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  1. I think we'll have 4 +40yd runs today with them stacking...and our line blocking them into next week. I hope so. But flashback South Dakota State and lowly Texass games last year. BTW, I'm a member and CEO of Pessimist Club
  2. Almost guaranteed eight (or more) NW players in the box against us. I hate winds.
  3. I prefer 11:00 kickoff time but oh well. Windy as hell today......advantage or disadvantage? I'm afraid T-Mart pop-up lob pass......
  4. I heard Bo will offer a walk-on tryout player in LB or DL position. This player is Dirk or something like that.
  5. I was surprised ESPN not mentioned Johnny Jet TD controversy play (lame clip)
  6. I was thinking it was a great cover for a minor injury that would keep him out for a game. He's not injured. hmmm.....I don't know. Could be an unpublished dinged-up status. Or maybe flu.
  7. Actually fake, photoshop perhaps? Or maybe not. Is it real or is it Memorex? BTW, May and Lou pictures on the penis poster.....who's the third character?
  8. Impossible. Especially our Huskers are NOT a media lover. For example, Okie Lite, media lover, awarded #3 BCS rating yet pokes only got #111 in total defense stats (out of 120)
  9. Could be lack of motivation. I watched Wyoming game, he was a very good blocking techniques, kinda fast and strong guy but Choi's mind....boring, not lazy but "oh well"........ not interesting at all. I notice rushing TD play, all teammates participate in the tradition celebrations in the endzone except Choi........... quietly jogs to sideline position and no conversation with his teammates and coaches. Choi thinks football is boring, my guess. just saying .....
  10. Exactly my thoughts. Kinda like Hitler and his henchmen. Now I'm concerned about invade HuskerBoard forum. I read 1.4M settlement (HP trial). I think 1.4M pennies, not dollars
  11. He is probably day to day, he'll be good to go.................6 weeks later.... True. I don't trust Dr. Bo. "He's fine" ............oh no!
  12. ......... until last week kinda like bitter divorce mood
  13. added one more. I was a HP member way back in 2000 and yet only an average of 250 posts per year. Very seldom ventured "cafe" section........mostly Huskers football and baseball forums and breaking news. Believe it or not, I never heard of HuskersMax website until six months ago. Oh BTW, among other members, I didn't have a clue for Judge Judy verdict.
  14. Persa is a mobile QB? I didn't know that. I never watched NW team. I thought gangsters sponsor, you know, Chicago roots........be careful death note and bought off ref's KSU Kittens+purple=destroy NW Kittens+purple=destroy
  15. Check out Sagarin rating. North Dakota State is #50, much better than Iowa, Wyoming, Northwestern, Fresno, Chatts, etc
  16. An Old Fogy Newbie here, Similar to CA Transplant, HuskerInSunDiego, PuegotDaddy, etc. paths. I joined HuskerPedia club way back in 2000. Usually casual BBS and I got a total of 3000 HP posts, mostly spurts, divided by 12 years. I will try Huskerboard site courtesy of HuskerInSunDiego HP post. So far I liked it ! BTW, I was and always will be a Diehard Huskers fan.
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