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  1. Damn A's have a 11 game win streak after starting 1-7. KC with a nice salvage tonight. Pretty good start for the Royals.
  2. Maybe this was the decided upon type of comment somewhere in the party??? The Minneapolis mayor with a similarly bizarre way of framing this.
  3. Just came across The Iron Sheik's twitter account. It is a trip.

    1. Redux



    2. man eating mastodon
    3. Xmas32



  4. Dang Pitt loses to Washington in 5. Was rooting for the Panthers to continue their upset run.
  5. I don't follow Euro soccer much, but this seems like big news. Pretty much everything I have heard about it has been hating the move.
  6. My bet is Fischer and Pete trade jobs. Meanwhile looks like about 5 people shot at a FedEx warehouse in Indy tonight just to prep everyone for the next cycle of outrage.
  7. Just do what I want it will fix everything! A wedgie aka the ball stuck between the rim and backboard goes to the defense automatically. Don't throw up bricks like that. A bonus++ at 13 team fouls. If you make both of the FTs you get a 3rd attempt.
  8. Luka WTF!!!!!!!!

    1. GSG


      WTF or FTW? 

    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Luka Brasi sleeps with the fishes.

  9. Just make J&J the dudes only shot. Already a ready made add just sub out Old Spice for J&J.
  10. Goddamn, four teenagers in Knoxville some were students at this HS have been shot and killed in the first 3 months of this year in separate events even before this incident. That community is going through it. https://www.knoxnews.com/story/news/crime/2021/04/12/police-respond-reports-shooting-near-austin-east-high-school/7194244002/
  11. Preface, I know very little about specifics beyond social media posts and that the military took over the government and are killing citizens. This might make me a hawk on foreign policy and I understand many in the US aren't interested in foreign intervention anymore after recent screw ups and that is on both sides of the political spectrum. But if anywhere on the planet could use US troops on the ground it is here. One of my old school conservative views that promoting democracy globally is good and backing the people of Myanmar would be good. If resistance leaders wa
  12. I'd be curious to know how much control over the event Omaha people had vs the NCAA. Omaha usually pulls out the stops for these kind of events and it is disappointing this is turning out to be the outcome. It is kind of insane to me that they are going to rely on the convention center with no lockers when the metro area is loaded with suitable venues. CHI Arena, Sokol on Creighton's campus, and Baxter Arena at UNO all would work. Ralston arena and the arena in Council Bluffs would work too. If need be Devaney or PBA also. We have plenty of facilities with proper lockers and seatin
  13. Sorry typed more than I planned hope it isn't a ramble. I went to Catholic school K-12 so I got the exposure to religion. I never really got into it as a kid or teen, I went to mass every week to respect my parents, but when I moved out I stopped going and have only gone on Christmas again b/c my mother wants me to and it is no skin off my back and I never found value in being an argumentative non believer. If the belief system you follow helps connect you to something, helps heal your soul, helps connect you to a community I find that to be a good thing. I try quite hard to keep t
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