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  1. Omaha-Husker

    NFL 2019

    This is incredible.
  2. Omaha-Husker

    Moos Contemplates Bringing Alcohol To Memorial Stadium

    This was a tragedy. This is also an insanely manipulative and BS argument. This happened in the second inning of the game so the odds of this man being over served in the stadium is basically zero. It is a pathetic move by you to use this man's untimely death as your argument.
  3. Omaha-Husker

    Moos Contemplates Bringing Alcohol To Memorial Stadium

    The simplest solution to this is that everyone has the ability to decide if waiting in line is worth more than missing some game.
  4. Alex Gordon just pitched an inning.  Who says watching the Royals lose 16-3 is a waste of time.

  5. Omaha-Husker

    Huskers Italy Trip 2019

    Nebrasketball Before Hoiberg Nebrasketball With Hoiberg
  6. Omaha-Husker

    NFL 2019

    The Raiders consistently find ways to be the strangest most dysfunctional franchise and it consistently brings me great joy.
  7. That is really cool. Slide the starter to '62(Devaney's first year) and the end date to 2001(probably the most accepted end of Nebraska's golden era) and you can see just how dominant the program was for those nearly 4 decades.
  8. Omaha-Husker

    MLB 2019 Season

    Seriously. That rotation is nuts. Shades of Philly with Hallady, Cliff Lee, Hamels and Oswalt.
  9. Omaha-Husker

    Big announcement coming?

    UNMC is on the cutting edge of VR in education with their new IEXCEL facility. UNL could create a undergrad program based around building the technology to do VR and give undergrads hands on experience in the field by helping the football program put their VR needs together. Would be really interesting, I bet that kind of program could attract some really talented students interested in tech.
  10. This is a liberal state providing a very libertarian option for athletes. Cali is proposing that athletes be able to market their names in the free market to be able to earn whatever sponsors would pay them. This is an incredibly capitalistic proposal that you should support based on your stated beliefs.
  11. We can throw they NFL thing out b/c they can sign with non Nike brands. Brady is an Under Armor guy on-top of the league revenue cap thing. IMO I don't think the universities paying the athletes across the board is actually the move that matters as much, like it has been said the universities offer a lot with scholarships and that will be enough for a lot of people. What I entirely support is people owning the rights to their likeness and being able to profit off of that. If Adrian Martinez or Jazz Sweet can get a sponsorship deal to market themselves then more power to them. If Roby could have hosted an autograph session at the outlet mall for 20 bucks a pop who cares.
  12. This is patently flawed b/c even though you say NFL players don't get anything from the NFL sponsorships that is just flat wrong. The salary cap is based off of league wide revenue so NFL sponsors and their funds are baked into the cap number. The higher the sponsorship payments, the higher the cap grows, the higher contracts will grow.
  13. Omaha-Husker

    Craziest Husker related football story you have heard?

    This whole thread.
  14. Omaha-Husker

    Team USA Soccer

    That heel touch was pretty slick. Us had their chances in the first half and didn't capitalize. Going to be a tough 20 mins.