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  1. Omaha-Husker


    Gotta love the killer instinct. Easily could have walked out with an unanimous decision, but didn't let it get there.
  2. Omaha-Husker


    Bud in control, but this is his best competition yet.
  3. Omaha-Husker

    *** Official Northwestern Game Thread ***

    They are exceptionally thin with a healthy roster.
  4. As of tonight Tim Beck is OC at Texas and Bob Diaco is DC at Oklahoma.  What a time to be alive.

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    2. HuskerNBigD


      Not true.





      Sounds like McNeill will serve as interim DC and good ole Diaco will coach LB.


      Nvm. Now reading he is.. What a bunch of dummies.


      Edit to the edit. Sounsd like McNeill was named interim DC?

    3. StPaulHusker


      Ruffin McNeill is the DC and Diaco was moved to LB coach

    4. VectorVictor


      Still looks bad to have Diaco do *anything* for your program at this point.

  5. Omaha-Husker


    The victim mentality displayed here is pathetic. There isn't some conspiracy against Nebraska. If the B1G wanted the fix to be in it would be in our favor if anything. N being good and Frost being successful is in the conference's benefit. Calls get missed on both sides every week in every game at every level. We get a hell of a lot more holding calls b/c our guys get beat more often. When that stops happening the calls will go down. Until then maybe try and cut down on the false start penalties, those are pretty simple.
  6. Omaha-Husker

    Jurgens to Center

    Makes a lot of sense. This O-Line was recruited for a much more traditional pocket protection scheme. New line needs to be quicker and more athletic.
  7. Highlight of the night was Kugler telling his partner that kit and caboodle comment was awful.

  8. Was lucky enough to go to that game last year. Amazing atmosphere, really glad they were able to get the Cotton Bowl locked up long term and didn't move it to Jerry World or go to H/H series. Great unique atmosphere where it is with the State Fair and the split stadium at the 50.
  9. So having this Mahomes guy as QB is kinda fun

    1. TonyStalloni


      He is fun to watch.  Reminds me of a wide open college team now.

  10. Omaha-Husker

    2018 MLB

    Hope they end up playing a playoff for the division Monday. Get October started off right.
  11. Omaha-Husker

    Buy Low, Sell High

    Using the first trillion dollar market cap company as an example for DONU 's future when countless other companies worth pennies in the 80s, 90 and 00s went under isn't smart or clever analysis. Its more like manipulative BS to get a bunch of clueless likes and retweets. I do think Frost will get things going well though. There are just better ways to articulate the potential than this.
  12. Omaha-Husker

    NFL 2018

    Damn KC is dynamic on offense, but that defense is awful.
  13. Omaha-Husker

    Huskers in the NFL - 2018

    I totally missed that Brett Maher was the guy that beat out Bailey in Dallas. Good for him working his way through the CFL and getting an NFL job.
  14. Omaha-Husker

    2019 PG D.J. Carton [Ohio State Commit]

    OSU hit a home run with the Holtmann hire.
  15. Omaha-Husker

    Where will Lebron James play next season

    I will be surprised if Lebron does anything different than a 1 year deal with a player option wherever he goes.