1. Which Mike Riley loss hurt the most

    I chose last week. After seeing the stadium so dang empty during the 3rd quarter... I mean I've never seen that before. That was a slap of reality of how far they've fallen.
  2. The Diaco Love...

    I agree. I don't get all the love being tossed at him. Watching OSU put up 44 pts by halftime today, and BJ having 5 of 12 passes result in touchdowns... sheesh. If Diaco holds them below 50 i'll be surprised.
  3. Riley is still our coach

    Grass is green. Sky is Blue. Riley is NU's coach. Soon, one won't be true.
  4. As i continued to watch after the second INT And when the game was over
  5. Pet Peeves

    People who stop in doorways. People who stop in the middle of the hallway or sidewalk where everyone else is walking, instead of stepping aside. I'll often run into them on purpose and say "Oh, you stopped right in the middle!" TAKE THE HINT! Family members of patients who try to make it about them, instead of the patient. Drivers who turn and merge into the wrong lane. If it's a two lane road, we should both be able to turn onto it. Traffic would flow so much better if people did this. Drivers who don't check their blind spots, don't use blinkers, just bad driving in general. Fat people who diet for a week and suddenly know everything about dieting and exercise. Trump supporters. hahaha
  6. The financial implications of a failed football program

    I've been wondering why people go there for years now. I attend one game about every 10 years it seems, and all it does is remind me why I never go. Got playstation Vue this fall for football. It's so awesome. I can even watch the games on my phone if I'm out fishing. There's already so many reasons to skip the hassle and watch from home and having a pi$$ poor Nebraska team isn't going to convince anyone else to attend either. MR will probably finish the season out, but I have a feeling he'll be let go right afterwards. Get a coach with a rep for winning, a name that I actually don't have to Google this time, and that will keep the butts in the seats. Winning = Revenue
  7. At what point?

    You beat me to it. And that point has come and gone for me. No clue why we hired this staff. Never made any sense to me.
  8. Name calling doesn't look good on you. Have a good night.
  9. Bob Diaco

    Dammit I broke my monitor.
  10. I was being sarcastic. No one here needs someone to "tell them" how to be a fan. In fact, if you scroll up a bit, you'll see I gave full credit to the players in this same thread. I hate how people on this board judge other's fandom, if you will. We are all passionate about this team, we all want them to win. If we didn't care, we wouldn't complain. It's what makes us human, but 99% of us know the kids play their asses off and we cheer them on during every game. Please Please don't get on the soap box and tell people how to be a fan. It contributes nothing to the board. We all vent, we all have bad days and sometimes typing it out is a release, so I never judge anyone on here when they go off about something. Sometimes you just gotta get if off your chest to other fans, which is exactly why this board is great, we have great listeners and many people feel the same. So don't judge, just read, and take it for what it is, which is an upset fan. Thankfully we all agree on one thing: We want the best for this team. Go Big Red. Have a good sunday night buddy *cheers*
  11. Please tell us all how to be better fans. Thank God you showed up.
  12. What did we learn-Game 2 Oregon

    We have a team full of Lions that are coached by Donkeys.
  13. The kids didn't give up. I can't give the coaches any credit for the second half. Those damn kids came out the gate in the second half and just went at it as Oregon become complacent. Heart is what made this game close, but heart without good coaching doesn't win games. Tip of the hat to you guys who wear the N on the helmet, you played your asses off and didn't give up. Kudos