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  1. I genuinely don't understand Atlanta's thought process this offseason. Get an old expensive QB coming off an injury to try and win now ok. Then get an old injury prone QB as a backup project? They have Kirk on the hook for 3 more years so what are you moving to Penix when he turns 27 or bench/cut Kirk and have a massive cap hit? All strange.
  2. Skers were lucky it was this close tonight. They made 3 pretty insane defensive plays that saved 2 or 3 runs.
  3. Creighton's NET is 11. Nebraska's is 41. Simplest way to describe the discrepancy. Don't bother with the polls they don't mean much for March Madness. For further reason as to why they look different with similar records is that the B1G isn't very good and if I remember right we only got Purdue, Illinois, Wiscy, and MSU once so really about as weak of a conference SOS as you can get. Creighton is also tied for the most road wins in the Power 6 which the computers love, something basically every pundit said for weeks was holding Nebraska's resume back.
  4. This is a good basketball team. Obviously matchups and one game chaos come into play in March, but I expect to get that tourney win checked off the list in a few weeks. Also the computers love a blowout, pour it on fellas.
  5. Man. I typed out "A ~15 point road win would really help the NET" at half but decided not to post to avoid the jinx, but I might have played with karma by even considering it. My apologies.
  6. Pretty sure the broadcast said top 6 wins for that year. Two top 10s were 13-14 so a decade ago.
  7. 10 games left and the next 3 are the 3 highest NET ranked teams left, with 2 on the road. Massive 6-day stretch coming up. Go 2-1 or better and I think the bubble talk is more like what seed can they get. Go 1-2 and they really need to finish strong like 6-1 or better the last 7. Go 0-3 feels like they would probably need to win out and get more than 1 in the B1G tourney. Idk if it is a strong bubble or anything, but feels like 6-4 down the stretch won't cut it.
  8. That would be my worry Sunday. Arkansas was probably the fastest team we saw this year, but they didn't have the size or experience to hang. Texas is athletic, tall, and experienced. We definitely have the defense, multiple options on the attack, and coaching to take the title. Going to be a battle on Sunday afternoon, should be a lot of fun.
  9. Wiscy has no answer for Texas serves tonight.
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