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  1. I'd be hard pressed to call my normal shorts "dress" shorts, but if thats what no cargo pockets and all interior pockets means then thats what I wear. I have basically purged any khaki color from the ones I wear the past couple years. Shades of grey, royal and navy blue and a redish pair are the go to ones for me.
  2. Phil laid up on a par 3 yesterday too. Just an incredible round.
  3. I am sure in the unfortunate case that Justice Ginsburg passes the GOP will be as steadfast with their stance that appointing a justice in an election year is irresponsible and we should wait to see what the electorate decides in November.
  4. Evil: Leaving your cart in the lot. Neutral: Pushing it into the corral, but not bothering to get it lined up and inside of the stack of existing carts. Good: Making sure your cart racks into the other carts to create more space in the corral and make the kids that have to round them up have an easier job. Yes my first job was Hy-Vee at 14 years old.
  5. I like having Brett Veach as GM.
  6. I had thought Red Wolves could have worked well for KC. Fits the color scheme, the mascot is already a wolf, the fans were called The Wolfpack back in the day. If the Chiefs end up changing though it will probably be keeping the Chiefs name, but pivoting to firefighter symbols. Apparently a KC fire chief from the 1800s was a pretty important figure in his time and made a lot of innovations in the industry.
  7. Its the masks. Simple as that. Hong Kong one of the densest and most public transit heavy cities on the planet has had less than 10 deaths b/c everyone is wearing masks. The funny thing of it is that the govt had outlawed mask wearing recently for political/surveillance reasons. So they are wearing them in defiance of their government, people here are being defiant by not wearing them.
  8. I have never been a big gym or weights guy and generally pretty casual with workouts. Running a bit not terribly consistent. The first month of shut down I went from ~18k steps a day to like ~4k just by not doing my daily routine and it was very noticeable on the belt after a few weeks. Decided to do some basic stuff just to stay active. Thankfully I have access to a pool so I am doing 1000 feet and 50 crunches on one day then run a 5k and do 50 pushups the next and repeat. I am for sure stronger and am more comfortable in my pants I ate/drank my way to the brink of that first month or so of shutdown. Hope I can keep the habits up if things get back to "normal" anytime here.
  9. Two hours long, but such a great tribute to an under appreciated legend with some of the best in the business performing his incredible lyrics.
  10. 527 miles 8 hours 12 mins. Safe to say the Omaha part of my name doesn't really apply anymore.
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