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  1. Wow you switched your fandom to the reigning national champion. How original.
  2. Come on dude, you really think he would transfer down divisions? Is this a joke?
  3. Surprised he isn't #1 on our board with this vertical
  4. The real questions is, what has Frosty been up to ?
  5. I like his weight but Ideally I think he puts on 135 pounds. I like that height/weight combination.
  6. He already signed, this is all just part of the smokescreen
  7. We just need to be Top 5 in: GRIT DETERMINATION HEART and we will be just fine
  8. Top 15 and 20 quality walk-ons and we will be good
  9. Why isn't Chris Angel on any NFL rosters?
  10. I feel this would have been more appropriate
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