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  1. Things will get very interesting if this Prohm to Bama smoke is real.  The Mayor going to say no to his constituents if that job is open?

    1. Huskball


      As much as it pains me to say it,  Huskers need to lose on Sunday. ISU needs to keep winning this weekend so Prohm is still involved with the team.

  2. Morant is the real deal.  Looks like Westbrook out there.

    1. FreddyIce


      Oh my gosh yes. If I’m running any program and have to choose between Morant and Zion, it would be a really tough call. Ballers.

  3. I feel sorry for NAIA schools that deal with these refs all season.
  4. I don't think Butler is good at all, but where the hell was this effort in January and February.
  5. Lol this is the most intense NIT sequence ever.
  6. The non tournament refs are very bad on both ends of the court.
  7. They are grumpy with the refs, but the camera happened to be on Miles walking into the tunnel when they were booing.
  8. Omaha-Husker

    Fred Hoiberg To Be Named Next Nebraska Coach?

    "Is Nebraska following up hiring the most sought after CFB coach by potentially hiring the biggest name CBB coach this cycle secretly a bad move by the Athletic Department? Subscribe Now!" -OWH Probably
  9. Omaha-Husker

    Fred Hoiberg To Be Named Next Nebraska Coach?

    If Hoiberg is the guy it is a slam dunk and seeing all the media who weighed in on this process all week eat their words, especially Andy Katz, will be enjoyable.
  10. Omaha-Husker

    Palmer Scores 1,000th Career Point

    A few extra games played than I had originally budgeted for at the moment and some big scoring performances down the stretch changing my projection from when the team couldn't score a month or so ago. Watson at 11th right now, one more game should move into 10th. A deep NIT run could get him past Strickland for 8th. Palmer at 18th now, one or two NIT games could get to 16th. A deep run could get to 14th. Would have to go absurd for 5 games to catch Venson Hamilton. Still insane for a two year Nebraska career.
  11. Tough loss for the Mavs, but a very successful season.  Largest crowd in history, most D1 conference and total wins.  Made the conference title game 2 out of 4 eligible years.  People have figured out they play a fun game, season tickets cost like 10 bucks a game and parking is free.  Program is trending up and if I am Summit league level player I would want to play at Baxter and live in Omaha over all those Dakota schools.  Proud Alum tonight, lets make the tourney next year.

    1. TonyStalloni


      If UNO and Creighton both would have made the dance, imagine the weeping and gnashing of teeth throughout the rest of the state when UNL doesn't.

    2. funhusker


      I'm really thinking about making it a priority to enjoy the Mavs more next year.  Like you  said, they are relatively inexpensive to watch and makes for a fun family outing.  When I mentioned this to my wife she started to laugh at me because I always make fun of Creighton fans that also cheer for UNL.  I think it's different, she doesn't.  I think I'm right....

    3. hskrfan4life


      We have played Creighton in basketball every season. UNO just became post-season eligible four seasons ago, and it definitely is different. I feel it is too. @funhusker

  12. Omaha-Husker

    UNO could win a NCAA tourney game before UNL

    Heck of a season. They played close games the whole conference schedule and came out on top more than not. Ran out of gas or magic or a combo of both tonight.
  13. Omaha-Husker

    UNO could win a NCAA tourney game before UNL

    Lotta Nebraska guys in this game. A freshman starter for NDSU from Lincoln and Omaha has a starter from Fremont, and two bench guys that get PT from Burke and Papillion. Deep bench guys/redshirt players from Norfolk, Nebraska City and Prep. Should be fun, beat the Bison!!