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  1. Mavric

    Seat Yourself

    When does your turn start? I go at 11:16 tomorrow morning.
  2. Mavric

    Seat Yourself

    I don't have volleyball tickets but I've considered trying to get them them the last two years. I looked but didn't jump in last year. Going to look again this year. Kind of the same problem I have with basketball - I just can't make very many games. But I've done plenty well selling the games I can't make so it works out. The plan with the basketball tickets was to split them with another guy but neither one of us has been able to get there as much as we would like. If I find some seats I like I might take a flier on volleyball and see how it works out this year.
  3. Possibly. I was referring to the story Zatechka tells on the BTN show about the 1994 Husker team about the Colorado game. I tried to find a video of it but can't. He told the other offensive linemen before the game that one of the Colorado defensive linemen got off the plane with a pipe cutter saying they were going to cut through the Pipeline. Zatechka used the story to get the guys fired up for the game but admits it was completely fabricated by him.
  4. Mavric

    Seat Yourself

    I've logged in a couple times over the last few days to see what was available and see when it was starting. I just logged in and it works for me now. What is it telling you when you try to log in?
  5. Maybe it was Rob Zatechka???
  6. Mavric

    HuskerBoard Recruiting Predictor 2020

    DE Will Anderson - Alabama Mavric
  7. Mavric

    Get with The Program

  8. Mavric

    CB Tamon Lynum

    Will be here Friday
  9. Mavric

    OT Alex Conn

    Will be here Friday
  10. Mavric

    OT Reece Atteberry

    He's taken a pretty good dip in the ratings and is now listed as a Center instead of a Tackle - which is basically a down-grade as well. Maybe didn't keep growing/developing as expected?