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  1. Woah, congrats Dalano!
  2. A little Oklahoma and Texas to the SEC rumor today to spice up the summer sports lull.

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    2. ColoradoHusk


      OU and Texas are always going to be looking for greener pastures.  That's why NU going back to the Big 12 hasn't made sense.

    3. commando


      is that before or after nebraska rejoins the big 12?

    4. ladyhawke


      Ahh the Texass cancer is moving to the SEC.  This is like their third conference change. I’m sure Arkansas isn’t thrilled. 
      It’s too bad we couldn’t get OU to come to the Big 10. That would’ve been fun. 
      Won’t it be fun to watch Texas get thrashed by Alabama or Clemson every year!  

  3. Wild wind storm tonight in Omaha. Lots of cleanup work this weekend!

    1. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      My goodness that came in quick and violent! Hope everyone is OK, our neighborhood was torn up! Trees snapped in half or at the root level, crazy scene!

  4. CP3 has got to get this title.
  5. Not Trump specific, but I didn't see a better place to put this. Basically NY has completely f#&%ed up their mayoral election count. Not exactly great for the integrity of elections conversation.
  6. Dominic Raiola has a kid old enough to be a recruit...
  7. Kopps was absolutely dealing and we ended up offering too many walks in our two losses when we needed to play just about perfect to knock off the top seed. Rough to play with them all game and end like that, but the guys made this regional fun as hell. Best postseason ball for the Huskers since the CWS days. This is a program that is trending up.
  8. As fun as the playoffs have been in a while. Great first round and the title really feels up for grabs for once.
  9. I would personally like to know the facts behind the event that has killed millions globally, crushed many small businesses, forced people to not see loved ones for over a year, stole important life events from people, and ruined a year of the brief time we all have.
  10. Creighton isn't an "official" visit. Not sure how much it matters, he has been there for a visit before. OU is certainly a legit landing spot. Moser is a great coach and for some reason I thought I read that Tradut's family are OU fans? Might be remembering that wrong.
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