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  1. Utah and Whittingham are so incredibly likeable. Glad they rolled tonight.
  2. This thread is f#&%ing wild. Some of you guys need a therapist and a lawyer.
  3. Man I am so f#&%ing lucky I got Mahomes, Kelce and Andy Reid at the same time. So much fun.
  4. First 10 mins was awful for both teams. Husker offense woke up a bit, but dang is this an ugly game.
  5. Sounds like Kansas will announce basically an entire stadium teardown/rebuild this weekend. Start 5-0 and get frisky. (Actually assume it has been in the works and will look similar to Northwester's plans, smaller with better amenities and try and position themselves as a viable football option for conference consolidation)
  6. Leipold is a Wisconsin native and had incredible success working up there.
  7. Why are there a bunch of purple street lights in Lincoln? Also go skers.
  8. Major kudos to Pitt for having both West Virginia and Tennessee in their noncon schedule. Even if they are both at home I can't imagine there are more than a few power conference teams scheduling two big matchups like that.
  9. I mean I get hating Texas, but they went on the road and pretty much dominated a top 10 squad 2 nights in a row. They earned it.
  10. Lots of fun. Good emotional moments and some laughs. The second to last episode was a chaotic as it gets in the best way possible. I haven’t ever worked in a kitchen, but it feels like they did a good job capturing the environment. Also clearly a love letter to Chicago as well.
  11. Yeah really enjoying it so far. Betting I get through it tomorrow by how I am hooked haha.
  12. Union Omah does it again! Knocks off another MLS squad and is playing Sporting KC for a chance to be in the final 4 of this national tournament open to teams at every level. Incredible run.

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