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  1. Call him Heimlich Haarberg because he don't choke like Sims
  2. I mean we'd be 2-0 with an average offense so there's that
  3. If we switch QBs is may have been more lopsided in our direction
  4. He was FAR from erratic, his inaccuracies were more misran routes or miscommunication. He was very very accurate.
  5. I don't think colorado will be one of the worst offenses we play
  6. Ffs, if they have 5 turnovers we will destroy them. People need to chill.
  7. 2009 offense was sickening to watch as well lol
  8. Still weird man, its like you have a bone to pick with the actual kicker.
  9. Put many of down to the ground over my years and loved every minute of it can you lay me down please sweet child.
  10. We are already very close to our total from last years class in the 247 composite scoring and ended up 25 last year. Adding Brix would already put us above last years total team score. I don't see how we don't stay top 25 unless things fall apart.
  11. Perhaps we go Texas A&M 2010 and make him a Dong Snapper?
  12. I see @UCLA in 24 and @USC in 25
  13. Hopefully Mast and Allick can replace Walker
  14. Also he is stretching the defense and creating more opportunities for other guys
  15. Music City USA... 2 guys on a bus
  16. Flying down to Nashville to be on Bussin with the boys podcast
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