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  1. Duke gets a targeting penalty, but due to Clemson's QB starting his slide just before the first down it's considered after the play and a turnover on downs. Technically correct, but an odd one for sure.
  2. This is genuinely one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. The administration getting this together, the fans being great as always, the staff setting up the event, the production crew making it a party, and most importantly the players past and present that lead to this day. A high water mark for Husker athletics in any sport. In awe of it all
  3. Softball is going to be crazy with Bahl too, they could double their attendance.
  4. I was obviously wrong, but a few years ago I thought the Big 12 was dead and the Pac 12 would become a Big 3 with the B1G and SEC. The ACC is still above the Big 12, but the gap isn't all that large imo. It is going to be interesting to see what the Pac leftovers do. If they raid the MWC and WAC they could have a really good basketball league, but football is dead.
  5. Would certainly help DONU get that first W. What I actually think is that a bunch of people will complain, but most will still tune in. Since this is almost assuredly happening at some point I would like some rules like if you win your regular season or conference tourney you get in and you must have at minimum a record above .500. I don't care if Oklahoma's NET was 70 and technically a bubble team in a field of 80 or 96 or whatever they end up at you are 15-17 you don't qualify.
  6. I would assume there was reasoning for the move at some point and I know its been there a while now, but moving Volleyball from their own forum to a subforum in Other Sports is disappointing

    1. Loebarth


      Totally Agree.

      And why the move??

    2. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      I'd like to see softball as a sub-forum of baseball, and the same for WBB as a sub of basketball.

    3. BigRedBuster


      Very disappointing.  Here it is, the second most popular sport at Nebraska and its relegated to a sub forum.  Meanwhile, we have baseball that is struggling to be a decent program and much lower following with fans have it's own forum.


      That should change.


      Baseball and Softball can be combined as subforums.  Have Volleyball by itself.

  7. Explicit late hit. The weirdest ref thing from the game was thar replay of the third down. Chiefs got a first down on a defensive holding and ended up punting, but I didn't figure out what happened with the replay of the down.
  8. We are all aware of Jayskers, but what do you call a Sooner/Jay? Jooner? Soonjay?
  9. Adding more teams probably makes for a better title IMO. I don't want to say that TCU got lucky b/c they earned the opportunity, but Michigan, Bama, Penn St, USC, Utah, Tennessee are probably all favorites against the frogs. TCU played the game of their lives last week then got obliterated, should probably weed out the teams with one good performance earlier than the title game.
  10. Bummer that this is going to pass the Huskers against Florida in the Fiesta Bowl for the biggest margin of victory in a title game.
  11. One team was disciplined and gave a s#!t. The other didn't want to be there and I don't really blame fans for not showing up to a bitter cold game with no stakes in Fort Worth
  12. Probably got it right based on resume, but if I am Georgia I am not too happy. Would have much rather seen TCU or USC than OSU.
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