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  1. That entire thread from Omaha Scanner is peak Trump. Thousands show up to praise him and he leaves them with no plan to help any of them as they sit in the cold experiencing medical issues that could have been avoided with just a little planning and effort.
  2. Trying to save the 2nd District electoral vote I guess, the local congress election is a toss up too. Also plenty of western Iowa in the Omaha media market and apparently the SD governor spoke so this might just be his plains stop.
  3. College Game Day going to The Masters on Nov 14th will be really cool.
  4. Stein had almost 1.5 million votes and Gary Johnson had triple the votes as her. Evan McMullin even got over 700k. They only combined for about 5%, but those relatively strong results compared to historical 3rd party voting. It surely had much to do with people refusing to vote for Clinton and Trump. This year it is tough to see that kind of third party support. Jo Jorgensen of the Libertarian Party isn't nearly has well know as Gary Johnson and even though Johnson is clearly an odd guy I think people found him genuinely likable, probably why he got so much TV time last
  5. Specific to voting rights there will be some big fights about the outcomes of the census and the redistricting(gerrymandering) that will follow.
  6. Baseball is weird and chaotic and memorable at the best moments and I love it so much.
  7. Came across this speech by former Republican VP Nelson Rockefeller at the Republican National Convention in 1964 I hadn't known about before. It is incredible how relevant these statements are to the current political climate. Also interesting to see him call out the John Birch Society in the same group of extremists as the KKK and Communists. The current state of the Republican party is essentially the completion of the goals that the Birch Society had when it was founded. Whole comment here and it is a pretty quick read, but is a worthwhile read IMO. https://en.m.wikisource.
  8. Mookie Betts is insanely good at baseball.

    1. Toe


      Is that like a Mookie Blaylock?

    2. krc1995


      I think in the end, will better than Trout. Just a prediction, but Mookie was slow to get started and really didn’t pick up lots of hype til 2-3 years ago.  But my eyes don’t lie. 

  9. Bellevue West is really good too, but Westside has the most top end talent. Bell West can be tough to guard, they run a spread offense that pretty much everyone else struggles to matchup with. I would guess they meet for the championship like they did last year.
  10. New Sturgill album of bluegrass acoustic versions of his other work released today. It's so good.
  11. Normalize asking more candidates about commodity prices. Also one of them was prepared for something that is an important issue to the state.
  12. Gus Johnson talks for like 3 straight mins about this OU kicker never missing...shank right on queue.
  13. Me watching the Chiefs get every suspect call in our favor instead of the Patriots.
  14. Aired during the Bama A&M game. Peak SEC country.
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