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  1. Omaha-Husker

    How much of Frost’s system is UCF using this year?

    Frost really isn't running some unicorn offense. You could look coast to coast and find teams doing similar things. What UCF and Heupel are benefiting most from is the culture Frost built. Their staff is probably just as smart scheme wise as Frost's. What UCF and the new staff is benefiting from is great culture, talent and a great QB that were built by the previous staff.
  2. Bama tied with Citadel at half...wut

    1. mrandyk


      Citadel hasn't even attempted a pass. How can such a bad one-dimensional team hang with that defense?

  3. John Prine and bourbon kind of night.
  4. Duke is insanely stacked this year.

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    2. Cdog923


      @ColoradoHusk They do want to win the conference, but that's not the ultimate goal. That's the basic structure of college basketball now, especially with the ACC essentially being a super conference; it isn't like the way CFB is structured where the CCG is essentially a play-in game to the playoff. Duke, Carolina or Virginia could win any other conference in the country (maybe not the Big XII, but Kansas isn't invincible), yet one of them is going to finish 3rd or worse in the ACC simply because that's how stacked that conference is. 

    3. ColoradoHusk


      @Cdog923 I hear what you are saying, and I am sure that Duke wants to win the conference.  However, all of this talk about how Duke is such a great program, they haven't won an outright ACC regular season championship since 2006 (only shared it once in 2010).  I understand the ACC is a tough conference, but if Duke were so great, they would win the conference more often.

    4. Cdog923


      @ColoradoHusk To me, that speaks more to the strength of the ACC than the weakness of Duke, though. Under the same timeline, they've won the conference tournament 5 times, as well as 2 national titles. The ACC has 3 national champs and 7 Final Four participants in that timeframe, too. So yes, it's accurate to say that they haven't won the regular season conference title in 12 years, but it's also accurate to say that it's been the toughest conference in that time period, and they have proven their quality against OOC competition.  

  5. Omaha-Husker

    2018 mid-term

    Florida passing Amendment 4 restoring the rights of 1.4 million former felons will make 2020 all the more interesting.
  6. Omaha-Husker

    2018 mid-term

    Way minor on the national scale, but 27 year old UNO and Notre Dame Law School grad Elizabeth O'Connor is now a regent for the state university system. It is exciting to have a young qualified representative on the board for the next 6 years.
  7. Omaha-Husker

    2018 mid-term

    I expect pretty much every referendum to pass when put to the general public. Death penalty, medicaid expansion, major bonds any pot bill if it got on the ballot conservative liberal whatever. It is a singular thought and people consider it without thinking about other ideas that come tied to the proposal that they don't like.
  8. Omaha-Husker

    2018 mid-term

    Kansas Republicans could have probably ran any warm body candidate out there and won, but went with the lunatic and lost. Hopefully Kobach can disappear now.
  9. Omaha-Husker

    2018 mid-term

    What, tying offshore drilling and indoor vaping to the same referendum is perfectly logical.
  10. 76-15 with over 13 mins left jesus christ.
  11. Omaha-Husker

    *** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***

    I will never understand how OCs continually outsmart themselves. 3 straight throws with a two score lead in the 4th? When the run game has been working all half too. I'll take it, just always insane to me.
  12. Omaha-Husker

    *** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***

    Those were horrid PI calls both ways.
  13. Raiders gunna Raider

  14. Tom Herman went full Pelini.  You never go full Pelini.

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    2. TonyStalloni


      I thought he was mad at the refs for throwing the flag on the super dork with the long hair.  But he wasn't upset earlier when the Texas line was holding on nearly every play.

    3. VectorVictor


      @Omaha-Huskerso does that mean Tom is going to hire his brother as D-Coordinator and dabble in the nose candy?


      Not sure what the definition of "Going Pelini" is since there's so many places Pelini went while he was here...

    4. ScottyIce


      Wish Pelini would've went to Indy more while he was here..........................................................................................................................................

  15. Omaha-Husker

    Tiger vs. Phil

    Phil was interviewed during the NBA broadcast last night and he said they would be making bets throughout too. He said for example he might bet Tiger 50K he runs a putt past the hole if he is trying to get in his head.