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  1. Still want to keep Diaco?

    Please stop with UCF coaches
  2. Still want to keep Diaco?

    Yes keep Diaco but langs has to go he is terrible. We have good talent bad play calling
  3. I was feeling good after 2nd half last week but this is almost unwatchable. 

  4. 2015 NCAA Tournament Contest

    kentucky Iowa ST. Arizona Wichita ST Sparty Dayton wofford Eastern Washington Valpo
  5. New HC Hiring AAR

    Bo hasn't left the cupboard empty. lots of talent on this team. the only mess is how some of you think about BO.
  6. What do you think of Eichort now?

    I agree unless the rumars of BO flying to South Caralina are true then he had to make a statement.
  7. Our next head coach may be coaching in a CCG next week

    I would rather have him than Scott Frost.
  8. Insiders, a little help please!

    You know, if Callahan would had been willing to ditch his DC for one more competent, he'd still be coaching here, right? It's the same damn situation again, only we're asking our HC to ditch the OC. If Bo does and gets one that's competent, we're rolling in titles and laughing about all of this. The defense is worse than the offense. Bo has broken multiple Coz records for futility. The single game rushing record set Saturday may stand for 50 years. The defense got put on an island because the offense wasn't doing it's job and couldn't sustain a drive to save Beck's multi-dimensional soul. The offense needed to hold up their end of the bargain, and that is what failed. If Nebraska keeps Wisky off the field, then Gordon doesn't have an opportunity to run the ball. If you'd like to discuss the mental toughness of our defense or the lack of impact our sports psychology folks have had on our kids since the late 90s, then you'd be on to something. But our offense put our defense in a position to fail, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Had the offense been merely competent, we win this game, and Gordon doesn't sniff 250...because Wisky wouldn't have the reps on the offensive side of the ball to do it. I completely disagree. We were up 17-3 with momentum. The offense got us out to a nice lead. The defense was not on an island. The defense flunked the test. 600 yards of offense was on Bo's defense. They had just 7 completions. The way they kept gashing our defense running the ball and scoring TDs put all the pressure on our offense. And since they decided to key on Ameer, they enforced more pressure on Tommy to make the plays. With that strategy, they were not disappointed. I'm not trying to nitpick. This was a defensive disaster. yes but how did they get up 17-3 oh thats right, the defence forced turnovers and gave Becks offence a short field. i agree the offence has as much or more of the blame for Saturday.
  9. Insiders, a little help please!

    I don't think he needs to be afforded more time. I've seen positive from Bo in that we are better off now than when he got here but I have not seen him do anything yet to get us above the ceiling we are currently at which is being an average to slightly above average team. I have reached the tipping point. I've said that I believe we need changes at the end of the year. All I've sad is that I want the administration to err on the side of caution and to make sure that when we make the change it will be one that will get us to the next level. I dont want us to pull a Florida and hire someone like Muschamp who looks good but will kill the program. I want someone who is going to do what Saban did for LSU and get us to the next level (keep in mind Saban was not considered to be a "great" hire for LSU). I showed that he has won 9 or 10 games a year (with 4 losses) and consider that a ceiling. The key word I used is "CEILING". That is NOT a good word. It means I believe he has taken us as far as he can. Which means we need to make the changes to get past that point. I only said that I don't think the loss to Wisconsin was rock bottom because things were WAY worse under BC. What if Bill Callahan had let Kevin Cosgrove go and hired Pelini (or some other hotshot D coordinator) away from a really good school? What then? He'd still be here, guaranteed. If his D had played up to it's potential and not been swiss cheese, then he'd probably still have had this job. Don't forget - Bo's Defensive acumen was only solidified by one guy by the name of Suh - who was a Bill Callahan recruit. BO's defence has won a national title. just not with Big Red.
  10. Insiders, a little help please!

    Baytown is exactly right. with that statement. Idk if this is sarcasm or real talk lol. I think they want me as gone as Bo! no sarcasm. i think Bo needs help, better coordinators. we have the talent, but beck wont stay with run. wheres the option bee that we seen alot of last year. we have 3 good backs use them but beck wont. he needs to go
  11. Insiders, a little help please!

    Baytown is exactly right. with that statement.
  12. It's Our Team Let's Do Something About It

    we dont need to Fire Bo but we do need some real coordinators.
  13. if we would have beat Spaty we would be fourth in the playoff polls
  14. If We Lose To Wisconsin

    yes i think BO can.
  15. If We Lose To Wisconsin

    Why even start a poll of such negativity. we need positive thoughts.