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  1. Looks like Food Network has indeed found the worst cook in America. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/food-network-pulls-worst-cooks-000611093.html
  2. Damn baseball has had a rough go of it the past year. So many legends have passed. Saw someone comment on twitter you can remove all his homers and he would still have 3000 hits. One of the best to ever play the game.
  3. As a Chiefs fan I enjoyed how he always seemed to throw a pick at the worst possible time. As a fantasy football dork I would name my team the Bolosapiens when I started him. The dumbest inside joke with myself. Fun guy to root against for 15 years. Not excited for Herbert for the next 15.
  4. NCAA finally fixed the CWS schedule starting in 2022. Finals games on the second weekend is going to be a ton of fun.

  5. True Does anyone know if there is a segment of them that have gotten hold of the Franklin Credit Union stuff b/c I would be fascinated to see where they ran with that. That was my favorite conspiracy theory to look at for a while, probably still is just don't spend time on any of them anymore so nothing has been more interesting.
  6. Using one of the most volatile price indicators there is which has also been depressed the past 10 months due to covid restrictions forcing reduced demand is not great economic analysis. Just for fun lets take a peek at what fuel prices were for this week last year before Covid when the economy was ripping. This is straight from a Nebraska.gov site that averages the prices for the state.
  7. I really love it when smart people do smart things. This is pretty well out of my field of strength so forgive me for not much detail or a mistake, but as I understand it the mRNA knowledge gained from the rapid Covid vaccine development is showing promising results for other medical issues that they have struggled to develop treatments for. Covid has pushed mRNA research to the front of the line and could be such a bright spot to gain from this Covid mess.
  8. I brought up the Alaska voting change in another thread that will surely get lost there and I wanted to look into it a bit more. https://thefulcrum.us/big-picture/alaska-ballot-measure I am a fan of ranked choice voting, but I think the real big change here is the open primary. Apparently in Alaska over 60% of eligible voters aren't registered with either Rs or Ds so less than half of the population was determining the choices with closed primaries. This will hopefully allow politicians to avoid having to move to the far end of the left or right if they don't
  9. In my humble opinion OSU should have avoided having LBs try to guard the best WR CFB has seen in a while. Just a thought.

  10. NBA regular season is mostly terrible to watch. Too many games to make them matter and like 20 teams have decided playing like Houston or the Warriors is what they should do when none of them have players even close to Harden or Steph to make it work. The bad teams just end up unwatchable throwing up junk with no real offensive identity. That said if Curry is going to play like this I am going to pay attention. He is so unique and so fun to watch when he has it locked in like he does right now. I am probably being hyperbolic here, but he is potentially a top 5 most influential pers
  11. Steph absolutely insane late tonight too. Ended 9/14 from 3 and the entire 4th quarter he felt like an assassin. Pretty stupid how quickly I forgot how he basically breaks any logic in this sport. So damn fun to watch.
  12. Totally agreed. Trump, terrorists, and any other genocidal leaders are all our enemies and should be de-platformed. It is bulls#!t that the CCP account that is trying to whitewash Uyghur genocide is still active, but they are doing something now at least. I hope they go further and get rid of it entirely.
  13. Totally agree with you and I should clarify that it was the right move by these companies. Just that meant that the currently radicalized will clearly see this as an attack towards them.
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